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Girls' Costumes

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Do you ever notice that your little girl changes characters on the drop of a dime? We don’t know how it happens so fast. One minute a little girl will be a troll demanding a toll before you can get back to the couch and the next minute she’s perching on pillows and pretending to be a princess dolling out rulings to stuffed animals. Whether your little girl is into fairy tales or the family farm, she’s sure to love plenty of these costumes. From playtime to Halloween, dive into this category and you’ll find plenty of looks to make your child’s transformations smoother than ever.

Wearing costumes doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween. Themed birthday parties are always more fun than any other parties. Now, there’s the classic princess party of course. But you’re far from limited to that particular feel. For instance, you can have a zoo party. Have your birthday girl dress up as a zookeeper and everyone can dress as animals. We have all sorts of animal costumes from our frog, bunnies, kangaroos, and even an octopus! How much fun would that be!

You could even have a girls' superhero costumes themed party. Wonder Woman is the obvious choice, of course. But there’s also a variety of Batgirl and Supergirl costumes and an adorably smart Shuri costume. And let’s not forget the delightful villains. There are a lot of different Harley Quinn and Cat woman costumes.

Maybe your little one wants to dress up for a school event. Make that day at the science museum more interesting? Our dinosaur costumes will make touring through the fossils more picturesque than ever.  Speaking of educational costumes, there are plenty of looks that would work for historical events. For instance, perhaps your local community is hosting a fifties style sock hop. Or poodle skirt ensemble with make learning swing dancing unforgettable.

The decade celebrations don’t even stop with our variety of fifties costumes. Your little one can represent the peaceful protesters of the sixties with our hippie costume or represent the adventurous pioneers with our prairie girl costume or even our Annie Oakley costume. And that brings us to Renaissance Festivals. We have both medieval princess and peasant costumes that will make your child feel right at home in the historical setting. Is your little one a rebel? Show up at the Ren Fair with some pirate costumes. Those kings and queens better watch their coin purses.

There’s no limit to reasons why girls can dress up. There’s school, local festivals, and dress up at home. A healthy costume wardrobe is a recipe for an unforgettable sleepover. We’d love to see what kind of skit might happen when kids are dressing up as dinosaurs, mummies, and princesses at the same time. You just have to make sure that you get that on tape. A video of a princess sword fighting a t-rex could totally become viral! So, scroll through our amazing selection and find a couple of costumes for your little girl’s cast of characters. Because for some kids, the best type of toy will always be a costume!