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It's time for some new kicks. Not just any kicks, mind you, but some brand new shoes based on your favorite characters. We carry a variety of shoes for adults and kids based on superheroes, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. We even have Irregular Choice shoes for the more adventurous footwear aficionados out there!
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What you choose to wear on your feet is probably one of the biggest decisions that you face throughout the day. We think it's probably the most important decision, but we also take our footwear very seriously around here. After all, you have to take the weather into consideration. The sort of shoes you wear when it's raining isn't the same kind of footwear you might want to slip on your feet during a trip to the beach! Well, the great news is that we have a ton of great shoes to choose from here.

We cater to all sizes! Make your choice from men's shoes, heels for women, and even light up shoes for kids. When it's raining cats and dogs outside, you can choose from a variety of rainboots for children.

Our bread and butter, so to speak, comes down to casual shoes. We have a variety of high top sneakers, canvas shoes, and even slippers that will help keep you looking super-casual... and comfortable to boot! They're shoes that you can wear every day, but they also have a dash of your favorite pop culture references. That means you can head to the mall wearing your brand new Harry Potter shoes or chill with your friends while wearing your latest Star Wars kicks.

Are you more of shoe collector? Choosing between our Irregular Choice Darth Vader ankle boots or the R2D2 high heels might be a toughie, but whatever you're into, you can find a wild design! It's really hard to select just one pair because they're both so cute. Sometimes we wish that we had more than one set of feet for all the Irregular Choice choices we have!

When bedtime finally rolls around, we are faced with one last footwear decision to make: what slippers do we wear? Our go-to pair is the Yoda slippers, but the Wampa ones are a very close second! Well, the good news is that you can find fuzzy slippers galore to keep your feet feeling cozy through the night.