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Marvel Collectibles

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The Marvel Universe is huge, with hundreds of characters and countless stories. No wonder there's no shortage of Marvel Collectibles to choose from right here at! Whether you're shopping for yourself, or the spectacular spider-friend in your life, we have Marvel POP figures and Marvel action figures, and a ton more that will kick any collection off on the right foot! Now, true believers, share your passion for everything Marvel!
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Products 1 - 60 of 464

Marvel is a massive set of worlds, multiple universes that make up a marvelous multiverse of good-hearted heroes, complex villains, and a number of other characters that manage to jump back and forth over the line! With hero teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Defenders, Runaways, and—of course—the Avengers, there is no end to the number of characters and storylines that we get to dive into! 

But, anyone who has gazed into the Marvel Multiverse has been asked the most difficult question to answer. Whether you've been a fan over the sixty years of comic books or only recently joined the fandom thanks to the more recent development of the Cinematic Universe, you've probably been asked who your favorite character may be. This is a real tough one... but we do have a tactic that might help you hone in on who you like versus who you can't be without!

Take a look at some of our Marvel Collectibles. Each of these awesome items feature either a Marvel character, a scene from the comics or films, or give you a chance to show off one of the Marvel teams that have captured your attention. Just scrolling through our categorized collection will make your heart stir and may have a list of things you want for yourself (or even for your friends and family). In no time, you'll be able to answer the question! 

You might want to start with the Avengers. Now, this is the team that has probably evolved the most over the years. They started up with Ant-Man and the Wasp, along with the Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor... though Captain America joined up, too, once they found him in the ice. The Cinematic Universe includes Black Widow and Hawkeye. The true roster of the Avengers changes a lot over time—even including a couple anti-heroes or ex-villains at times—but there are times when everyone comes together with the call:  Avengers Assemble! 

The X-Men have a pretty interesting history in terms of interacting with the Avengers. That's largely thanks to movie rights. For a long time, our favorite mutants couldn't really hang out with everyone else, but that hasn't stopped them from being some of the best characters. With the X-gene activating usually in someone's adolescence, mutants develop astounding powers—everything from simple light shows to world-shaping telekinetic or reality-bending, cosmic abilities. Lead by Professor X, the X-Men include Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, and everyone's favorite grumpy loner, Wolverine. But, just like the Avengers, this team brings in new members from their School for Gifted Youngsters and all over the multiverse. 

We've got a ton of great options from the Guardians of the Galaxy if you're looking to find your favorites outside our own planet's atmosphere. Star-Lord, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax, and Gamora are probably the most recognizable members, but when this team faces down beings that threaten to literally unmake all of reality, the Guardians are supported by some of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel history, too! 

With a constantly growing roster of fantastic characters, you can have your choice of Pop! figures, scene statues, collectible action figures, and even hold the Infinity Gauntlet in your hands! 

Marvel Collectibles

Whether you've been following Marvel Comics for decades and have come to love the varied and amazing characters for all their multiple incarnations or you have just hopped onto the Marvel Universe train due to the great films that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's one thing that we can all certainly agree upon. We can't get enough! The MCU might have just completed one of its astounding narrative journeys with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but all that means is that you have more things to celebrate! Over time, we might have fallen more in love with some of our favorite Marvel characters or we may have seen some others in a brand-new light. Even better, we may have introduced someone new to the epic superhero universe that we always knew they'd love (or stolen them away from DC Comics fandom)!

What do we do now? Well, the best way to demonstrate your fandom is with some of our Marvel collectibles! They include Marvel figures designed for display or playtime as well as mantlepiece memorabilia of iconic moments from the films in the form of Marvel PVC statues. Want to get more active? You can also go the route of a bunch of Nerf weapons and Marvel apparel to really get into character! While it might be a bit confusing about who owns which licenses for which Marvel characters, we are happy to be the source of your Marvel gifts whether they're from the X-Men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderverse characters, or even Deadpool (who can be anything he likes)!

