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To do list: swipe at some grass, throw some pots, and annoy those chickens! You must be playing The Legend of Zelda... When you're not running around Hyrule you should be sporting some Zelda merchandise. We've got hoodies, shirts, and a ton of other Zelda gifts that feature both Princess Zelda and Link. While your quest for the Triforce continues, the quest for cool Nintendo stuff has come to an end right here.
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Everyone knows the scoop. You need to collect the boomerang, the hero's bow, the shield and probably a whole plethora of other tools. Then, you can defeat Ganondorf, save Princess Zelda and become the totally rad hero of Hyrule that folks talk about for ages. Even though the Legend of Zelda series is pretty predictable, it still doesn't stop how much fun each game is. That's why we've crawled through all the dungeons and defeated all of the bosses just to bring you this collection of items based on the video game series!


These Legend of Zelda Gifts bring you tons of cool swag from Link's own collection! From handy bags that carry all your tools and gear, to apparel made specifically for adventuring across Hryule, to toy Master Swords (because face it, you've always wanted a sword of your own), we have plenty of great items to choose from. You can even find highly collectible action figures of your favorite Nintendo character right here!