Published on December 22, 2016

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Winter is coming and, for some, that means bundling up to protect themselves from the elements created by falling snow and heavy winds. But sometimes, simply protecting yourself from the cold just isn’t enough. No! You need to fight back! That’s why has partnered with Marvel and DC Comics to release FunWear, a collection of superhero-themed outdoor gear that will keep you warm and powered up all winter long.

Kids Winter Coats

Captain America Puffer Jacket - Shop     Incredible Hulk Puffer Jacket - Shop

Thor Snow Jacket - Shop     Iron Man Snow Jacket - Shop

Batman Snow Jacket - Shop     Marvel Comic Print Snow Jacket - Shop     Superman Puffer Jacket - Shop

Iron Man Snow Pants - Shop     Marvel Comic Print Snow Pants - Shop

Any kid who wishes to be a superhero can now do so every day by staying warm in our superhero puffer jackets. These jackets feature costume designs of heroes like Marvel’s Captain America and The Incredible Hulk or the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Not only do they look like heroes, but the stitching of the muscles and other details of each design make them stand out while being less bulky than most puffer-style jackets. Looking for something a little more heavy duty? Hit the slopes in style in these superhero snow jackets that feature the same amazing superhero details with a little extra added comfort. Our Marvel and DC snow jackets feature characters like Thor, Iron Man, and Batman or an all-over comic book panel print. The snow jackets have added features like fleece lining, attached hoods, and zippered pockets that make them more durable for outdoor sports.

Kids Casual Jackets

Kids Batman Casual Jacket - Shop     Kids Iron Man Casual Jacket - Shop

Our kids casual jackets are perfect for everyday wear. Unlike the puffer coats and snow jackets, these utilize the secret identity style with stylish colors on the outside with fun superhero prints on the interior. Choose from two favorite superheroes: Iron Man or Batman. However, given the hidden nature of the superhero prints, maybe we should be talking about Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. Either way, your kids will marvel (pun intended) at the hundreds of comic panels on the interior. 

Marvel and DC Snow Jackets for Adults

Comic Book Print Snow Pants - Shop     Comic Book Print Snow Jacket - Shop

Iron Man Snow Jacket - Shop     Iron Man Snow Pants - Shop

Playing in the snow isn’t only for kids. Adults can also get in on the outdoor fun with Marvel ski jackets and snow pants. Both the Iron Man suit design and the Marvel comic book print are bright and will make you stand out as you make your way down the snowy hills at super speed. Just note that the Iron Man snow pants are not equipped with power boosters so any air you catch on those jumps will be your own.

Marvel and DC Coats for Adults

Batman Casual Jacket     Iron Man Casual Jacket - Shop

Classic Justice League Peacoat - Shop     Marvel Comic Print Overcoat - Shop

Our collection of FunWear would not be complete without some coats for adults to conceal their secret identity. These coats are great for wearing your fandom while maintaining a casual appearance. The Batman and Iron Man casual jackets feature soft colors and custom snaps that run up the front of the coat with comic book panels on the interior. The Justice League peacoat and Marvel comic overcoat show off a fashionable combination of black wool & polyester with interior comic designs, custom debossed buttons, and unlimited style.

Which coat would you like to wear to protect yourself from the cold? Which superhero do you think provides the best power for staying warm? If you're going to brave the elements this winter, be sure to check out our collection of FunWear from Marvel and DC. With comfortable coats like these with amazing superhero designs, winter doesn't stand a chance.

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