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Available Careers

We hope you join our team.

Non-Seasonal Full-Time Positions

The following positions are accepting résumés for immediate hire.

Are you ready to embark on a treasure hunt like no other, where every purchase is a quest for delight and discovery? FUN.com is on the lookout for an Associate Buyer extraordinaire to join our team of adventurers and enthusiasts! If you possess an uncanny knack for spotting the next big thing and a passion for curating collections that spark joy, then we want YOU to be part of our journey to bring fun and excitement to the world!


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Complete inventory analysis, replenishment, & pricing for existing SKUS
  • Maintain assigned product lines (Inventory Analysis, Replenishment and Pricing) 
  • Make recommendations to buyer for gaps in assigned category 
  • Work with Product Specialist to ensure goods needed arrive on time 
  • Follow steps of assigned projects 
  • Report Project Progress and Completion 
  • Meet assigned metrics of sales $, margin $ and %, and sell through % 
  • Learn product systems (Admin)
  • Develop an understanding of what products obtain more sales 
  • Develop or execute on projects of low to moderate complexity that meet business requirements 


Minimum Required Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

Preferred qualifications: (if any) 

  • B.A. or B.S. in Finance, Economics, Accounting, or other related field
  • 1+ years in retail, B2B or B2C sales, or stock/inventory management position
  • Knowledge of fashion design and design principles

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Experience with Microsoft Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Strong time management skills 
  • Work effectively both within a team and independently 
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal 
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Proven capacity to perform repetitious tasks and execute simple mathematical formulas 
  • Proven logical decision making and organizational skills

Wage - DOQ

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Do you feel the need to organize the chaos around you? Maybe you see a Rubik’s Cube and feel the need to get all of the colors lined up in place? Or perhaps you’re the type of person who has a backup plan for the backup plan? Well, that’s exactly the kind of person we need! Our Project Manager’s main role is to help maintain order for our most important projects!

FUN.com is looking for a new Project Manager to help keep the chaos at bay. As a fast growing, world-renowned e-commerce retailer, we always have important projects on the books. Our Project Manager keeps things working like clockwork by directing the flow of projects to ensure our Software Developers can always perform at their peak.

If you have the skills required for conducting chaos, and if you instinctively started jotting notes when you started reading this job description, then you might just be a perfect fit for the role!

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Provide credible leadership to all project teams
  • Understand technical information and be able to communicate that information to non-technical project stakeholders  (i.e. translating Geekspeak) 
  • Simultaneously manage a higher volume of projects with shifting priorities
  • Assisting with prioritization and  planning of projects
  • Evaluation of project performance
  • Manage projects with a higher complexity
  • Confer with project personnel and stakeholders to identify and resolve problems 
  • Facilitate conversations for cross-departmental teams 
  • Conduct various meetings for advancement of projects
  • Gather and provide information to present to developers


Minimum Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Computer Science, IT, or any related field

Preferred qualifications: (if any) 

  • 1 to 2 years project management or similar field experience
  • Experience with SharePoint, Azure DevOps, Excel
  • Understanding of software development life cycle models
  • Familiarity with Agile project management principles

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Ability and knowledge to define needed timelines for projects
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Superlative attention to detail 

Wage - DOQ

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Leadership skills + technical knowledge = our new Software Development Manager! Are you prepared to help crack this equation with your unparalleled talent and experience? Some roles necessitate a broad array of skills, and our Software Development Manager needs to wield a diverse skillset to propel our development team to their maximum potential. We’re searching for a real Einstein or Shuri, someone who can balance a sharp technical mind with the leadership acumen required for high-level planning.

Bring the best of both worlds to FUN.com! Our Software Development Manager will oversee the general management of our team of developers. Candidates need a robust background in technical skills and a fervent desire to mentor and help developers on their career journeys. The role involves overseeing projects, providing guidance to the team, and stepping in with your own expertise when necessary. The Software Development Manager should be adept at identifying and removing roadblocks to keep projects running smoothly and must clearly communicate and advocate for the software development team’s needs.

