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Pool Inflatables

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Get ready for some fun in the sun with our selection of unique pool accessories. With everything from inflatable sprinklers to food-shaped pool floats, there’s fun way to soak up the summer for everyone you know! Grab pool floaties for your kiddo or a giant donut ring for your best friend, and hop in the water with them while enjoying a ride on a unicorn after shopping with us!
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Cheer Bear Pool Float
Made By Us
Pool Inflatable Electric Air Pump
Made By Us
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Pool Inflatable Manual Air Pump
Made By Us
Sale - 57% Exclusive
Squishmallow Sunny Bee Beach Ball
Sale - 30%
Squishmallow Cailey Crab Pool Float
Sale - 25%
NASCAR Danica Patrick Mat Pool Float
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Ginormous Ape Sprinker new main
Sale - 18%
Squishmallow Gordon Shark Beach Ball
Sale - 20%
Ice Cream Lil' Canopy Float
Sale - 35%
Shark Lil' Canopy Float
Sale - 50%
Floating Beverage Boat Palm Tree update1
Sale - 47%
NASCAR Chase Elliott Mat Pool Float
Made By Us
Clearance Exclusive
Banana Floating Beverage Boat
Sold Out
Giant Llama Pool Float
Sold Out
Pink Unicorn Pool Float
Sold Out
Flamingo Kiddie Pool
Sold Out
NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mat Pool Float
Made By Us  
Clearance Exclusive
Rainbow Unicorn 75 Inch Pool Float
Products 1 - 38 of 38

Searching for the perfect accessory to add to your summer? Look no further than our selection of pool inflatables! Whether you’re heading to the family cabin, planning a beach weekend with your friends, or just lounging by the wading pool in your yard, our inflatable floats and accessories bring that extra bit of style and play to your day!

Days spend laying out in the sun are some of the best. Warming up in the rays and cooling off by dipping into a lake, pool, or ocean wave feels incredible. You want to capture every moment, either as a memory or a photo. But for both, there are a few things that can make the moment even worthier of keeping—aesthetics! Turn up the looks of your gorgeous summer day with the inflatables that give it a picture-perfect style!

Gathering around the backyard pool for a weekend barbecue? Grab an air pump and inflate a large piece of watermelon to suit your picnic vibes or give the kids and pets a safe place to splash and cool down with a kiddy pool that looks like a cheeseburger! Invite your friends to sip a frosty drink from one of our inflatable coolers that bring swim-up bars home. Or get a game of pool pong going with the float built for your favorite party activity!

Heading to a bachelorette party? Bring the whimsy for your weekend on the water with pool floats made to look like unicorns, flamingos, or sweet candies! You know the cameras will be snapping the entire time, so there’s no better time to add something cute to the picture that also adds to the fun of the event!

Pool inflatables for adults may feel like a new thing, but that’s surely not the case when it comes to kids. When it’s their turn to jump into the water, teach your little one how to kick those legs and move those arms kid’s floaties that fit their budding personality and keep them safely above the water’s surface. Or help them handle the nerves about getting a small splash to the face with an inflatable sprinkler shaped like an elephant, dinosaur, or even a gorilla!

Explore all our available pool inflatables, to find something truly special. From aquatic classics like sharks and jellyfish to exclusive Made by Us Nascar floats, there’s something for everyone. And with vacations, summer dreams, and the real deal season always right around the corner, you can be sure we’re on the lookout for more exciting pool accessories to add to our selection. So, whether you find the deer shaped float of your hunting dreams or are still searching for the sparkly warm weather treat that’s all you can think about, we can be your one stop shop for summer fun!