Marvel Statues

What's your favorite part about a Marvel superhero? We wouldn't blame you for a second if you said it was their amazing powers. Between Captain Marvel's stars-and-stripes firework show of might and Jean Grey's Phoenix fire, we're in awe! And, it might be hard to see, but there isn't anything quite like some Ant-Man action! Figure out how to make a Quantum Realm video recorder and we're going to be hooked! That said, what really strikes us about our favorite heroes is the pose.

You know that moment when they are about to do something especially brave, probably risking themselves for the innocents (or their other superhero teammates) to take the hit for the team or bring down the villain?! Those are the noble moments that are really going to last in our minds...and that's why a collectible statue is perfect. Imagine the moment Captain America readies his shield against an alien onslaught. How about when Iron Man is ready to take off to flight or when Thor calls down the thunder?! Phew! We're getting excited just thinking about it. We have a ton of different PVC Statues that you can pick from, or even collect them all. Start by bringing home an eternal moment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an Avenger statue to add to your Avengers: Infinity War collection today!

Marvel Statues

Marvel Action Figures

After you've made sure that your favorite film and comic moments are forever secured, what's next?! Well, there's a good chance that a youngster is looking up to you with those puppy dog eyes. Clearly, that kiddo wants something that not only looks cool but can be played with! It isn't enough to just have Marvel figurines that stand as wondrous art. They need to move. They need to look amazing, heroic, and ideally have articulating limbs so they can go into crazy combat with nasty Marvel villains, maybe even teaming up with your other favorite from Star Wars, GI Joes, alien hunters, anime characters...even toys! Okay, perhaps you've figured us out. That kiddo who's looking up to us might be our inner child wanting to play. We need a Marvel action figures set, obviously! Fortunately, we have all sorts of Marvel collectible figures of the action variety that...your kids will love! (Just make sure that you let them know you're ready for your turn soon.)

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends Action Figures

We wracked our brain and really couldn't come up with many Marvel heroes who were quite as active as Spider-Man. Not only is the guy the king of alternate costumes—he's everywhere thanks to the mystery of alternate timelines and multiverses—but he's quick as a thwip! What better character become an action figure than him?! (Well, maybe Spider-Woman was a bit quicker.) The Spiderverse has one other major win: it is what started the Marvel Legends Series of action figures! Now, you can collect an entire family of Marvel characters in the Hasbro line and we're very happy to offer them. Naturally, you may want to begin with Spider-Man... but we suppose the rest of the Avengers and Marvel heroes can tag along (so long as they can keep up)!

Deadpool Action Figures

Deadpool Action Figure

He's without question one of the weirdest characters in the Marvel universe, including both the comics and the cinematic one...and, really, everything else, too. Sure, they've got characters like Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Squirrel Girl, too, but Deadpool is truly unique. First, the guy has some pretty impressive regenerative abilities—and even a rather strange relationship with Death, herself—so he's near impossible to get down. But, the coolest part of this guy is that just won't stay in his own lane! He loves to stop the comics or film to hang out with the audience because everything is a game for this guy! No wonder his antagonists have such a tough time with him. There's nothing better than a Deadpool action figure. Marvel legends all agree!

Black Panther Action Figures

Black Panther Action Figure

It has been a long time coming, but Wakanda has finally come out of its secretive and isolated ways to show us all just how amazing a culture they've developed with a bit of help from their supply of nearly mythical vibranium. As much as the material might be awesome, it's really Shuri's constant flow of brand new toys and T'Challa's noble courage that really has us in love with Wakanda. (That's gotta be because of the look on his face when T'Challa steps up in his role as the Black Panther to actually test out all that amazing tech!) You can have the same look, too! You and yours can help ensure that Wakanda will last forever when you have a collectible Black Panther action figure or three. Now, engage with Thanos! Defend Wakanda and Earth for good!

