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What you choose to wear on your feet is probably one of the biggest decision that you face throughout the day. We think it's probably the most important decision, but we also take our footwear very seriously around here. When it's raining cats and dogs outside, we need to choose between wearing our Batman rainboots or our Spiderman rainboots. What a dilemma! Choosing between our Irregular Choice Darth Vader ankle boots or the R2D2 high heels is also a toughie. It's really hard to select just one pair because they're both so cute. Sometimes we wish that we had more than one set of feet! When bedtime finally rolls around, we are faced with one last footwear decision to make: what slippers do we wear? Our go-to pair is the Yoda slippers, but the Wampa ones are a very close second! We recommend getting both so you can switch it up based on your mood!