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If you're looking for crafts to do at home with the kids on a rainy day, you'll see we've got the arts and craft kits to keep you busy! You can find a variety of building models and pre-made art kits for something fun to do over an afternoon. Or, there's always a craft tote filled with art supplies, or packs of crayons and chalk that your child can use over and over again. You and your child will love these arts and crafts supplies!
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Toy Craft Kits for Kids & Adults

What’s cool? Crafting is cool! If you’re in the know, then we’re happy to let you know that you’ve stopped at just the right spot. Because we’re proud to offer some of the coolest Toy Craft Kits to be found on the whole web! With fun crafts for kids and items that are cool enough for adult collecting, too, our wide selection of items are sure to take care of your shopping list.

Any occasion can become both creative as well as educational with these toy craft kits. If you’ve got kids at home, you know that some toy craft kits are the perfect way to keep them busy when they have some downtime. Our selection of crafts for kids is sure to provide hours and hours of fun and imaginative play! For the youngest children, we have art kits, dough mold sets, and even fashion designer activity sets. In all the most popular licenses! That’s right, if your kiddo is all about Paw Patrol, they’re sure to love playtime with our Paw patrol Character Art Tote. We even have Alex Toys perfect for getting those creative juices flowing! Or, maybe their favorite is Jojo Siwa and they can spend some downtime playing with a JoJo Siwa Stamper Set. If they’ve usually got Disney on the mind, we’ve got that covered, too. Just grab a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Activity Set, or even a Disney Princess tote to provide them with some fun arts and crafts time!

If your kid’s a tad older, we have awesome crafting selections for them as well. Our assortment of wood models is perfect for ages 8 and up! We’ve got wood models from Harry Potter, like our Hogwarts Crest Wood Model and our Dobby Wood Model. Either one is sure to inspire some fantasy fun! If Marvel Comics and the Avengers are more their style, we’ve got wood models from the movies too. Thanos’ Gauntlet or Thor’s Hammer are great kids crafts that are sure to be fun to build, paint and show off, and we’ve got sets for either one! Kids this age are sure to love painting or refining their motor skills with set building, and one of our craft kits for kids is sure to be super great.

When they’re a teen or approaching adulthood, the crafting fun doesn’t need to stop. We just need to step it up with even cooler selections! Try our Bandai Millennium Falcon plastic model set to have them blasting off to a galaxy far, far away. When fully assembled, it makes for a fantastic collectible piece! Our metal model sets are a ton of fun, too, and they’re one of the newest trends in arts and crafts. We have fantastic metal model kits in themes like dinosaurs, classic cars, and even ships like the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean!

No matter who you’re shopping for, our arts and crafts selections are going to be pretty hard to beat. Aka they’re a ton of FUN! That is what we’re all about around these parts, after all, making sure you have one shopping spot that’s always stocked with the coolest items. So, if you’re looking to treat yourself to something extra cool or if you’re looking for a special gift, we’ve got you covered. Because that’s what is all about!

Toy Craft Kits

Dull days have no warnings! They tend to sneak up on you out of nowhere. You finish your breakfast and then suddenly realize that you have no plans for the day and the rest of the day becomes a battle against boredom. You wrack your brain to find ways to occupy your time with fun activities. After a while, you might even think about throwing in the towel on the whole day. But fear not, there is a simple solution to the dilemma of dull days. Toy craft kits are an excellent solution for using your creativity and your hands to create some great pieces of art.

Well, the great news is that we have different art kits to give you plenty of activities to do. From crayon packs to acrylic paint sets, and even detailed model kits based on your favorite Harry Potter game, there is something for everyone. It all just depends on what sort of creative skill you want to explore. You can even expand your Funko collection with a DIY vinyl figure or dig up a dinosaur with an excavation kit. Just let us help you find the perfect toy craft kit for you!

Toy Craft Kits

Paint Sets

Painting can seem pretty intimidating to beginners. Everyone wants to create a masterpiece on their first try, but sometimes you need to splatter some paint on a canvas and see where it takes you. Sometimes, you might end up with a colorful expression of genius and other times, you might end up with a mess of paint covering a canvas. Either way, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, no matter what the outcome is! These paint sets will help you explore your creative side as you take your first steps to becoming an artist.

