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Scooby-Doo... where are you? Hey, wait a second! Scoob, we found you! That's right, it's no mystery that you need to solve. You can find all of your Scooby-Doo gifts right here. From the latest toys based on the Mystery Machine gang and even some fun Scooby-Doo games for the whole family, we have something for every fan of Scooby Dooby Doo!
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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Loungefly Crossbody Bag UPD Main
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Womens Scooby Doo Blazer-update-upd
Made By Us
Sale - 20% Exclusive
Adult Scooby Doo Collar Shirt
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Adult Scooby-Doo Glow-in-the-Dark Ugly Halloween Sweatshirt-
Made By Us
Sale - 13% Exclusive
POP Tee WB 100th Anniversary Bugs as Fred
Clearance  - 43%
Scooby Doo Hide and Squeak Dog Toy
Sale - 67%
Adult Scooby Doo Sublimated Shirt
Made By Us
Sale - 67% Exclusive
Scooby Doo Cosplay Youth Hoodie
Sale - 38%
Scooby Doo Where Are You Adult Shirt
Clearance  - 75%
Black Scooby Circle Hat
Clearance  - 50%
Scooby Doo Group Pose & Bones Plastic Clip Pet Collar
Sale - 36%
Scooby Doo: The Mystery Machine Plastic Clip Pet Collar
Sale - 36%
Scooby Doo Relp Flowers Womens Crossbody Wallet
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POP! Animation: HB - Bugs as Fred Jones Figure
Sale - 33%
POP Animation Hanna Barbera Lola as Daphne
Sale - 17%
POP! Animation: HB - Tweety as Velma Figure
Sale - 33%
POP Animation Hanna Barbera Daffy as Shaggy
Sale - 17%
Living Dead Dolls Scooby Doo Fred Doll
Clearance  - 40%
Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Tent
Sale - 17%
Scooby Doo Playmobil Adventure with Ghost Clown
Clearance  - 33%
CLUE Scooby-Doo Board Game
Sale - 11%
Women's Classic Scooby Doo Velma Costume Update
Sale - 29% Exclusive
Classic Scooby Doo Velma Adult Plus Size Costume
Sale - 22% Exclusive
Vintage Black Glasses
Made By Us
Adult Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume
Kids Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume
Sale - 13% Exclusive
Kids Scooby Doo Fred Costume
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Plus Size Women's Scooby Doo Daphne Costume Update
Sale - 11% Exclusive
Kid's Scooby Doo Daphne Costume
Sale - 33% Exclusive
Products 1 - 60 of 134

Gosh, we remember it like it was almost yesterday! Rushing to the kitchen to load up on snacks, then scampering to the living room just in time for an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where are You?... okay, maybe it WAS yesterday that we were eating snacks and watching our favorite mystery-solving gang in action! What can we say? We loved Scooby-Doo when we were kids and we love Scooby-Doo now. That's why we think a Scooby-Doo gift happens to be a pretty awesome idea for any birthday, and it's why we gathered up a huge selection of fun gear based on the Mystery Machine gang.

Our selection of Scooby-Doo swag includes something for every kind of fan. Of course, you can find plenty of Scooby-Doo apparel. If you want a retro shirt that looks like it was made when the first episode aired back in 1969, we got it. If you want a nice, warm hoodie to wear while you cuddle up for a Scooby marathon on the couch, we got it. If you just want a fun Scooby-Doo hat to wear when you head out to get some groceries, we got that too! You can outfit yourself, or the lucky Scooby-Doo fan in your life, with tons of Scooby-style.

We also wanted to make sure we carried some great Scooby-Doo collectibles. Collectibles are perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their love of the Mystery Machine crew in their home or at the office. Our Scooby-inspired figures and statues have a striking appearance and look great as a centerpiece for any collection.

If you're buying a gift for a young Scooby fan, then you need one of our Scooby-Doo games or toys. We have plenty of games themed around the classic cartoon series, including themed board games, toy figure sets, and even Monopoly! These are a great way to bring a gang of Scoob-supporters together for some friendly fun.

Finally, some people love Scooby and the gang so much, they want to actually BECOME them! Well, we carry tons of Scooby-Doo costumes that are perfect for roleplay. You can gear up your child with a child Scooby outfit to help them with their imaginative play, or give them a pair of our Scooby-Doo pajamas to help them dream about solving the next big mystery as the kooky Great Dane and his crew.

We truly have a gift for every kind of fan, so all you need to do is browse our selection of Scooby-Doo gifts to find the perfect one for you!

Scooby Doo Toys

Really, there's no excuse for anyone in your household to ask, "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?" Because after you've shopped our Scooby Doo Toys, your kids will have enough Scooby Doos to keep the fun going for days! From Scooby Doo action figures to Playmobil Scooby Doo sets for toddlers, we have toys from this famed franchise that will suit any age and playstyle. Read on to see some of our top options and to learn how your kids can have amazing Scooby Doo adventures right at home!