If you’re ready to lead a team of highly skilled and talented developers, then you might just be ready to join us at FUN.com. (We may not have a DeLorean time machine, but if we ever get one… the Software Development Manager will be the first to take it for a spin.)



  • General management of development staff
  • Participate in and lead meetings
  • Attend knowledge sharing events, encourage developers to contribute 
  • Conduct employee one-on-ones 
  • Monitor employee goal progress 
  • Career path planning 
  • Perform code reviews and technical coaching 
  • Conduct performance evaluations

Project Execution 

  • Project governance - ensure that projects are following our process, requests are correctly routed 
  • Lead and develop projects of high complexity 
  • Work with business to gather requirements, resolve issues, and communicate status 
  • Act as application architect, project lead, developer, DBA, and dev ops when needed 
  • Create design specifications for moderate complexity projects 
  • Adhere to published software development standards and best practices 
  • Owns a group of related systems and components, responsible for ongoing support and enhancement 
  • Attend scrums to monitor project progress 
  • Attend sprint planning meetings to assign project tasks to development team 
  • Participate in code deployments 
  • Responsible for ongoing monitoring of system performance 



Has mastery in and can complete high complexity projects using all of our core software development technologies and practices: 

  • .Net (C#)
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server 

Has a proficiency in and can participate in development and review of moderate complexity projects using software architecture practices and concepts:

  • Diagrams and Modeling
  • Architectural Styles and Patterns
  • Quality Assurance
  • Database Design


  • 10+ years of professional experience in all of our core software development technologies and practices
  • Proven capacity to master software development technologies and practices
  • Proven experience owning and leading projects and initiatives
  • Proven experience leading and mentoring a development team


  • Experience with ecommerce and marketing platform technologies
  • Experience with consumer web development
  • Experience with third-party marketplace integrations
  • Experience with Azure cloud hosted solutions

Wage - DOQ

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Part-Time Positions

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On-Call Positions

FUN.com has various on-call positions available from time to time.

Step right up, dear dreamers and storytellers! FUN.com, the purveyor of all things fantastical and delightful, here to extend a golden ticket invitation to join our extraordinary team as actors and actresses.

In this enchanting realm, the stage is a playground where imagination knows no bounds. Every role is a scrumptious confection waiting to be savored and shared with audiences far and wide. Whether you're a hero or a mischief-maker, each performance is a chance to sprinkle a little magic into the world. Remember, in the theater of dreams, anything is possible, and every actor or actress is a star shining brightly in the galaxy of imagination. 


FUN.com is on the lookout for vibrant and versatile male and female actors to portray various characters for our products and promotions.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Working with our Content and Multimedia teams on various commercial shoots and short form media.
  • Portraying a wide range of characters from beloved stories, fairy tales, and new, exciting universes.
  • Collaborating with our creative teams to bring characters to life through expressive acting, dynamic posing, and engaging presence.

Who We're Looking For:

  • Male and female actors aged 18+ with a flair for the dramatic and a passion for performance.
  • Talents who can embody a wide range of characters, impersonations, emotions, and narratives in both photos and video.
  • No prior acting experience is required, but a background in acting, dance, or performance art is a plus.
  • Must be reliable, adaptable, and ready to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

We can't wait to see you bring our characters to life!

Wage - min $25 / hr **based on experience

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All of us at Fun.com specialize in dreaming up costumes and bringing them to life! From brainstorming to the creation of next year’s biggest hit costume, we do it all! And right now, we’re looking for an on-call makeup artist to bring our costumes to life!

As an on-call makeup artist, you will work with our Multimedia team in our onsite studio to complete the look for our costumes. That’s right, we are looking for someone skilled in everything from zombie makeup to beauty makeup for a princess costume. If you have experience applying and removing character and/or beauty makeup and are regularly available for short periods of time during normal office hours [Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00 pm] then we want to see what you got! No need to bring your own supplies. We have a fully stocked beauty bar – the beauty bar of your dreams!

