Published on November 23, 2020

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is Full of Goodies Galore

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Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide, where we're highlighting some of our favorite gifts for 2020. We'll look at geeky gifts from popular brands, like Lego sets and Department 56 collectibles. But we'll also show off top picks for nerdy guys and gals from our ugly Christmas sweaters and other clothing, plus some toys and backpacks. Then we'll tell you how to find the perfect nerdy gift for everyone on your list.  We have everything from gifts for Doctor Who fans and gamer gifts to board games and geeky t-shirts. Let's take a look!


Lego Sets

Lego Sets

Lego Minecraft SetLego Frozen Ice Palace SetLego Ninjago Lloyd Costume
Lego Harry Potter Advent CalendarLego Star Wars AT-ST Set 

We'll start with the Lego gifts and build up from there. (Get it?) Lego sets are wonderful gifts because there are so many of them that you're virtually guaranteed to find one for everyone. From kids' Minecraft Lego sets to Star Wars lego sets for collectors, we've got them all. We also carry the popular Lego Harry Potter Advent calendar, which is the perfect Harry Potter Lego set for the holidays! Then there are Lego costumes from the Ninjago series. The best thing about Ninjago costumes is that they're appropriate for Halloween, playtime, or basically whenever the kiddo wants to wear them. And that's the best kind of gift for kids!


2020 Holiday Sweaters

2020 Holiday Sweaters

Wonder Woman SweaterBuddy Christ SweaterA Very Corgi Christmas SweaterWWE Radical Rumble Sweater

Now we'll look at our favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. But here's the thing: when you do look at them, you'll find that they're not so ugly! That's because we have fun Christmas themes like trees and candy canes and Corgis. (Corgis are Christmas-y, right?) We also have licensed designs like Buddy Christ from Dogma and other Kevin Smith films, plus Wonder Woman and WWE. And these holiday sweaters are eye-catching and super comfortable, which means your gift-ee will remember their present every time they put it on!


Department 56 Collectibles

Department 56 Collectibles

Harry Potter The Three BroomsticksWonder Woman ThemysciraThe Grinch Mount CrumpitChristmas Vacation Griswold Garage

Merry Christmas to nerds everywhere! Department 56 makes some of our favorite collectibles. They have that classic Christmas village display feel, but they're not afraid to branch out into popular franchises. We can feel the magic of The Three Broomsticks from the Harry Potter series and the architecture of Wonder Woman's Themyscira. Mount Crumpit from The Grinch has its own kind of holiday magic! The Griswold garage from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation also brings back so many childhood memories, from squirrels in Christmas trees to the Jelly of the Month Club. We're just glad they happened to Clark and his family, not us!


Action Figures and STEM Toys

Action Figures and STEM Toys

Bandai Harley Quinn Action FigureRemote-Control Machines by DLXBob Ross Action Figure
 Candy Science STEM Kit 

We all know that toys make great gifts, but we wanted to suggest two of our favorite kinds of toys: action figures and STEM toys. Action figure gifts have been around for decades, but the types of figures are so much more diverse now. This Bob Ross action figure inspires us to be awesome and do awesome things. Another of our faves is the Harley Quinn action figure from Bandai because she's such a fun character. And speaking of fun, we love STEM toys because they make learning so enjoyable! And while we're learning, we're also doing cool things like making candy and building remote-control machines. Trust us, we're not named "" for nothing!


Kids' Toys

Children's Toys

Wonder Woman Doll and Horse SetMy Partner Picachu ToyInspiring Women Barbie Florence NightingaleNERF Bow

When it comes to Christmas, many kids expect to see toys under the tree! It doesn't matter whether they're a basic LEGO or doll kid, or if your child has nerdier tendencies. Of course, we cater to kids of all kinds, and you can find the perfect toy for any child on your shopping list. Geeky boys and girls will love superhero and video game dolls and toys, and if you have a little history buff, Barbie's line of inspiring women dolls is sure to please. And of course, what kid could resist a NERF toy?


Bags and Backpacks

Bags and Backpacks

The Mandalorian The Child BackpackLoungefly Star Wars Hoth BackpackCare Bears Mini BackpackCare Bears Cheer Bear Backpack

We've mentioned a lot of our favorite gifts, but of course we all need some way to carry those things around, right? The solution is themed bags and backpacks, of course! Care Bears fans will love our plush Cheer Bear backpack. It's like a friend on your back! We also have an all-over print Care Bears mini backpack with a more fashion-conscious look. Then there are the Star Wars backpacks, like the AT-AT bag from Loungefly and a plush The Child backpack. And that's just two franchises. We have Loungefly backpacks and our own exclusive bags featuring all sorts of pop culture themes!


Collectible Statues

Licensed Statues

Bandai Samurai Kylor Ren StatueCouture de Force Harley Quinn FigureGrandmaster Geralt StatueDiamond Select Rogue Statue

We already talked about action figures, but some collectors may prefer character statues. While you can't pose these highly-detailed figures, they will look simply stunning in any fan's collection. Perfect for a nerdy man or woman, these collectible figures are sure to please! Whether they have a glass case for displaying their favorite collectibles or your giftee likes to show them off on their man cave shelves, we have plenty more epic collectibles from which to choose.


Books and Accessories

Gifts for Readers

The Dark Crystal: A Discovery Adventure BookHardcover Overwatch Anthology Vol. 1Star Wars Little Golden Book CollectionPlatform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Bookends

Readers come in all shapes and sizes, whether they prefer novels or licensed artwork books of their favorite franchises. A book like the Overwatch Anthology would make a great gift idea for a nerdy teenage boy or girl, while Little Golden Books often appeal to younger readers. Perhaps your bookworm prefers to discover their own reading material, but that's not to say that they wouldn't appreciate some unique bookends to help hold their hoard!


Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and Accessories

Marvel Spider-Gwen ScarfHarry Potter Hufflepuff ShirtCare Bear Love-a-Lot Bear ShirtHarry Potter Ravenclaw Comfy Blanket

We'll end with some clothes and accessories that we're sure someone on your list would love to receive. This Care Bears Love-a-Lot Bear is perfect for girlfriends and friend-friends, or really anyone who likes adorable clothing. The Potterhead on your list would love a Hufflepuff shirt or a Ravenclaw comfy blanket to go with their nerdy socks. And if you know someone who suffers from cold-neck-itis or perhaps just likes a nice fashionable scarf, we think this Spider-Gwen scarf would make for a wonderful gift!

We hope we've helped you cross some names off your shopping list! If you're still looking, then try this:

  • Visit our category of gifts for men, women, and children.
  • On the left side of the page, narrow down your search by selecting age and gender,  license, brand, holiday, or theme. You can choose more options to further narrow down your search.

In no time, you'll have selected the perfect options for that hard-to-shop-for person!

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Wyatt Edwards
Wyatt Edwards

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