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Food comes in all shapes and sizes so should your dinnerware! We've got Candy bowls, taco holders, plates, bowls, and a little in between!
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Sesame Street Plate Set-update
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Sailor Moon Ramen Bowl UPD
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Harry Potter Gryffindor Ramen Bowl Bundle
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Harry Potter Blue Ravenclaw Ramen Bowl Bundle
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Harry Potter Yellow Hufflepuff Ramen Bowl Bundle
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Sailor Mercury Ramen Bowl UPD
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5 Piece Sailor Moon Ramen Bowl Set
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Sailor Mars Ramen Bowl UPD
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Harry Potter Green Slytherin Ramen Bowl Bundle
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Sailor Venus Ramen Bowl UPD
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Sailor Jupiter Ramen Bowl UPD
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Planet Plates Update1
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Disney Floral Mickey Head Noodle Bowl
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Resin Tree Owl Treat Stand
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Avatar The Last Airbender Four Nations Ramen Bowl Upd
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Dragon Ball Ramen Bundle
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Star Wars The Child Nom Nom Noodle Bowl
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Mickey Mouse Tidbit Bowl
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Mickey Mouse Silhouette Tidbit Bowl-update
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Naruto Ramen Bundle
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Naruto Ramen Bowl Bundle
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Mickey & Minnie Tidbit Bowl
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Touchdown Taco Holder-0-0
Disney Mickey Celebrations 3pc Bamboo Set
Products 1 - 60 of 64

Unique Dish Sets

Daily ritual kids and adolescence all over America can bond over is setting the table. Mom's in the kitchen whipping up meatloaf, dad's in the living room catching up on the 6 o'clock news and you're in the dining room, doing what? Setting the table! First, you lay down the placemat cause mom says so. (That step is unnecessary but you do it anyway cause you're a good kid.) Second, lay down the big dinner plates in the center, place a fork to the left, a knife to the right and a spoon to the right of that. Finally, finish each place setting with a glass filled to the top with wholesome milk. Now, THAT'S how you set a table! 

When reminiscing on the days of daily table-setting, an unfortunate thought popped into our heads—what if dishes didn't exist? What if we all just ate directly from the table with bare hands? Who invented the dish, anyway? Cavemen? Anyway, we digress; we're thankful for silverware and of course, dishes of all shapes and sizes, especially the dishes sold here on 

Table-setting will become a whole lot more exciting thanks to our selection of pop-culture themed dishes. Perfect for picnics, family dinners or convenient dorm room utensils, we sell everything from 3-piece dinnerware sets for children to NFL-themed cheese boards for guys! 

Kids' Dinnerwear

Are you having trouble getting your mini-me to set the table for dinner? Well, we have dishes that'll make them more than happy to. Gift your little princess with the Care Bears 5-piece bamboo mealtime set and she'll be jollier than Cheer Bear doing the Care Bear Stare when arranging everyone's place settings. She'll love eating all the vegetables off her plate to see the cloud-dwelling bears smiling back at her. On the other hand, boys will love eating their cereal every morning from the Batman breakfast set because they'll start every day feeling like a superhero.

If you thought tacos couldn't get any better, you thought wrong my friend! The most awesome food in the world (pizza is a close second) just became even more awesome thanks to our selection of dinosaur taco holders. Crunch into a hard taco shell more ferociously than ever by using the Tacosaurus rex taco holder. This also makes a great gift for friends and family. We also have the nachosaurus chip and dip serving set as well as the Tricerataco taco holder so feel free to gift the whole set! 

Adult superhero fans will want to swing into action and start becoming a hero in the kitchen upon seeing our Super-Man, Deadpool, and Batman Melamime plates. You'll feel inspired to invite friends over monthly for dinner since entertaining with these plates will make you feel more epically awesome than ever (even though you're awesome every single day!) 

Leave a product review on whichever dishes you purchase and inform us on products you would like to see us carry. We want to guarantee every one of your dining experiences is amazing!