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What do you think of when you hear “the office”? Perhaps you think instantly of the witty comedy series featuring a cast of wacky characters working in a paper company office. Maybe you instantly have images of your home office. You might also think of your own desk inside your place of work. The reality is that no matter what office you call your own, it would be pretty bland without a bit of office décor and a few cool gadgets to get you through the day. It can be rather daunting to decide what sorts of things you need in your office, but we’re here to give you everything you need to make your office a fun success.

First off, you’re going to need some basic supplies. You know the scoop! Notebooks, pens, stationery, and maybe even a stress ball! Well, no worries, because we have all of those cool office supplies right here. We even have some with nerdy themes, like Harry potter, Rick and Morty, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. Writing a note feels that much better when you’re using a House Targaryen stationery set! You can also write an official memo using one of our Wonder Woman sticky notes—it certainly makes a day in the office feel more heroic!

You can’t call it a true office until you have some books on the shelf! That’s right, every office has a selection of books. We carry books of all types to add to your office, from journals, to Dr. Seuss classics, to some great hardcover sets that you can break out whenever you need a quick reading break at the desk. And yes, we carry some coloring books just in case you’re the artistic type that needs to add some vibrant colors to your office! And be sure to check out some of our bookends to keep all of those books organized. After all, nothing keeps books sticking together like some Spider-Man themed bookends.

Next up, you’re going to want some solid décor for your office! Of course, you don’t want to just load up on the boring old stuff… you want stuff that fully complements your wacky interests. We carry plenty of things that will help you put that special touch to your office’s ambiance. We carry some of the necessities, like snow globes and coin banks, except they’re ones with wacky themes! You can find ones based on your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains, like Spider-Man and Venom. We also carry a brilliant array of Harry Potter themed banks too! You can also find a great way to organize your book collection.

The coup de grace of our entire collection has to be our Chia Pets! They’re not your grandma’s Chia Pets. We have crazy pop culture Chia pets to decorate your office, from the one and only Predator to Bob Ross, you can find a cool Chia Pet option to have at your desk!

With our great selection office items, you’ll be ready to tackle the task of decorating your office! Just choose your favorites and watch your office come to life.