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Looking for a nostalgic gift that’s more snotty than sappy? Delight edgy 80’s, 90’s, and today’s babies with Garbage Pail Kids figures, décor, and more! Ripped from their glory days and treated to a few upgrades, our available GPK toys and gifts offer unique ways for original and new fans to enjoy the likes of Leaky Lindsay, Adam Bomb, and Nasty Nick. Shop with us to discover the GPK Funko POP, blanket, or drinkware for you and yours!
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MONOPOLY Garbage Pail Kids Edition
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RUBIKS CUBE Garbage Pail Kids
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Products 1 - 5 of 5

If the Garbage Gang makes you even slightly uncomfortable, they’re doing their job! Released as a parody response to Cabbage Patch Kids, the original Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) existed as a series of tradable stickers. And instead of rosy-cheeked sweeties smiling from their cabbage leaf swaddles, each GPK card depicted a character suffering some sort of comical abnormality. From Adam Bomb with his nuclear mushroom cloud to Leaky Lindsay with her snot faucet of a nose, the icky kiddies were a hit!

Whether you’re hoping to find a gift for a long-time fan, want to treat yourself to a nostalgia trip, or it’s time to surprise your precocious kiddo with a toy that fits their unique sensibilities, our selection of GPK gifts can help! Not sure which gooey Trashling your buddy hasn’t already collected? Worried about picking the right entry-level Garbage Pail Kid for your child? Stick with us to hear a few of our Garbage Pail Kids gifts ideas. We’re sure we’ll inspire the right choice for your gifting or collecting needs!

Garbage Pail Kids started as trading cards, so keeping with the collectible nature of the series makes perfect sense. Luckily, Funko agrees! And our Garbage Pail selection has a variety of GPK POPs to choose from! More creature than disfigured doll, our available Funko Garbage Pail Kids Ali figure makes a great starting point for new GPK fans. Though as part of the “Old” series, Ali is sure to delight any fan. Likewise, Split Kit, Jay Decay, or the guaranteed to stick Messy Tessie GPK Funko options are here to amuse!

Love the collectability but want to make the fun a bit more interactive? Try our Garbage Pail Kids toys! From Garbage Pail Kids vinyl figures like our available Adam Bomb action figure to old school options like Monopoly and Rubik’s Cubes, there’s a grossly entertaining option for anyone on your list!

If games aren’t your cup of tea, try a cup instead! Our available Garbage Pail Geeki Tikis promise to serve up some interactive fun! Whether you’re sitting down with friends for a casual coffee, holding a throwback-themed party, or simply love a conversation-starting piece, these officially licensed items are must-haves! Reminiscent of the original cards, each ceramic mug features vibrant colors and impressive detailing to bring the wacky characters to life!

With your head full to bursting like Adam Bomb’s, it’s time to pick out the Garbage Pail Kids gift that is right for you! So, hop into our selection and grab the treat that’s destined to fill your heart and not the trash bin.

Not finding the gift that speaks to you best? Check back again! We’re always looking for the next hot item for fans of every unique series!