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To do list: swipe at some grass, throw some pots, and annoy those chickens! You must be playing The Legend of Zelda... When you're not running around Hyrule you should be sporting some Zelda merchandise. We've got hoodies, shirts, and a ton of other Zelda gifts that feature both Princess Zelda and Link. While your quest for the Triforce continues, the quest for cool Nintendo stuff has come to an end right here.
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Zelda Vinyl Figure Gift Set
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Zelda Sublimated Flat Bill Snapback
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Boys Legend of Zelda Sleep Set
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Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Backpack-1
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Adult Zelda Hyrule Crest Cuff Beanie
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Zelda Triforce Light-Up Tree Topper
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Legend of Zelda Link Sword
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Travelers Bow
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Link Breath of the Wild Prestige Costume
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Child Tan Pants
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Adult Tan Pants
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Link Hylian Adult Ears
Coming Soon
Zelda Crest Doormat
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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Statue
Video Out of Stock
Zelda Shield Backpack
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Legend of Zelda Hyrule Glass
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Legend of Zelda Sword Umbrella
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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Collectors Box
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Products 1 - 49 of 49

Everyone knows the scoop. You need to collect the boomerang, the hero's bow, the shield and probably a whole plethora of other tools. Then, you can defeat Ganondorf, save Princess Zelda and become the totally rad hero of Hyrule that folks talk about for ages. Even though the Legend of Zelda series is pretty predictable, it still doesn't stop how much fun each game is. That's why we've crawled through all the dungeons and defeated all of the bosses just to bring you this collection of items based on the video game series!


These Legend of Zelda Gifts bring you tons of cool swag from Link's own collection! From handy bags that carry all your tools and gear, to apparel made specifically for adventuring across Hryule, to toy Master Swords (because face it, you've always wanted a sword of your own), we have plenty of great items to choose from. You can even find highly collectible action figures of your favorite Nintendo character right here!

Legend of Zelda Gift Ideas

Whether you just started your adventure with video games or if you've been jumping, slashing, and exploring since even before Nintendo's early days, you've almost certainly heard of the green-garbed hero of Hyrule. You might have been there on day one, venturing into the cave to learn that it was dangerous to go alone, or you may have been venturing through time, twilight, in the skies, or the seas, always with your trusty sword at your side. (Or even the cartoon series!)

Well, excuuuuse us, heroes! Just in case you have hit max rupees in your wallet or if you have an eager explorer in need of some dungeon-quality trinkets, we're happy to be your guide to Legend of Zelda gift ideas! Like Mario on a hunt for the ultimate Power-Up or a Fortnite player building the perfect shopping list of gear, let's look at what we have to offer to make you a birthday, cosplay, or Halloween hero!

Legend of Zelda Costumes

The early days of Link's adventures had him already geared up in the outfit of a hero. The more modern games have made it a bit of a quest reward to be bestowed with that glorious garb. Whether you are looking to dress the part while you play through the complicated timeline of adventures or have a kiddo who is just starting their own heroics, our Legend of Zelda costumes are an amazing way to get right to the fun!

Link Costumes

Link Costume

It has become a meme-worthy joke among video game fans to point out that folks can confuse Zelda with Link. After all, it is the legend of Zelda, right? Well, make sure that everyone knows the truth when you select an adult or kid's Link costume! When you slip into the green tunic, brown or tan pants, and top things off with a green stocking cap, everyone in the know will await your excited "Hiiiiyeah!" that accompanies your spinning blade technique!

Link Breath of the Wild Costumes

Link Breath of the Wild Costume

The expansive world of Hyrule got even larger when Breath of the Wild was released in 2017. Offering an open world and an entirely new take on Link's adventure, it also offered him a new Champions Tunic in a brilliant shade of blue. If this was your first Zelda game (or just the one that you invested a ton of time towards), you might be looking for an endgame upgrade to the classic Link look. Sport this stellar style today and take on Tears of the Kingdom next!