Do you obsessively watch online makeup tutorials? Do you call yourself a beauty guru? Looking for a way to exercise your makeup creativity? You may be exactly what we’re looking for!

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Apply a variety of makeup looks on talent; including men, women and children. Don’t worry, we don’t require any makeup for pet costumes! That’s really not a thing anyway...hopefully. Although maybe you can be the first?
  • Create dramatic character and theatrical makeup using mostly water based face paints. Some old age and injury looks are required using extreme highlight/shadow with occasional FX makeup
  • Create basic beauty makeup looks for photo shoots
  • Removing special FX makeup from talent at the end of photo shoots
  • Prep supplies for makeup application and maintain an organized and clean work area
  • Clean makeup kits, makeup bins and makeup counter after each photo shoot
  • Alter and maintain makeup during photo sessions as needed
Requirements and Skill Sets
  • Creativity, imagination and problem solving ability
  • Must be able to apply makeup quickly and accurately. Average application time for beauty makeup must be completed between 10-15 minutes per look. Character makeup is given 30 minutes per look
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Experience with dramatic character, theatrical, facepaint and special FX makeup
  • Knowledge of special FX makeup applications, including creating a build up from scratch without the use of a prosthetic
  • Comfortability working with a variety of people of all ages
  • Ability to work efficiently in fast paced environments under pressure
  • Advanced knowledge of makeup hygiene practices to follow before and after applying makeup
  • Working knowledge of how to use with latex, adhesives and adhesive removers
  • Must have flexible daytime availability as photo shoots are typically during office hours

Wage - Depends on qualifications

Please apply with your resume, cover letter and samples of previous work when you submit your application: click here to apply.

Hard copy photos as well as presentations of your work are also acceptable.

We are currently looking for male and female models for product photography as well as marketing shoots for our Halloween costume lines and FUN.com apparel.

Product Photography sizes we are always looking for are as follows:

  • Infant, size 6-9mo
  • Toddler, size 4T
  • Child medium, size 8/10
  • Women's size 2/4, height 5'4"-5'7
  • Men's size medium, height 5'9"-6'0"
  • Men's plus size 2X
  • Momen's plus size 16

We also utilize models for Marketing Shoots and those range in sizes up to 5X and are less restrictive on height as well! If you do not fit in the sample sizes we still recommend you apply as you could be booked for marketing photos and videos!

If you are outgoing and photogenic, please fill out an application and upload a head shot and full-body shot (no photo filters please).

Wage - $25.00 / hr

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Contract Positions

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There are more benefits to working here than just working here. FUN.com prides itself on the generous health benefits extended to all full–time employees. The competitive supplementary benefits, a defined paid parental leave policy and, of course, the perks and friendly environment that come with being part of the team at FUN.com!

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Babies need a lot of attention and if you're bringing a new life into the world, we offer 6 weeks of paid leave for new parents. That way you can give your newborn the time and care they need!

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The last years of life are for relaxing and our 401(k) plan will help make that possible! It's an open account and FUN.com matches 50% of employee contribution (capped at 3% of employee salary). That's free money for later in life!

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We love self-improvement. The $100 personal development budget is available for classes, books, or other opportunities that will help you at the job. It's up to you to explain to accounting why a ninja class will help you in the office though…

Yearly Gifts

Each year you work for FUN.com, you get fun swag! You can choose from gifts or get some sweet collectibles from the site. Stick around for 5 years and you get a personalized gift. Stay for 10 years and you even get a $2,000 vacation budget!

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Need to clear the mind? Take a load off for a few minutes! Our game room has video games, foosball, and other fun stuff that can help you relax and re-center in between projects. (Mario Kart competitions get intense though.)

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