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Roman Costumes

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. As in, dress just like the Romans do! If you're looking to explore a slice of world history, just grab out of our exclusively designed Roman Costumes. With a Toga costume or a Roman Gladiator costume, you'll have no trouble revisiting ancient history!
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Men's Gladiator Maximus Arena CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Slave Girl WigMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Toy Sword

Toy Sword

Men's Assassin's Creed II Ezio Costume
Clearance  - 50%
Women's Dragon Queen Costume
Sale - 20%
Warrior Womens Sandals
Clearance  - 80%
Men's Off-White Toga CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Roman Gladiator Costume

Roman Gladiator Costume

Child's Roman Boy Costume
Sale - 10%
Boys TogaMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Athena Girls Costume For KidsMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Aphrodite Goddess Costume Update MainMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Mens Gladiator General Maximus CostumeMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
20" Gladiator Shield W/ 29" SwordMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Gladiator General Maximus HelmetMade By Us
Made By Us Exclusive
Infant Gladiator Costume Coming Soon
Goddess Gold Leg Wraps Coming Soon
Goddess Gold Headband Coming Soon
Olympic Goddess Costume Sold Out
Products 1 - 54 of 54

They always say that once you stride your way into the grand city of Rome, you should do exactly as they do. Now, diving into some delicious Roman food and trying your hand at some of the language all sounds like fun. But, what about the dress code? 

We're happy to help make sure that you are able to fit in no matter the century with our costumes based on Ancient Roman characters and clothing! There is actually a pretty wide variety of options for your Roman costumes, so the first step is figuring out what kind of place you're going to be heading to. 

For starters, there is the standard garb of all Roman folks. That's right. Whether you want to hang with the citizens or even enjoy the heck out of a college party, it's time for a Toga costume. Don't embarrass yourself by tying a bed sheet around your body. Try one of our deluxe toga costumes on for style, instead. It's what separates the guys looking for a free drink and the wise philosophers and senators who are being served the fine wine! 

Of course, our Ancient Roman costumes aren't just about the easy-going parties. You can also take to the gladiatorial games and prove your might... and even earn your freedom! Our gladiator costumes bolster your look with faux armor and you can include some Roman weapons and shields to really Spartan kick off the party! Bring a host of friends and you can relive the tale of the 300 Spartan warriors, too! In fact, you can even live out the epic Russel Crowe movie, Gladiator, when you wear one of our Made by Us General Maximus costumes. 

Of course, not all epic tales are told about the ferocious warriors. Some stories of Rome involve a certain famous assassin. If you're ready to speak the creed and take a leap of faith into the world of the assassins, try out our Ezio costumes from Assassin's Creed. Perhaps nobody actually saw Ezio in those ancient Roman times... but that's the point of an assassin, right!? Become a master of disguise and a god of intrigue. 

Speaking of gods, the Romans and the Greeks had a lot in common. Of course, the ancient Romans had different names for many of their deities. Become a living legend when you step into a Roman god and goddess costume. Become Jupiter, the king of the deities. Show that you know a few things about love when you show off your magical Venus costume. Step into the realm of the gods with our ancient Roman costumes and you'll not only feel a bit of magic but you'll look as mighty as you feel! 

Once you have your look, make sure that you add a few Roman costume accessories to cinch everything together. Those Roman sandals and a laurel crown can really set you apart from the rest. All that is left will be finding a Roman slave to feed you grapes. (Though, in that case, maybe don't do exactly as the Romans did. Make sure to respect your service staff.)