Art Set with Easel

Inflatable Easel with Paints

This art set with easel is an art kit that’s a great way to encourage artistic expression while cutting down on the indoor mess. The easel is fully inflatable and works great outdoors, so you can take the painting outside! It comes with brushes, sponges, and paints. It’s perfect for messy child artists who can’t seem to keep the paint on the canvas. When they’re all done with their masterpiece, snap a pic of it with your phone and wash it down with a hose for the next colorful creation!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint Set

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint Set

Want to turn your driveway into a work of art? Well, skip the normal sidewalk chalk. This 40 piece chalk paint set provides an upgraded experience to the “classic” sidewalk chalk. It comes with tons of colors to play with and it even comes with paint rollers, brushes, stencils, and everything else you need to get creating! It’s completely non-toxic, so you can rest easy as your kids play all day with these sidewalk paints.

Art Sets

Every artist needs a good set of tools. Whether it’s a kid grabbing their first set of crayons or a self-described artist crafting their latest work, every artist needs to find a set of craft supplies that speak to them! For some, that may mean a colorful assortment of markers. For others, that might mean a simple set of colored pencils and a cute tote to carry them in. Well, we have all sorts of different art sets for aspiring young artists. Just check out some of our favorite ones below.

Carry & Go Art Set for Kids

Carry and Go Art Set for Kids

Got an artist that never sits down for more than a few minutes? Does your kid like to take their art supplies with them on road trips or visits to grandma's house? Well, then perhaps you need an art set that speaks to their get-up-and-go nature! Any of these Carry & Go art sets for kids is a great option for the creative kid who likes to be on the move. They come in cute styles, like a Panda, a Fox, and a Pig, and each one comes with a full array of colored pencils and markers. Each one also comes with an artist pad to help make sure they always have a blank canvas when inspiration hits!

Paw Patrol Art Tote

Paw Patrol Art Tote

If you know a child between the ages of 2 and 10, then you’re probably already familiar with Paw Patrol. The animated series follows a group of young puppies who use their unique skills to save the day! The show is a great way for kids to learn about being ready for anything and responsibility. But those pups are also great at inspiring creativity! With this Paw Patrol Art Tote, you can encourage the budding artistic skills in any young fan of the show.

Paint Your Own Tea Party Set

Paint Your Own Tea Party Set

Tea Parties are an excellent way for kids to indulge in their imagination. They can invite pretend friends, their toys, and even their family to join the party. Of course, nothing can kick off a great tea party like a customized set of tea cups! This Paint Your Own Tea Party set gives any child the chance to flex their painting skills before the next big tea party. This craft kit for girls comes with cups, glasses, spoons, and a carrying case. It also comes with paints, so your child can customize the tea set any way they like it!

Stephen Joseph

Are you familiar with Stephen Joseph? It sounds like the name of a friendly dude that would give you a ride to run errands while your car is in the shop! Stephen Joseph is actually a company that’s dedicated to making cute crafts, clothing, and innovative toys for kids. They use adorable animal themes and they’re a real hit with young children. If you’re looking for some craft kits for kids, then look no further than the renowned brand!

Ceramic Owl Coin Bank

Stephen Joseph Ceramic Owl Coin Bank

Kids love to customize! It’s a core part of the whole “growing up” experience, so it’s a healthy instinct to encourage in young kids. Stephen Joseph knows all about that, which is why they created this Ceramic Owl Coin Bank. It gives kids an opportunity to customize their coin bank any way they like it. It also gives them a place to store their hard earned money, giving them a good lesson in finance. The bank comes with a non-toxic paint set, mad specifically for coloring the little hoots bank to their little heart’s content.

Dinosaur Coin Bank

Stephen Joseph Dinosaur Coin Bank

Not all kids are into owls. Other kids are big into dinosaurs. That’s cool—we were fans of Jurassic Park too! For those kids, you might want a customizable bank craft kit for boys and girls that’s shaped like their favorite prehistoric lizard, like this stegosaurus-shaped bank. This Dinosaur Coin Bank also comes with a full set of paints, so your child can create their own colorful rendition of a dinosaur. Afterwards, they can use it to save up all of their change for the next trip to the candy shop!


MasterPieces is a company founded by David Rolls, a professional baseball player, who wanted to create some top-notch puzzles! They specialize in creating some pretty mind-boggling puzzles and games, but they also extended their expertise to plenty of different toys and crafts. Now, they’re one of the most well-known brands when it comes to cool and unique toy craft kits. Check out some of our favorite MasterPieces below.

Christmas MasterPieces

Christmas MasterPieces

Holiday cheer is in full supply! We love Christmas (our huge supply of ugly Christmas sweaters is proof of that) so if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your holiday break, try grabbing one of these Christmas MasterPieces sets. You can choose from classic styles, like a Drummer or Sugar Plum Fairy Nutcracker, or even a paintable Gingerbread Village Set.

