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Whether you're searching for a women's Batman sweater or a kids' Batman hoodie, we're sure that you can find just what you're looking for at! Browse our selection of Batman accessories and apparel for kids and adults. Fans of the Dark Knight as well as other live-action and cartoon Batman movies and tv series can find apparel of their favorite superhero.
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Men's 1989 Batman Joker Suit Overcoat
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Men's Batman Blazer
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Sale - 50% Exclusive
Neon Rogues Gallery Batman Shirt
Made By Us
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Womens Batman Blazer-2
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Cakeworthy Adult Batman All Over Print T Shirt
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Adult Cakeworthy Batman Coord Button Up Shirt UPD
Sale - 60%
Boys 4 Piece Batman Sleep Set
Clearance  - 67%
DC Comics Batman Button Up Shirt
Made By Us
Sale - 38% Exclusive
Womens Cakeworthy Batman Button Up Dress
Clearance  - 60%
Adult Cakeworthy Batman Coord Bottom
Sale - 60%
Women's Dark Knight Joker Shirt
Made By Us
Sale - 50% Exclusive
Boxed Tee DC The Batman
Clearance  - 75%
Batman Adult Comfy Throw
Clearance  - 20%
Toddler Boys Batman Hero Action Pajama Set
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Boys Batman Cuff Hat and Gloves Set
Sale - 38%
Batman Juvy Comfy Throw
Clearance  - 55%
Batman Adult Silk Touch Comfy Throw
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Batman Holiday Hat Kids Sweater
Made By Us
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Womens Batgirl T-Shirt with Cape Costume
Sale - 17%
Men's Batman Logo Black T-Shirt
Sale - 33%
Womens Robin T-Shirt with Cape Costume
Sale - 33%
DC Comics Batman AOP Sleep Pants
Out of Stock
Women's Batman Sleep Romper
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Kids Batman Hoodie
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 30 of 30

Anyone who would love to take up residence in Gotham City need look no farther than our site to find licensed Batman clothing items to show off your favorite character! We carry everything from Batman pants to socks, and from Batman T-shirts to backpacks. Find just what you're looking for in our large selection of Batman clothes and Batman apparel. Whether you prefer the old campy Adam West TV show or any of the movie incarnations of the Dark Knight, we have clothing to reflect that. Bring a bit of Gotham to your everyday life with our Batman clothing!

Batman Clothing

Batman is a part of the very fabric of our culture! Created in 1939, he’s been cracking cases, defeating villains, and leading the Justice League to victory ever since. We all know his tragic backstory and about his rise to heroism, but something we don’t talk about nearly enough is his fabulous sense of style. Just check out Batman’s super-suit! It’s the most stylish thing you’ll see in Gotham City. He’s gone from black to gray, to navy blue, and even gold colors, and we’ve definitely been paying attention each time he gets some new threads—way cooler than anything Superman has been wearing. In fact, we love Batman’s style so much, we’ve even started to incorporate Batman into our own daily life. We even have a tradition called Batman Burrito Thursdays, where we all wear Batman clothing and enjoy a few burritos! That got us thinking: maybe we should share some of this great Batman gear with everyone, so we decided to get some of the best Batman apparel together!

We scoured the Earth and got in touch with our Gotham City contacts. We found everything from cool shirts inspired by Batman’s suit, to comfortable Batman hoodies, and even some casual Batman kicks you can wear. There are tons of ways to add some Caped Crusader style into your life! Let’s check out some of our favorite Batman swag to add to your collection of superhero apparel.

Batman Shirts

Of course, our first stop is Batman shirts. Shirts are the building block of a good outfit. Most mornings start with you putting on a shirt of some kind, don’t they? Well, we’re here to let you know that you can get a wide variety of different Batman-themed tops. We carry shirts for men, women, and even kids. So, let’s have a look at some of the best Batman shirts out there.

Classic Batman Shirt

Batman Logo Shirt

Simplicity can be key! You don’t necessarily need to strap on some Bat-boots, a mask, a utility belt, or a full-fledged costume to amp up your Bat-style. Sometimes, all you need is a simple shirt with the Bat-symbol on it. This classic Batman shirt for men has the bright yellow Batman symbol on the front and is made out of comfortable cotton so you can wear it with jeans or khakis for a casual look.

Charcoal Bat Symbol T-Shirt

Bat Symbol Shirt

Batman lives his life dealing with the gritty shades of gray on the streets of Gotham City. He has to scrap with the baddies and keep the city safe, and sometimes doing that isn’t always black and white. That’s what this classic charcoal Bat symbol t-shirt conveys. Its gray color scheme is reminiscent of Gotham City itself, while the pitch black symbol in the middle is the constant reminder that Batman is always watching over Gotham’s underbelly!