Link's Sword

Acquiring the Master Sword is always an epic moment. Perhaps you must gather pendants or jewels blessed with the essence of power, wisdom, and courage. You might need to navigate through the Lost Woods or simply have a pure heart. (Or 13 Heart Containers!) Of course, the best way to claim the Sword of Evil's Bane is by clicking to add this epic blade to your cart!

Link's Shield

Has a Like-Like gotten too greedy for its own good and snatched your Hylian Shield? Well, that is a tragedy that can't stand! Fortunately, we carry several varieties of the iconic shield bearing the Hyrule crest! Claim it as an authentic part of your costume or display it on your wall as a memory of your adventures. From molded plastic to sturdier styles, we have a ton of options!

Zelda Breath of the Wild Costumes

Zelda Breath of the Wild Costume

"But what about Zelda!?" Hyrule can never be truly safe without the divine blessings from the Princess of Hyrule. Neither can a group Legend of Zelda costume! Uncover the ancient mysteries of the Sheikah and the secret of Zelda, herself, when you pick up a Breath of the Wild Zelda costume. Sporting the same blue adventuring gear as her champion, you're the real hero of Hyrule. Pick up the Sheikah Slate, a bow and arrow set, or even the Master Sword, too!

Zelda Costumes

Zelda Costume

Zelda possesses a sacred power that can bind, banish, or simply give Ganon a really bad day. When it comes to saving Hyrule, the Princess is a critical part of the story! That's why a classic Zelda costume is a must-have for any Hyrulian quest. Combining lovely lavender, pristine pearl tones, and gleaming gold, Zelda's dress is the perfect outfit for anyone destined to bear the Triforce of Wisdom. Pair this with a Link or Ganon costume for the ultimate adventure!

Legend of Zelda Merch

Legend of Zelda Merch

While finding yourself at the foot of a dungeon entrance can feel a little intimidating, it is also quite exciting. Why? Well, you can be nearly certain that you're about to acquire a fancy new accessory! From the hookshot, epic bow, wands of fire or ice, and stranger things yet, these are some of your favorite Legend of Zelda treasures!

While we don't have quite the same magical flare as the enchanted items of Hyrule's history, we have a bunch of great Legend of Zelda products that we know you and yours are going to love. (And it won't require you to solve any complicated block puzzles to find them, either!) Scroll through to find everything from Link and Zelda statues to rare Legend of Zelda collector's sets and games!

Legend of Zelda Backpacks

Legend of Zelda Backpack

When wise Hylians offer you supplies to help you on your dangerous quest, it is still hard not to end up going alone if you don't have the right bag to keep everything together! Whether you've got a kiddo heading back to school or you want a geeky bag to tote your things throughout the day, you can't do better than a Legend of Zelda bag! We have styles with all over print as well as signature items showing off the Hyrule crest or Hylian shield.

Legend of Zelda Collectibles

Legend of Zelda Collectible

Many of the best treasures in Hyrule are hidden in caves with bombable walls or even stranger locations that require you to fight anything from hordes of boblins to vicious lynels! But if you want to get your hands on a collectible Link statue or Revali figurine, you won't have to work that hard! We have plundered every cavern across Hyrule to bring you the ultimate secrets. Add them all to your mantal. These Zelda collector's items don't need to be a secret!

Legend of Zelda Toys

Do you ever want to keep exploring Hyrule even after you switch off the Switch? Well, fear not! We have some fun Zelda toys that will help you extend the adventure as long as you like. If you're struggling with the Water Temple, try putting together a Legend of Zelda puzzle at the table! Practice your sword techniques with Zelda and Link action figures or give 'Tag' a new twist with a toy bow and arrow set themed after your heroic Hyrule adventures!

Legend of Zelda Accessories

When you are out and about on Earth, show that you are a true fan of Hyrule by wearing some of our Zelda clothing! Let everyone know that you've got the Triforce on your mind with a Legend of Zelda hat or be ready for any climbing situation with a pair of fun Legend of Zelda socks. From shirts, caps, pins, and more, you'll find a ton of amazing Zelda and Link Accessories that are hiding just one click away. Find your favorite and level up your game!