Vehicle MasterPieces

Vehicle MasterPieces

Trains, tractors, and tanks…oh, my! The machines that move us from place to place often capture our inspiration. These vehicle-themed MasterPieces are a great way to indulge in that creative fascination. Each one allows you to customize your own vehicle, be it a train, a tractor, or a tank, with the included paint set!

Alex Brands

ALEX is one of the top names when it comes to craft kits and art supplies. They focus on creating award-winning toys and quality materials to help children explore their creativity. If you need some basic supplies to help jumpstart your day of crafting, then ALEX Brands are the first place to look. Just check out some of their cool crafting supplies below.

Alex Craft Kits

Alex Craft Kits

Sometimes, you just want something a little unique and kooky when crafting. That’s when a normal set of paints and coloring crayons won’t do! No worries, because ALEX has tons of craft kits to help you get a unique crafting experience. If you’re in the mood for decorating cakes but have zero cooking skills, then this Cupcake Crafts kit is just the ticket. If you want to create a cozy masterpiece, then give the Knot Quilt kit a try. Finally, a whole barrel full of fun awaits you when you create your own DIY Tie Dye Unicorn with this final kit!


IncrediBuild kits are for those who like to work with wood! These model kits are simple models that come with a variety of laser-cut wood pieces. The pieces fit together a little like a puzzle and they require no glue, tape, or tools to complete. That makes them an easy craft to clean up after and the results are quite incredible.

Star Wars IncrediBuilds

Star Wars IncrediBuilds

IncrediBuild know how to choose their inspirations! Why not start with the most powerful space station in the history of the Star Wars universe? Or how about the fastest ship in the galaxy? Well, you can find both of those models here in our selection of Star Wars IncrediBuilds. Whether you want to reconstruct the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, or R2-D2 is totally up to you!

Marvel IncrediBuilds

Marvel IncrediBuilds

Marvel has been killing it lately! The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man are saving the day on the silver screen. We can’t say where the next adventure will take our favorite comic book characters. Of course, if you’re just as excited about the next movie coming up, then you might enjoy one of these Marvel IncrediBuilds! You can get ones based on Thor, Groot, or even the ominous Infinity Gauntlet wielded by Thanos.

Disney IncrediBuilds

Disney IncrediBuilds

Everyone resonates with Disney movies. With stories that touch the heart and lovable characters, even adults can’t help but fall in love. From Mickey Mouse to Aladdin to Frozen, each movie becomes an instant classic, just as these Disney Incredibuilds are instant classics when it comes to models! Whether you’re a huge fan of Mickey, Minnie, or you like goofball characters like Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, it’s easy to find a wooden model kit for you!

Metal Earth Model Kit

Do you like working with metal? Well, then you’re in luck! Metal Earth model kits are all about working with metal. They come in a wide variety of styles, including models based on your favorite movies. You can find kits inspired by Star Wars and Batman. They even make models based on your favorite time-traveling Doctor! They each take a little care in assembling, so make sure you bring a pair of tweezers to this model-building session.

Millennium Falcon Model Kit

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon Model Kit

We have to start out with the most famous ship in the galaxy far, far away! This Millennium Falcon model kit lets you build Han Solo’s signature ship from the original Star Wars trilogy. When fully built, it’s small enough to sit on your desk, adding a dash of scoundrel to your computer desk décor.

Pirate Ship Model Kit

Metal Earth Black Pearl Model Kit

Arrrrgh, me matey! If you can’t get enough of Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you just like historical ships, then this Pirate Ship model kit for adults and kids might be for you. It’s based on Captain Jack Sparrow’s legendary vessel, the Black Pearl.

Batmobile Model Kit

Metal Earth Batmobile Model Kit

Of course, no one has a cooler ride than Batman! Ever since his first Batmobile showed up in the comic books, every Bat-fan has dreamed of owning their own superhero car. Now, you can! With this Batmobile model kit, you can have a small metal version of the iconic automobile sitting on your desk.

TARDIS Model Kit

Metal Earth Doctor Who TARDIS Model Kit

Anyone who’s watched an episode of Doctor Who has probably had a daydream or two about time travel. The sleek and elegant design of the TARDIS also makes the idea even more alluring! This TARDIS model kit might not actually let you jump through time and space, but it does provide you with a cool, collectible model to display on your shelf!