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Back to School Discounts

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School is just around the corner... and you know what that means! Lunchboxes, art supplies, backpacks, and even dorm room furnishings! Every student needs to be prepared for the year ahead of them and our back to school gift ideas will help the student in your life make the best of the school year. We carry plenty of novelty school gifts to give them the edge in class!
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Starting a new school year means endless possibilities. Excited students from all over are entering new and challenging grades, anticipating lots of future pop quizzes, making new friends in their classes while also seeing some familiar faces too. They'll become acquainted with new teachers, get a new locker combination, and gain knowledge of all new subjects, but first, there's a little shopping that needs to be done. If you want to see straight A's on your child's report card then stocking up on all new back to school supplies is a must. Mom and dad, equip your kids and teens with all new swag for the upcoming year so they feel confident and excited about their course load. Not only are new pens, pencils, and notebooks a necessity, but updating their wardrobe is also vital to their success in an all-new grade. Keep in mind that looking good means feeling good and learning more. 

Mom and dad, you won't have to dole out a fat wad of cash to fund your children's back to school needs because lots of our back to school merchandise is discounted to a reasonable price. (May even be the best price on the internet!) We offer great prices on everything the upcoming school year could require. We know a thing or two about awaiting freedom (we watch the clock tick down at the office quite a bit) and lots of our products are great for passing the time while they're learning everything from the ABC's to the Pythagorean Theorem.  

In this category, you'll find an assortment of merchandise to intensify the back to school ideas and experience for children and teens entering all grades. Elementary and Middle schoolers will love hauling a Disney themed backpack to school. Both our Little Mermaid backpack and Frozen tropical Olaf backpack feature lots of zippered pockets and printed fabric with depictions of classic Disney characters printed all over. Older kids might prefer waking up to a buzzing BB8 alarm clock or hanging up a Gryffindor banner over their bed to spark dreams of attending Hogwarts. Action figures, underwear, clothing, pencil cases, and chair capes are all found in this category too. A little something for everyone! 

Even college kids aren't too old to benefit from our officially licensed merchandise when they go back to school shopping. We have plenty of home decor items for their dorm rooms. Start the day off right with a piece of Dark Side toast freshly popped out of the Darth Vader toaster or take a couple of big gulps of coffee from your Stormtrooper molded ceramic mug. Finally, carry all your heavy (and expensive) textbooks to class with a deluxe Chewbacca messenger bag. (You'll ace your class on Wookiee Terminology 101, without a doubt.)

Whether you're shopping for your son's very first day of Kindergarten or you want the most geek-chic dorm room in your building, you've come to the right place. Don't forget to write a review on the product and tell us how much you loved it and how it enhanced returning back to school.