Batman Logo Button Down Shirt

Batman Shirt

Looking for something with a little more class than a standard men's t-shirt? After all, there are some places where the common shirt isn’t the proper attire. Well, then maybe it’s time to give this suave Batman button down shirt a try. The black shirt has plenty of small Batman symbols on it and it even has a handy pocket in front. It’s a great compromise between casual and classy, allowing you to wear your men's Batman gear no matter where you’re headed.

Women’s Batman T-shirt

Womens Batman Shirt

This women’s Batman t-shirt puts a new spin on Batman apparel for women. It takes the classic symbol and adds a unique “shattered glass” pattern on the front, giving you a look that’s both edgy and heroic. It’s made out of a comfortable material that works with jeans or slacks to create a look that’s appropriate for any kind of social gathering.

Batman Sweaters

You never really know when chilly weather will strike! Even Gotham City can get frigid during the winter months, so it's helpful to have a nice sweater on hand. Now, with our Batman sweaters, you can even represent the Caped Crusader while you keep warm during the cooler times of the year. We have styles for everyone, including Batman ugly Christmas sweaters for men and women. That means you can even toss one of these cozy little numbers on for your next ugly Christmas sweater party.

Women’s Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Womens Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Batman is both bold and subtle at the same time. He’s a bit of an enigma like that, much like this women’s Batman ugly Christmas sweater. The sweater is an acrylic knit top with Batman symbols, snowflakes, and diamonds on the front and back. It combines the quirky style of a classic ugly sweater with the daring mystique of the Caped Crusader. This women's Batman sweater is just one of our many women’s sweaters to choose from.

Classic Batman Sweater

Classic Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sometimes a dose of classic style is just what the doctor ordered! This classic Batman sweater combines your love of Batman with a traditional Christmas sweater kind of style. The gray top has Batman symbols, along with snowflakes and it even has a Gotham City skyline woven into the sleeves. Just throw this men's Batman sweater on during the winter and you may even feel as resourceful as the one and only Dark Knight himself!

Batman Cardigan Ugly Christmas Sweater

Womens Batman Cardigan

Cardigan weather is the perfect weather. That’s the time of the year when it’s not too chilly to wear a jacket, but it’s also not so that hot that you’re baking in the sun! Well, we bet that Bruce Wayne is a fan of cardigan weather too, and we also think that he’d be in love with this Batman cardigan sweater for women. Of course, he can’t really wear it, since he actually IS Batman and drawing attention to himself seems like a bad idea. (He doesn’t want everyone knowing that he’s Batman, after all.) You, however, are free to wear this cardigan-style sweater whenever the weather gets cool enough.

Kid’s Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Kid’s Batman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t think for a second that sweaters are just for adults! Those cozy pieces of winter wear can be worn by kids as well. Of course, kids are generally less excited about wearing sweaters than adults are, but that’s going to change with this Batman ugly Christmas sweater for kids. The sweater has the Dark Knight himself on the front, and he’s wearing a cute Santa hat. It’s a great way to keep your kid excited about staying warm, since every kid wants to wear their favorite superhero on their sweater.

Batman Clothing for Men

Every guy looks up to Batman. After all, he’s the superhero who goes against the odds without any superpowers and he fights against the injustices of the world with nothing but his wits and a few gadgets! It’s really no surprise why he’s such a respected figure in the world of comic books. This Batman clothing for men helps capture Batman’s brave and heroic nature in casual clothing that any guy can pull off. From Batman loungewear that helps you get comfortable to clothes that will help you dress up, these Batman-themed items are great for any fan.

Batman Bathrobe

Batman Robe

Every guy needs some way to unwind! From superheroes to average schmoes like us, you just need to relieve a little bit of stress. Our favorite suggestion is to toss on a bathrobe, pop your favorite movie on the television and stake out a comfortable spot on the couch. Of course, that whole process becomes even more enjoyable when the robe you choose is this Batman bathrobe for men. It’s made out of a soft fleece material and it’s the perfect thing to wear after a hard day of crime fighting!


Batman Sleep Pants

Batman Sleep Pants

The Dark Knight has a pretty exhausting job. He spends most of his time tangling with thugs and unraveling the dastardly plans of the Joker and other like-minded supervillains. It’s pretty safe to say that Batman thoroughly enjoys the few moments he gets to catch up on his sleep! You might even catch Bruce Wayne wearing these sleep pants as he takes a little Bat-nap on the couch in his study at Wayne Manor. With some bright yellow Batman symbols and a drawstring waist, it’s easy to sleep like a superhero in these Batman-themed sleep pants for men. Be sure to check out all of our sleepwear for more options.

Batman Scuff Slippers

Batman Slippers

Those floors in Wayne Manor can get a little bit cold on the bare feet! Even Bruce Wayne can’t escape that little problem. We bet that he’s invented some sort of superhero gadget that keeps his feet warm while traversing the cavernous space of his mansion… but the rest of us need something a little simpler to deal with the situation. These Batman scuff slippers for men are the perfect way for any fan of DC Comics to keep their feet warm.

