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Black Panther Costumes

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Products 1 - 17 of 17

T’Challa time! Who’s ready to bring the action-packed adventure from the Black Panther movie to life? We’re guessing you are! Or you’ve got a kid who’s ready to suit up! The world is always in need in more heroes, and we think it’s super swell that you’re ready to chip in as the powerful Black Panther. But, we are going to have to get you a costume!

Luckily, that’s one of our specialties! You see, we’re all about FUN here at And costume fun? That’s most definitely at the top of our list! That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of Halloween costumes, and even our own exclusive costume styles to get you outfitted just right. Well, straight from the smash hit 2018 movie, we’ve got some brand new Black Panther costumes ready for you!

As the proud King of Wakanda, T'Challa is more than ready to join the Avengers, and to help save the world in Avengers Infinity War, too! But, first thing’s first, he’s got to visit Shuri for his uniform. You won’t need any high tech gear from Wakanda to become the Black Panther, all you’re going to need is one of these Marvel costume!

That’s right, we have a couple different version of Black Panther Costumes, one in the traditional black, and one that features electric blue accents, just like when the Black Panther’s suit is activated with kinetic energy. So, which one will you choose? Because they both look fantastic!

Speaking of Shuri, you can bet that we’ve got her costume, too. Because when she’s ready to join the battle against Killmonger, she suits up with some seriously cool power gauntlets. Our Shuri costume for women features arm attachments that look just like ‘em! You won’t be able to fire repulsor blasts to battle bad guys, but you will look just like the real Shuri!

Kids are sure to look up to these characters as role models, which is why we most definitely carry Black Panther Costumes for kids! Boys will love suiting up as the Black Panther, and girls can admire Shuri by suiting up in the costume of the tech whiz! The perfect costume combination for a brother and sister, we’re sure they’ll be ready to save the day in these costumes!

While Black Panther Costumes are most commonly seen at Halloween events and parties, there’s plenty of other great places to wear them, too. Wear a Black Panther costume to your community celebration or even a Juneteenth event, and you’ll be doing your part to make sure the bold Superhero shows off his presence in the community. Wakanda Forever!

We’re sure you’ll have a great time as the Black Panther or Shuri. Team up with all your friends and family in officially licensed Marvel costumes, and you’ll be able to bring all the hit action of the Avengers franchise to life. We hear that there might be some bad guys coming around, so it’ll be a good idea to pick up your costume so that you’re ready in time for all the action!