Scooby Doo Playmobil Sets

Playmobil Scooby Doo

There are no two ways about it, kids love playing with Playmobile toys! Perfectly designed for toddlers and little kids, the innovative Playmobile system features poseable figures, moving vehicles, and plenty of great locations. There are many popular themes to choose from, and the Scooby Doo series launched in 2020 is among the hottest Playmobile sets on the scene. These new sets include figures for classic characters like Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred, and naturally, Scooby Dooby Doo himself!

They feature villain figures to play out the suspenseful adventures that Scoob famously helps solve, and amazing locations for all the action to take place. Scenes like the Mystery Mansion and Dinner With Shaggy are easy to assemble. Each feature attentive details and amazing surprises to keep kids entertained. Perhaps most importantly, if the characters need to go from scene to scene, your kiddos can move the figures around in an iconic set of wheels. All they need is the Playmobil Mystery Machine Set to get the groovy green van!

With a ton of classic Scooby Doo action packed into each set, you'll want to carefully consider which one to start with. So, let's take a closer look at some of the top options available to help you decide which to choose. And—fair warning—you probably shouldn't rule out getting them all. That would be a surefire way to set up hours of Scooby Doo fun for your little one!

Scooby Doo Adventure in Mystery Mansion Playmobil Playset

Playmobil Scooby Doo Mansion

We know from watching plenty of Scooby Doo, Where Are You! episodes that investigating haunted mansions is one of the Mystery Machine crew's main gigs. So, it should be no surprise that this Mystery Mansion set is the best Playmobil playset from the franchise! It packs in all kinds of haunted action along with some of the most memorable characters.

The set includes a Scooby Doo figure, of course, and he's even wearing a detective hat so he can get down to some serious sleuthing. It also includes figures for Daphne and Fred to help solve the mystery. A vampire Playmobil figure is included as the villain, too. But first, the gang will have to deal with a trap door, dangling chandelier, secret hideouts, hidden doors, and even a trick staircase to solve the case.

Your kiddo can up the interactive fun with the Playmobil app to project ghosts on the ground floor of the mansion, and there's a light-up coffin and sound effects to add to the experience. Recommended for ages 5 and up, this set is the perfect way to get kids set up for serious Scooby Doo adventures!

Scooby Doo Adventure in the Cemetery Playset

Scooby Doo Playmobil

Fred, Daphne, and Scoobs are off for another spooky adventure with this Playmobile Scooby Doo Playset. This time they've got to figure out what's up with the ghost causing a ruckus in the cemetery! Scooby is dressed up in a gravedigger costume complete with a top hat and shovel, while Fred and Daphne have a flashlight and a net to aid their nighttime exploration.

Once your kiddo puts the heroes into action, they'll be able to activate all kinds of spooky surprises! Pressing the candle unleashes a glow-in-the-dark skeleton that pops out of the ground for exciting action. They'll encounter a magic coffin that can make the characters disappear. And when the Mystery Inc kids make it to the burial vault, a gargoyle acts as a secret lever to the stone slabs that might make for a dangerous situation!

When it comes time for the heroes to catch the ghost figure, they'll find out that it's really the villain Alice May by unmasking her. The set even includes donuts so the gang can have a snack after they solve the ghostly mystery!

Scooby Doo Games

If family game night is an important ritual in your house, you probably have a wide selection of games to keep the little ones interested in the gameplay. Well, we happen to be pretty big-time fans of board games ourselves, so we're excited to let you know that you can add a new character to game night.

Scooby Dooby Doo! We've got some awesome Scooby Doo board games that incorporate the adventures of the Mystery Incorporated crew, so you can put a new spin on your favorite go-to games. Check out these top options to see if any of them are just what you need for your family's next gameplaying session!

Scooby Doo Board Games

Scooby Doo Board Games

So, you're ready for the Scooby Doo theme for your next game night? Like wow! We're happy to help you get all set up for Scooby fun with our selection of Scooby Doo games. One of the all-time classics of board game fun is the iconic Clue game. The easy gameplay of solving a Clue mystery is entertaining and enjoyable for both kids and adults. There's always plenty of fun twists in the game, but we'd like to introduce a new one for the next time you play. This Scooby Doo edition of Clue!

It makes perfect sense to have the Mystery Incorporated gang into the classic mystery board game. And when Scooby Doo takes the role of Colonel Mustard, the gameplay is guaranteed to be fun! Looking at another classic game, Monopoly is perhaps the most famous board game in American history. And thanks to USAoply, you can get a Scooby Doo themed Monopoly game to add the fun from Scooby's world into the classic gameplay.

