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If you've made your way here, then you must be shopping for a DC comics fan! You've come to the right place, because our DC comics gifts include a wide array of Superman gifts, cool Batman gifts, and totally awesome Wonder Woman gifts. From apparel to collectibles, you should be able to find a one of a kind DC gift for your superhero fan. Don't miss out on these cool comic book gifts based on your favorite DC Comics characters!
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Products 1 - 23 of 23

DC Comics have come a long way! The heavy-hitting publishing company brought us series like Detective Comics and Action Comics. That's where some of the greatest superheroes ever born were made, like Batman and Superman. Of course, popularity snowballed pretty quickly and a whole new slew of great characters and the first-ever superhero team-up in the Justice League! With such a large cast of characters and a long history of comics, we wanted to make sure that we covered all of the bases when we put together our collection of DC comics gifts!

So, just what sort of gifts can you find here? Of course, we had to start with Superman. Superman is the first true superhero to hit comic books and we have a ton of cool comic book gifts based on the Kryptonian crime-fighter. You can find a great selection of Superman apparel, including some cozy ugly Christmas sweaters and simple t-shirts. We also have some exclusive comic book suits based on Superman's suit from the Man of Steel movie. We have a handful fo neat Superman gadgets, including kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee-makers, which are great for any adult Superman fan.

What about fans of the "darker" superheroes? Well, Batman was the original dark hero. If you need a DC gift for the Batman fan, then just check out some of our gifts based on the Dark Knight himself. We have some collectible toys, comfy t-shirts, and even some fun room decorations. We even have a full bed set that any young fan will want in their bedroom. We also have a whole plethora of Batman toys, so if you're looking for a Batman gift for a child fan, then we have you completely covered!

Let's not forget about Wonder Woman! We've been following her for years and when she finally got her first blockbuster movie back in 2017, we couldn't have been happier! That's why we made sure to add plenty of cool Wonder Woman merch to our collection of DC comics gifts. From sleep sets, to Wonder Woman Funko POP! figures, and even some snazzy mugs, perfect for the Wonder Woman fan who love their coffee.

Thought we forgot about the rest of the Justice League, didn't you? No worries! We made sure to get a good selection of gifts based on The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and even some cool swag based on Green Arrow! We also have some gifts based on some dark horse characters, like the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, and The Joker!

If you're looking for a great DC comics gift, then you've come to the right place! Our selection of gifts will please any fan!

DC Comics Merch

When looking for DC Comics Merch, you have a lot to consider. Do you go for more hopeful swag like a Superman Blanket? Or do you kick it Dark Knight style and go for the Batman Backpack? Do you have a friend who loves strong female characters but doesn't care for toys or collectibles? Nuts, we know, but it happens—to each their own. Anyways, get them a Wonder Woman Backpack Set that is so cool—even your dad would wear it (we have a hat for him, too, if he asks). Regardless of what items you choose, make sure it’s from our collection of officially licensed DC Comics Merch.

DC Comics Backpacks

DC Comics Backpack

When getting a backpack, you have a lot to consider. You almost have to think like Batman, in the sense of being prepared for anything. If you take that literally, you'll probably scowl with joy for one of our Batman Backpacks. Do you prefer lighter colors? You will undoubtedly adore our Wonder Woman Bags. If you want something sleeker, we have loads more bags that would be super stylish with a pair of shoes or even a blazer. Make sure that no matter how you prepare for your superhero adventures, do it with our DC Comics Backpacks.

DC Comics Blankets and Bedroom

Batman Home Decor

Did someone invent the nap, or was it something humans just intrinsically knew to do? Man, we need the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards to help us figure that one out. But the guy is always somewhere in space, so until we can figure out a replacement, you should pick up our DC Comics Blankets. What better way to nap than with Superman or Wonder Woman by your side? Maybe the Sandman, but sand in the bed? No, thank you. Make sure you have the sweetest of dreams and pick up a DC Comics Blanket.

DC Comics Collectibles

We have done it before, but we will do it again—shout out to all our collectors. We appreciate all our fabulous customers, but there is something about a collector you just have to admire. Do you remember when you were a kid, and your parents bought you a sick toy, then you ended up keeping it in the box and leaving it on the shelf untouched? We don't either. There are actually people who can do that! Well, salute to you, proud collectors. Watch out for that Green Power Ring headed your way in between picking up our licensed DC Comics Collectibles.

DC Comics Action Figures

Action Figures and DC Comics go hand in hand. We love our characters developing and going through arcs and yada-yada but come on—there is nothing like a solid superhero fight. A BOOM here and a POW there, and everyone is a bit (if not a lot) happier than they were before. If you are also an action-head, you'll probably get a kick out of our DC Comics Action Figures. Not only are they highly posable and detailed, but we have a vast selection! Make sure you scratch your action bug and check out these DC Comics Action Figures.

