White Elephant Gift Ideas
Published on December 5, 2022

White Elephant Gift Ideas for 2022

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We've been putting a lot of thought into what makes for the perfect white elephant gift and we're pretty sure we have it figured out. All of the best white elephant gifts have two things in common. They are (1) quirky or unique, yet (2) practical. And if you think about it, that makes complete sense. No one wants a boring gift. That's not any fun in a white elephant gift exchange. The only thing worse than a boring gift is one that is so impractical that it's completely useless! With these two features in mind, we have crafted the perfect guide to white elephant gifts. The creative gifts you'll find below ride the fine line that makes for the perfect white elephant gift idea.


White Elephant Gift Ideas for $30

$30 White Elephant Gifts

Deer Pong GameFrench Fries PlushTP Blaster GunSanta Pigeon Tree Topper
Jay & Silent Bob SlippersTapatío Throw BlanketFriends Fez Turkey MugRainbow Narwhal Bag

Many white elephant gift exchanges have a maximum present price so that everyone receives gifts of roughly the same value. As you know, the best white elephant gifts aren't always the most expensive ones. Rather, they're often silly yet practical, or sometimes they're completely outrageous in every way. (We'll give you the best of both worlds here, because who doesn't like a little variety?) Popular licensed gifts from TV, movies, memes, and the like are excellent white elephant gift exchange material. Like this Friends turkey mug. Or perhaps a silly pair of Jay and Silent Bob slippers! Even ridiculous gifts, such as the Santa pigeon on an ostrich tree topper, are sure to get some chuckles at your office party or family event.


White Elephant Gifts Under $25

$25 White Elephant Gifts

Bob Ross Throw BlanketPeppa Pig String Light SetThe Princess Bride Prepare to Die! GameHoneydukes Kitchen Set
Giant Uno Card GameMr. Rogers DoormatMichael Myers Pal-O PillowGhost Papa Action Figure

It's pretty easy to find a nice array of gifts for $25 or less, so this is a popular price limit for white elephant gift exchanges and Yankee swaps. Whether you decide to get something big—such as a goofy doormat or a smaller, quirky action figure—you have plenty of wiggle room. (Of course, don't forget to wrap your gift in a way so that the contents aren't able to be guessed easily! This might already be a clause in your white elephant gift rules.) We hope you take the time to explore all of your $25 gift ideas.


White Elephant Give Ideas for $20

$20 White Elephant Gifts

Car Full of Rubber Chickens Sun ShadeRichard Simmons Chia PetDundie Award TrophyFlamingolf Golf Club Set
Gnome Head Squirrel Feeder8oz. Glass Moose MugSpongebob Salt and Pepper Shaker SetKrampus Vinyl Figure

Is it possible to get good white elephant gifts for $20? Of course it is! You can find cool white elephant gifts like a glass moose mug, or something a bit sillier like a weird car sunshade that makes it look like your vehicle is filled with rubber chickens. Of course, there's always the classic Chia Pet, many of which fall within the range of $20 gifts. Plenty of these unique presents would also be great for Secret Santa gifts too—you could say that they're a brother or cousin to white elephant exchanges!


White Elephant Gift Ideas for $10

$10 White Elephant Gifts

Dwight Schrute Garden GnomeMrs. Potts Tea InfuserJurassic Park Ranger KeychainDashboard Jesus
Batman Multi-ToolParty Shot GlassesMichael Scott Quotes Playing CardsSuper Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets

A little goes a long way when it comes to these tiny but mighty white elephant ideas. $10 gifts can be filled with lots of surprises, from the Batman multi-tool to the dashboard Jesus. Even a snarky Garfield mug will surely be stolen a few times if you play white elephant games! As these cheap gifts will prove, you don't need to break the bank for your white elephant or Secret Santa event.


White Elephant Gift Ideas for $50

$50 White Elephant Gifts

Spider-Man LampDavid Bowie MonopolyYoga Santa NutcrackerPlanet Plates
Superman NutcrackerChristmas Vacation RV Cookie JarDoctor Who Tardis Console LightBuddy the Elf Sweater

While we previously touted the benefits of inexpensive gifts for white elephant parties, nothing is stopping you from spending a little bit more if you're allowed to buy practically anything. Who wouldn't want a David Bowie Monopoly game that allows you to buy up all of his best albums? What about a Superman nutcracker that cracks open walnuts with his abs of steel? You can even get a Spider-Man lamp post desk lamp which is bound to be the coolest thing in anyone's room. If you happened to purposely "forget" your budget because you couldn't take your eyes off the perfect white elephant gift, we're not going to tell on you.


White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

Best White Elephant Gifts

Boating School Spongebob Car SunshadeTie Fighter Desk LampSnorlax KigurumiUnicorn Taco Holder
Garbage Pail Kids Rubik's CubeBeer Bottle Opener and CounterThe Office Dunder Mifflin Paper Ream PlanterRaptor Claw Bottle Opener

Some of the most fun white elephant gifts are just plain weird, cute, or off-the-wall. Winter essentials such as snuggly pajamas are great, but when they're adorably made to look like sleepy Snorlax, that makes them even better! The fact that these gag gifts have both form and function will make everyone jealous. Of course, who could forget icons such as Spider-Man or Star Wars? These funny white elephant gifts most certainly aren't a trap!


Elephant White Elephant Gifts

Funny White Elephant Gifts

Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo StatueLED Dumbo LightAdult Elephant NoseDumbo Mug

What kind of a white elephant gift exchange would it be without some elephant gifts—perhaps with an actual white elephant if you're feeling crafty? Other elephant gift ideas include planters, mugs, and figurines! You're sure to get a few good belly laughs by giving actual elephant gifts at your next office Christmas party.


When it comes to white elephant gift exchanges, it really comes down to reading the crowd. Between your knowledge of who you're buying for and our wide variety of unique gifts, we are positive that there is the perfect gift for any gift exchange on FUN.com. Pick the right gift, and you'll be watching people chase it all the way around the room. What do you think? Did you find what you were looking for? If you have any advice for other white elephant shoppers, please post it down below before buying the best gifts. Or if you're looking for our favorite holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, then check out our annual holiday gift guide. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!

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