Chance and Community Chest cards are now Zoinks! and Ruh-Roh! cards, and you can choose any of the classic characters as your token to play. You can even choose the Mystery Machine van itself! For families with kids that are a bit older, we have one more option to keep the Scooby Doo gameplay going.

The Scooby-Doo Escape from the Haunted Mansion Game is perfect for hours of imaginative gameplay. It includes 5 narrative books to set up the story, and players move around the map tiles to solve the mystery of Lady Fairmont's Ghost. With each of these sweet Scoob games we have available, really, there's no mystery to solve. Just pick out which one is your fave, and we'll ship it straight to your door!

Scooby Doo Gift Ideas

Serious Scooby fans can rest assured that we have plenty of gear to help celebrate the fun of the franchise. With apparel and accessories, like Scooby Doo t-shirts and backpacks, any fan will be able to incorporate Scoob style into their everyday look. And collectibles help devotees of the series showcase their fandom with cool mementos like Scooby Doo pop vinyl and statues. We even have Scooby Doo costumes so you can try some Scooby snacks for Halloween or for cosplay! Check out some of these top options for yourself or as gifts to your favorite fan of the franchise.

Scooby Doo T-shirt

Scooby Doo Shirt

Fashionable Scooby Doo, Where Are You? fans might have a real ruh-roh moment when they realize they don't have any Scooby Doo t-shirts. Well, we can make sure that won't be a problem anymore! We have some excellent options for Scooby Doo tees, and one of our favorites is this Scooby Doo All Over Print Shirt. The fun print design features Scoobs, Shaggy, the Mystery Machine van, and a wordmark logo. It's a great look for school, going to the mall, or for a laid back Saturday watching your favorite cartoon show!

Scooby Doo Backpacks

Scooby Doo Backpacks

Scoob fans who are always on the go might find that they have many essentials they have to bring along with them as part of their daily routine. You know, things like a digital device, chargers, books, and maybe even Scooby snacks for a sweet treat! Well, the best way to tote all your essential gear along is to stash your stuff in a Scooby Doo backpack and sling it on your back. This backpack features an all-over print of Scoob's face for fans to carry all their stuff in fun fan style. It's an excellent choice for kids and perhaps an even better choice for an adult fan!

Scooby Doo Funko Pop

Scooby Doo Funko Pop

Scooby Doo collectors can snatch up the most prized collectibles from the Scooby universe when they take a look at Funko Pops from the franchise. We have them available here at, and when you pick them up, you'll find each of your favorite characters in snacking and sleuthing situations! The Scooby Doo Pop! Vinyl and Shaggy Pop! each have the character holding a sandwich, and will look totally great on your desk. And for the best Scooby Doo vinyl figure, the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion is the ticket. The Pop! Town set features a 7" tall mansion to go along with the classic Scooby figure.

Scooby Doo Puzzle

Scooby Doo Puzzle

When you find that you need to take a break from watching Scooby shows and surfing the web for Scoob goods, you might find that an activity is a great way to break up all of that screen time. If that happens to be the case for you, we have a fun suggestion to make. Just give this Those Meddling Kids 1000 Piece Puzzle a go! This classic jigsaw puzzle features the Mystery Inc. gang along with some of the most iconic villains they've encountered along the way.

Scooby Doo Costumes

At some point, all Scooby Doo fans will need a Scooby Doo costume, whether for Halloween or a Scooby Doo theme party! We had that exact Scooby Scenario in mind for our Made By Us costume line. So, we teamed up with Warner Bros to produce officially licensed Scooby Doo costumes as a part of our exclusive costume selection!

We've got costumes for the Mystery Inc gang, with Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and a Daphne Scooby Doo Costume. And, of course, we have costumes for Scooby Dooby Doo himself! Take a look at our exclusive Scooby Doo Halloween costumes to consider which character will be best for going on a mystery-solving costume adventure!

Scooby Doo Halloween Costumes

Scooby Doo Halloween Costumes

Our exclusive Scooby Doo costumes are the best ones you'll find online. Plus, they're officially licensed so you can be sure we got the character details just right. We like to nerd out when we design our costumes, and our customers have let us know that we totally hit the mark! Just look here at the fun photo we took of our costume crew, and you can see some of the details on display for yourself.

We've got the Mystery Inc gang posed in front of the Mystery Machine van, and they're looking much cooler than a bunch of meddling kids! Shaggy and Velma are already looking for clues, while Fred and Daphne smile in their authentic costumes. And our Scooby Doo is definitely not a ruh-roh, because our little guy looks great in his kids Scooby Doo costume!

You can recreate this fun scene with your friends and family when you shop our Scooby costumes. We can't help you get your hands on a Mystery Machine van, but we've got all the costumes you need to take great photos and make amazing costume memories!