DC Comics Statues

Some statues can be a little blah. But they have always been around to commemorate or honor something or someone. We get it. Time flies, and statues are an honorable reminder to us busy mortals to pay respect. The Statue of Liberty is, for example, neat but we think it would be better with a Captain America shield on her back. Too much? If you think so too, you are not strange like us, but a normal person—so congrats! Anyway, we have some officially licensed and high-quality DC Comics Statues. Pick one up for a friend and show them (or it) a little honor.

DC Comics LEGO Sets

LEGOs are like imagination given form. What you can do with a few LEGOs and a little bit of time is indeed a spectacle to behold. We used to have LEGOs in the office, but then someone made a castle, claimed land, and it became a whole thing—so no more LEGOs in the office. If you are looking for something to spark your creativity, you will absolutely shout for these officially licensed DC Comics LEGO Sets (almost like stepping on a piece on accident but with no pain and all gain). You can even test your ingenuity and create a LEGO Batman Cowl!

DC Cmics Funk POPs

Is it strange to walk into your office and to have shelf upon shelf of DC Comics Funko POPs looking at you? If it is, we don't want to be conventional! Seriously, we love collecting Funkos of all shapes and sizes. We know that you require a couple yourself, or you wouldn't have read this far. Well, we know you will flip for more than a few of these DC Comics Funko POPs. Don't actually flip unless you have practice or are a pro. Seriously, unless you are friends with Green Arrow or something along those lines, no flips, please. Enjoy your Funko!

DC Comics Apparel

What we love about DC Comic Apparel is that it helps bridge those who love fashion with those who love superheroes. Something about having the perfect shirt with just the right touch of logo from your favorite character makes an outfit pop and feel great. You can achieve that same feeling with our DC Comics Shoes. There is nothing sleeker than rocking your Flash Blazer with your Flash Shoes. We have all sorts of characters and styles to choose from, so treat us like a closet, and feel free to rummage around a little. Make sure you dress to impress with our officially licensed DC Comics Apparel.

DC Comics T-Shirt and Sweaters

The Flash Ugly Sweater

Clothing with your favorite DC characters is something special. First and foremost, people know you love DC right off the bat. It saves a ton of time when meeting people. Also, the idea of your t-shirt and your superhero spirit being congruent is kind of profound. We don't judge books by their covers, but what's a more significant expression of oneself than wearing something with your favorite supe? Okay, we have been reading too many Robin books for our own good. Show love to a superperson in style with our DC Comics T-shirts.

DC Comics Shoes

Wonder Woman Shoes

Wearing a new hat feels excellent and all, but there is nothing like rocking a fresh pair of shoes. That feeling you get when everyone is checking out and complimenting your footwear is genuinely one of a kind. It's like driving a flashy sports car but saving $50,000. The best part about our shoes? There are tons of officially licensed options to choose from! You'll feel like Ollie in an arrow shop. We know our DC Comics fans are exceptionally stylish, so we have some DC Comics Shoes that we know you'll get a kick out of.

DC Comics Hats

Hats are for all kinds of people. Some people get chilly scalps, while others simply love the hat look. Because of that very reason, we made sure we have plenty of hats for you to choose from, regardless of why you wear them. If you are a DC Comics fan, then we are confident you will happily enjoy sporting our DC Comics Hats. If you are more of a beanie person, we have those. More of a cap dude? We have plenty of those, too. No matter what you use to cover your dome, make sure you choose these DC Comics Hats.

DC Comics Socks

Shoes get all the shine. People only really notice your socks if they are unique. That's why we have tons of DC Comics Socks for our creative fans looking to stand out. Having that splash of Flash-red takes a regular fit to a fashionable one in an instant. That is a Flash-Fact, we think. Anyway, if you have a pair of our DC Comics Shoes (yeah, shoes are getting more shine—sorry, socks), you might as well pick up a couple of our DC Comics Socks and complete the ensemble. Since socks are mad at us, pick up yourself some and cheer them up.

DC Comics Halloween Costume

DC Comics Costumes

When you pick up one of our DC Comics Halloween Costumes, you have the opportunity to become these beloved characters. The only thing that sounds better is doing it with your friends! DC Comics is full of colorful and imaginative characters that embody the readers who love them. There are some days when you may feel like Green Lantern, while there may be other days you might feel like the Joker. We are here for you no matter how you feel. We want you to know you are a super. Make sure you're dressed the part in our officially licensed DC Comics Halloween Costumes.