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Is there anything better than a brand spanking new LEGO set? The answer is no. LEGO sets are by far the best kind of toy on the planet and we have all the best ones! From Harry Potter to Marvel superheroes, you can find the perfect set to spark your imagination. We even have Star Wars and Jurassic World themed playsets to please any fan!
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LEGO Gadgets Activity Kit
Products 1 - 60 of 422

LEGO Kits & Playsets

Do you remember? You know, those hours you spent digging through your bucket of LEGOs, looking for that single piece to finish your masterpiece work! Did you spend your entire afternoon putting together pirate ships, castles, and cityscapes? Maybe you were a complete freestyler, crafting wacky and strange constructions out of loose pieces. Or maybe you got that brand new set and meticulously followed the instructions to make sure it was the image of perfection, just like the one on the box. That's the stuff that childhoods are made out of!

LEGO has fans both young and old. Older generations have fond memories of getting cool new LEGO sets to construct, while the younger generation is building those memories as we speak! It's safe to say that there's a LEGO set for everyone, especially now that LEGO has their hands on great licenses from all of your favorite movies and books

So, which sort of LEGO set is right for you? That's the real question! Perhaps you're on a bit of a budget? Well, that's fine, since some of our more affordable LEGO sets are quite easy on the wallet and they're the perfect starting point for anyone trying to start a collection. Of course, we also carry the high-end LEGO sets, like the Millennium Falcon LEGO set, which come with over 1,000 pieces!

Looking for a gift? Then LEGOs are an easy choice, since, as any good collector knows, you can NEVER have too many LEGO pieces in your collection. All you really need to do is figure out what your special someone likes. First, our City LEGOs are great for just about any avid LEGO collector, since they come with all of the basic pieces. Do they like comic books or Marvel movies? Then just grab one of our sets based on Batman or the Avengers. Do you have a dinosaur fan? Then they'll have tons of fun putting together one of our Jurassic World LEGO sets, which come complete with LEGO Velociraptors (like the ones seen in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part). Star Wars is always an option, since we have sets based on the Original Trilogy, along with brand new sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Sequel Trilogy. Finally, we even have Harry Potter! Yep, that's right! You can craft your own wizarding world in building brick form by grabbing a few of our Hogwarts sets. You can even bring the battle against Voldemort to an epic conclusion!

Make us your one-stop-shop for your LEGO needs! We carry all the best sets, so whether you're shopping to add to your own collection or you're trying to find the perfect gift for your kiddo, you're sure to find something right here!