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Have a crafting itch you just need to scratch? Sick of the Sunday gloomies? Want to introduce your child to the magical world of making? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our selection of model kits offers everything from simple papercraft kits to intricate Metal Earth kits for the more experienced model builder. Whether you need a gift for someone special or a fun pastime to get your creativity juices flowing, we’ve got you covered!
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Star Wars: R2D2 Paper Model Kit- Medium
Clearance  - 57%
Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Paper Model Kit
Clearance  - 64%
Star Wars X-Wing Star Fighter T65B 4D Paper Model
Clearance  - 43%
Harry Potter The Durmstrang Ship Medium Size 3D Puzzle
Up to 40 % off – See low price in cart
Marvel Avengers Tower 3D Puzzle
Sale - 29%
Harry Potter The Burrow (Medium Version) Paper Mod
Up to 20 % off – See low price in cart
Products 1 - 20 of 20

Do you remember the first time you put together a model craft? You may have gotten your fingers completely covered in glue or paint, that unfortunately took a little bit more scrubbing to get out than you would have preferred. Or, perhaps you had already given more detail-oriented crafts a try and knew how to be clean about the work. Either way, there was an instant gratification to popping the wheels on that model car or the last shingle on the miniature house.

Whether you want to dive back into the world of models or share the experience with a new maker, our selection of model kits can help! We have everything from unfinished wood models (that require no glue) to Bandai model kits that shrink down iconic cinema props, so they’ll fit on your shelves.

Introduce the excitement of model building to your child with any of our IncrediBuilds and wood model kits. The thicker pieces of each kit make these models easy to work with while also satisfying that urge to make something with your own two hands. Each IncrediBuilds kit comes with instructions and fun facts to help your kiddo learn about not just this new craft but the item they’re building. And, just like all our unfinished wooden crafts, the option to customize with paint exists for you and your child. Plus, these specially designed models require no gluing to keep them together, so mess is minimal!

Try a plastic model kit to create something extra special! With everything from Star Wars model kits to Toy Story characters that snap together and Lego Architecture builds, there’s a collector-worthy kit for every maker.

Our Metal Earth collection offers a vast array of model options for you and yours as well. Build the Red Keep from Game of Thrones or capture the Golden Snitch from the comfort of home. Create shining models of the Batmobile or Dalek from Dr. Who then proudly display their delicate and high-detailed look from your desk or mantle.

Having shelves full of collectibles is great, but when you can say you had a hand in making it, that collectible is even cooler! Whether these buildable collectibles are for you, a friend, or the young creative mind in your household, they make an excellent gift for everyone on your list. So, explore all the fabulous model crafts we have to offer and pick the one that speaks to you today. But remember to check back often to see what new characters, scenes, and props become available to add to your collection!