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It all started back in 1977. Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters and it became a smash success. Soon after, the Star Wars action figures followed! Kids, collectors, and everyone in between just can't get enough of them. Here, you can find some of your favorite Star Wars character figures, from Black Series figures to some retro-style figures. We have Star Wars figures for all fans!
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Star Wars BL OHIO Action Figure
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Star Wars BL KANSAS Action Figure
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Super Vulture Droid Vehicle
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Products 1 - 60 of 85

Action figures are our very heart and soul! That might seem like a rather weird statement, but it's true. We owe a big part of that to Star Wars. You see, back when the first movie came out, those 1977 action figures were pretty hard to come by at first. People were rushing out to snag their very own Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures. Certain characters were tough to find at the toy store… so you had to beg your parents to go to the store every week to see if they got new stock in. That's part of what started our own obsession with Star Wars action figures. Of course, that obsession only grew when Hasbro (Kenner at the time) introduced a new line of figures in the 1990s. First, they released ones based on A New Hope… then Empire Strikes Back… and then Return of the Jedi. It rekindled our love of action figures and it hasn't died down since! Our passion for figures led us to bring together some of the best Star Wars figures that we could find!

We change our stock of Star Wars figures on the regular, because the Star Wars universe is ever expanding! We started out with some of our favorites from the original trilogy, so you can find some of your classic favorites, like Chewbacca action figures and Luke Skywalker figures, along with some from the prequel movies. We also keep up to date on some of the one-off movies and new series, so we have some action figures that come straight from Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Mandalorian. That's right, you can find your Mandalorian action figure right here.

If you're a collector, then you will be happy with our high-quality figures. We have Star Wars Black Series action figures, which are part of a Hasbro line of detailed, yet totally affordable, collectible figures that are a great way for any figure fan to get started. We also have strange and unique Star Wars action figures that will quickly become an instant cornerstone of your Star Wars collection.

If you're looking for a brand new Star Wars action figure to add to your ever expanding collection, then be sure to check back! We have new figures coming in and out all of the time, so you never know what sort of new Star Wars figures that you'll discover the next time that you check back. They'll look great right alongside your classic figures from 1977… or your Kenner figures from the 90s!