Guardians of the Galaxy Figures

Guardians of the Galaxy Figures

Who knew that traveling around the galaxy and discovering all sorts of strange places, running into every form of exotic alien species known (and unknown) to man, and even making tentative friends with an oddball named the Collector would make the Guardians of the Galaxy figures in a literal Infinity War?! Well, it's good thing that they do know the Collector, because they're going to need some shiny, new relics to help them conquer what they have in front of them. Rocket Raccoon, of course, will have a few ideas of what they should be gathering up! Get ready for some exciting Guardians of the Galaxy toys, is what we're saying! Start off with some action figures of the whole team and you'll quickly know why Star-Lord is the quirky character we love!

Marvel Toys

Of course, at a certain point, you can't just look at your amazing collections or crash them together in epic combat. You want them to support you. You need them to encourage you in your own games and contests of skill while you are stepping into the roles of the very Marvel heroes that you love. Maybe you've dressed up as your favorite character with a Marvel costume. You have become Doctor Strange and need his various magical relics. You've become Thor? Well, that hammer pretty literally says how you get his powers! Even if you're branching out to some alternate universe help with Big Hero 6, you've got to have the gear to make your avenging antics the full experience they could be! Make your look complete with our superhero toys and Marvel toy weapons and then engage in some serious heroic fun! And...of 'you' we mean your kiddos...because these are toys. So, we hope that your children will love these! (But, seriously, we'll be outside as soon as you're ready for battle—dibs on Wolverine!)

Marvel Funko POP! Figures

Marvel Funko POP!

What is the difference between Marvel collectible figures and Marvel toys? Well, that's a pretty philosophical question that we're not sure anyone is ready to really tackle. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that they're all going to be fun...but there's definitely one brand that can really walk the line between in truly amazing style: Funko! We have a wide variety of Funko Pop! Marvel figures that are guaranteed to hit up both your collection ambitions as well as your need for something incredibly cute to play with. We won't judge you when you gather up all of your Guardians of the Galaxy collectibles and position them around a Thanos to teach that titan a lesson! Create a scene with a Captain Marvel Funko Pop! Vinyl and watch your other Marvel Pop! figures stand in awe at the arrival of someone bearing their cinematic universe's name! There's no limit to the fun you can have as your collection of our POP! vinyl figures grows. We'd love to see pictures of the scenes that you create with them! Maybe it’s time for a new movie...

Marvel Bobbleheads

Marvel Bobbleheads

One of the great things about Marvel characters is how supportive they can be. Sure, they're heroes who are ready to take down notorious villains and save the day, but they're also there to help the rest of us feel secure and confident so that we can stand up to our own demons, too! So, what could be better than an adorable figure that you can pose in impressive scenes? Yes! How about a Marvel Bobblehead POP! that can proudly give you the 'you can do it' attitude with merely the tap on its detailed head?! Not into yes-men and false confidence? Well, fear not! These characters are just as good at saying 'No!' Bring your favorite hero (or a dastardly villain like Thanos) along for a ride on your car's dash so their funny noggins wiggle in wonder as you travel the world. Feel like you can truly communicate with the enigmatic Groot now that head gestures are added to his simple vocabulary! Arrange them with your other Pop! figures and nod mischievously with your nodding minions as they judge their less-mobile companions. No matter what scenario you dream up, we know you're gonna love these cartoonish bobblehead figures.

Infinity War Collectibles

Infinity War Collectibles

All the pieces of the game have been set into play. Throughout the galaxy, the Infinity Stones are hiding in all manner of different forms and a few have even been identified. And now the Mad Titan Thanos is on his quest to snap the universe into decimation! This is an event that will change every world for eternity, so you're going to want to make sure you have something to remember it. (Especially if the odds are against you!) There are a ton of great movie moments, iconic characters and monstrous villains (like Corvus and Proxima)...even a chance to wield the Infinity Gauntlet in your own hand! With us, having a great Infinity War collection is...a snap!

Endgame Collectibles

Endgame Collectibles

An epic conclusion deserves an epic collection of toys and memorabilia. When our favorite heroes are brought together and they only have one chance in fourteen million to succeed, we want to be there! Be ready to shout out "Avengers Assemble" to call everyone and join in with Iron Man's Endgame attire. Every group of heroes and even a few stand-alone characters like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel are ready to give it all they've got! So, it's definitely time for an epic Endgame collection!