Batman Necktie

Batman Necktie

Not all of us get to wear a Batsuit to work. Actually, Bruce Wayne (and occasionally Dick Grayson) is just about the only many who gets to wear one while on the job! The rest of us need to head to an office job to earn those bucks. You can, however, add a little bit of the Batsuit to your normal office attire when you wear this men's Batman necktie with your favorite button-up shirt. It has a monochromatic style with a Bat-symbol pattern repeating throughout.

Batman Clothing for Women

Our collection of Batman apparel doesn’t just stop with things for the boys! We carry plenty of Batman clothing for women, which includes everything from sleepwear to robes. If you’re a woman brimming with Batman enthusiasm, then there’s definitely something here for you. Just check out our favorite items below.

Batgirl Bathrobe

Batgirl Bathrobe

Sometimes, you break a sweat while fighting the bad guys. That’s why it’s nice to relax with a hot bath after tangling with Gotham’s most dastardly villains. After bath time, it’s the perfect opportunity to throw on this Batgirl bathrobe and treat yourself to a nice night in on the couch. This officially licensed women's bathrobe is great for crime-fighters and civilians alike, so even if you’re not into fighting crime, you can still wear this for movie night!

Batman Lounge Pants

Batman Lounge Pants

Getting ready to have a “don’t day” today? That’s a day where you don’t do anything! All you need to do is put on your comfiest pair of lounge pants and get to not doing anything. We mean absolutely nothing! Don’t shop. Don’t do chores. Just sit back and relax! We think Batman could use a “don’t day”, too, but unfortunately he needs to spend every day toiling away as a vigilante. Oh well, at least you can wear these Batman lounge pants for women and get in a good day of rest and relaxation!

Batman T-Shirt for Women

Womens Bat Signal Shirt

Trying to keep it casual with your Batman fan status? Well then, how about wearing a comfortable and casual shirt! This Batman t-shirt for women is a simple vintage style with the classic symbol on the front. You can wear it out at night or just chill at home. Just pair it with your favorite jeans or slacks to create a casual cool look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Batman Tank and Shorts Set

Batman Tank and Shorts Set

When summer rolls in you just want an outfit that keeps you cool. We’re guessing that Batman’s suit is not the kind of thing that you’d want to wear on a 90-degree night in the middle of July. This Batman tank and shorts set for women feels like a dream during your summer night. The shirt has a Batman symbol on the front, while the matching shorts have more Bat-symbols all over.

Batman Clothing for Kids

Kids love Batman clothing even more than adults! After all, rolling through the playground wearing your Batman t-shirt is a quick shortcut to becoming known as the coolest dressed kid in school. If your child is a serious Batman fan, then you’ll definitely want to check out some of our Batman clothing for kids! We have styles for both girls and boys. Just check out these great choices below.

Boy’s Hoodie and Pant Set

Boys Batman Hoodie and Pant Set

Your child can look like an athletic little superhero when he wears this kids' Batman hoodie and pant set. The set comes with cool Batman details, so when your child is playing around the neighborhood in this matching set, he’ll feel like he’s saving the day. It also doubles as a great outfit for playing sports. He’ll be on team Batman, of course.

Girl’s Batman Shirt

Girls Batman Shirt

For the girls, we have this grey Batman shirt. It’s both cute and brave, since it stars and the Bat-symbol printed on the front. She can wear it while doing super important superhero business, or while she’s playing with her friends. Heck, all she needs is a cape and she’ll be ready for anything!

Batman Clothing FAQ

What is the Batman suit made out of?

Batman has worn many suits over the years. His first few were simply made of fabric with bulletproof vests underneath before he got into batsuits containing body armor in the fabric itself. It wasn’t until Post-Crisis Batman (1986) that the Batsuit was made of fabric containing kevlar threads and carbon nanotube fibers. Ever since then, the Batsuit has always contained armored fibers to provide some degree of bulletproofing.

Who makes Batman's suits?

This goes largely unmentioned in the comics. We do know that Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s butler, made Batman’s Batsuit in the post-crisis timeline. However, unlike in the comics, we do know the people responsible for the Batsuit in his live-action portrayals.

Little information is given about the minds behind the first Batman serials. However, we do know the designer behind Adam Wests’s Batsuit, Jan Kemp. By the time we get to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman reboot, the costume design was handled by British designer Bob Ringwood. Bob returned as the costume designer for Batman Returns, as well as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. The later Dark Knight trilogy hired Lindy Hemming, a Welsh costume designer. The latest designer to take up the cape and cowl was Michael Wilkinson for both BvS and Justice League.

What is Batman's suit made of in Arkham Knight?

The Batsuit from the Arkham games is an armored suit, similar to Batman’s newer outfits in the comics. Although the materials are not explicitly stated, it is bulletproof to a point. Batman also has access to a plethora of other suits in the game, some of which are more heavily armored than others, and appear to be made from different materials.