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Are you looking for an Aliens movie gift? You’ve come to the right place! Our selection of Alien merchandise offers something for everyone. Discover Alien toys. From Aliens POPs to collectible action figures, there’s an option for all ages. But if Alien decorations are more your thing, you’ll be ready to create a fandom haven at home that will have fellow fans begging, “Show me everything!”
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Aliens Xenomorph Q-Fig_Update-0
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Alien Queen Q Fig Max Elite
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Alien Abduction Hat
Made By Us
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They Live Female Alien Mask
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Car Full Of Aliens Car Sunshade
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Xenomorph Zippermouth Plush
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Aliens Ripley Reaction Figure
Products 1 - 18 of 18

There's a lot of scary movie monsters that come from outer space. There's the Predator, the Blob, and the Thing, but no alien is quite as menacing as the extraterrestrial from the 1979 major motion picture, Alien. Seriously, what's not scary about this xenomorph? It has a gigantic head and eerie skinny neck, plus two really creepy mouths, and some ultra sharp claws! If you love the terrifying alien for all those reasons then you need to check out our Aliens merch. You can either start a collection or add to the one that you already have. 

We sell an Ellen Ripley POP! vinyl figure and a 6" Alien Queen one too that will look great on your desk at work or on your dresser at home. Finally, the Alien head knocker bobblehead is the perfect piece of memorabilia for series collectors. Pick something out for yourself or give one of these cool items to the Alien fanatic that you know!