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Whether you're looking to tote your things or stow your stuff, we have the backpacks to help you do all that and still have your hands free! From nerdy bags from your favorite fandoms to Danielle Nicole or Loungefly brands, these are great back to school backpacks or to make a fashion statement that everyone will remember!
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Ghostbuster Kid's Proton Pack UpdatedGhostbuster Kid's Proton Pack Alt 1 updGhostbuster Kid's Proton Pack alt2 UPDGhostbuster Kid's Proton Pack alt3 UPDGhostbuster Kid's Proton Pack alt4 UPD
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Care Bears Tenderheart Bear BackpackCare Bears Tenderheart Bear Backpack Alt 1Care Bears Tenderheart Bear Backpack Alt 2Care Bears Tenderheart Bear Backpack Alt 3Care Bears Tenderheart Bear Backpack4
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Nintendo Controller Large BackpackNintendo Controller Large Backpack Alt 1Nintendo Controller Large Backpack Alt 2
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Care Bears Grumpy Bear BackpackCare Bears Grumpy Bear BackpackCare Bears Grumpy Bear Backpack
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Pusheen Cat Face Backpack-update1
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Classic Spider-Man Print Backpack
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Donut BackpackDonut Backpack
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Donut Backpack

MARVEL Venom Print Backpack
Sale - 13%
Weed Print Fydelity Big A$$ Backpack Main UpdateWeed Print Fydelity Big A$$ Backpack Alt1
Sale - 33%
Kids Paw Patrol Heroes 14" Backpack
Sale - 50%
Products 1 - 60 of 386

Cool Back to School Backpacks

We occasionally take some of our favorite accessories and tools for granted. It can be helpful to take a second to think about some of the things that really has our back from time to time. That's why we wanted to give this little space to honor the nearly magical backpack. 

Pretty much everybody has used a backpack in the past. We've probably owned a ton of different ones throughout the years. Did you know that they started out as just long leather or cloth straps? You'd wrap them around books and such and sling it over your shoulder. Admittedly, that probably kept things together pretty well, but it would have been pretty awful for all your other sundries. Plus, having to tie everything back up every time you wanted to get something? Phew! We were in need of a serious upgrade. 

In 1938, we finally had the first backpack with zippers. At that point, can you guess what they were for? We'll give you a hint. Think... outoorsy. If you guessed they were used for hiking and camping, you'd be right! When you needed your hands for all that climbing power, you couldn't risk your weight being heavier on one side or the other. So, the adventuring backpack was all the rage. Canvas became a popular fabric for its sturdiness and water-resistant qualities and students up through the '60s would be using hybrid satchels until they went out of style. (Don't worry if you're a satchel person... because they're totally back!) 

But, the world changed when lightweight nylon backpacks brought us into the light! Not only were they insanely popular among the outdoor crowd, but they were an instantly reliable bag for students in grade school all the way up through college years. 

Now that you know all about the history of the backpack, it's time to take a look at our options for all your needs. Heading to an anime or comic book convention!? Well, with dozens of Marvel backpacks, you'll fit right in and keep your hands free while you're collecting all of the best stuff from the merch rooms. Maybe you're finally going on that trip to Disney Land? Well, all or your memories will be kept secure when everyone from Mickey and Elsa to Tinker Bell and Ursula are helping you on your way! 

Of course, the most common need is for the back to school backpack. Not only is that fun to say, but you can help your kiddo bring out their own personality by providing a backpack that features their favorite characters or fits their fashionista style. From Mini-Backpacks, belt bags, satchels, knapsacks, and even full luggage sets, you'll find the bag that makes you beam amidst our collection of unique, quirky, and officially licensed backpacks!