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Super Mario Gifts

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If you're looking for the perfect present for the gamer in your life, then check out our Super Mario Gifts! We carry tons of great products based on the iconic Nintendo character, including Mario apparel and plenty of great collectibles based on the video game series.
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Mario Kart Sleepwear Short 3 Piece Set
Sale - 10%
Adult Mario Hooded Bathrobe Update Main Upd
Sale - 43%
Nintendo Mario 5 Figure Set
Bumkins Super Mario & Luigi Juniors Bib 1 3 years

Bumkins Super Mario & Luigi Juniors Bib (1-3 years)

Up to 45 % off – See low price in cart
Super Mario Expression Set SuperBib 2 Pack

Super Mario Expression Set SuperBib 2 Pack (6-24 months)

Up to 38 % off – See low price in cart
Nintendo Princess Peach Hand Puppet
Clearance  - 55%
Kids Super Mario Loungewear Set
Clearance  - 41%
Super Mario Pink Peach Outline Juniors T-Shirt
Clearance Exclusive
Nintendo Yo Yoshi T-Shirt
Clearance  - 38%

Nintendo Yo Yoshi T-Shirt

Nintendo Original Game Boy Costume Juniors Tank
Clearance  - 85%
Super Mario Ugly Christmas Sweater 11 oz Mug
Clearance  - 20%
Womens Mushroom Purse HandbagMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Products 1 - 60 of 197

Mario has come a long way, hasn't he? Yes, our favorite plumber seems to have grown up before our very eyes since his debut into gaming! He started out as a scrappy carpenter trying to save his girlfriend from Donkey Kong and then he teamed up with his brother to make a lucrative plumbing business. Then, after getting sucked into a wild adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, he decided to indulge in some hobbies! Since then, he's been racing go-karts, playing tennis, and doing all sorts of cool things! And we've been along for the journey since 1981! We're always anticipating his next great adventure, which is why we love our lineup of Super Mario merch to help us get our Mario fix in between Nintendo releases!

We're definitely not the only ones who love the iconic plumber. Mario might be the most recognizable character in the world, just behind Mickey Mouse and we're betting that someone special in your life loves Mario too! The great news is that we have a huge selection of Super Mario gifts to help you find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life.

Of course, we have to start with classic Mario gifts! Since we grew up with the original Super Mario Bros from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (remember those little rectangle controllers?). We have plenty of apparel, including shirts, socks, accessories, and even costumes based on the video game legend. We also have some great options for the school-bound Mario fan, since we carry a ton of different Mario backpacks to gear them up for class.

Over the years, Mario has met plenty of new friends and gained new companions. Don't worry, because we didn't forget about Mario's pals! We have a ton of great Mario gift ideas based on his best buds. We have Luigi backpacks for those Luigi fans in your life, but we aso have a ton of cool Princess Peach gifts, including plush dolls and licensed apparel. And we even have some great Yoshi swag here, from puppets to bathrobes!

We're sure that any true Mario fan will be ecstatic to receive any of these great Mario gifts on their special day!