Best White Elephant Gift Ideas
Published on December 15, 2017

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

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We've been putting a lot of thought into what really makes for the perfect White Elephant gift, and we are pretty sure we have it figured out. All of the best White Elephant gifts have two things in common. They are quirky, or unique, yet practical. And if you think about it, that makes complete sense. No one wants a boring gift; that's not any fun in a gift exchange. The only thing worse than a boring gift is one that is so impractical that it's completely useless! With these two features in mind, we have crafted the perfect guide to White Elephant gifts. The unique gifts you'll find below ride the fine line that makes for the perfect White Elephant gift idea.

Unique Drinkware Gifts

Unique Drinkware Gifts

Christmas Vacation Tumbler SetGame of Thrones Stark SteinHarry Potter Water BottleToilet MugOn Cloud Wine Stemless Glass
Heat Reveal Dinosaur MugChewbacca Cooler SleeveDr. Seuss Water BottleGame of Thrones Coaster Set"How Was Your Day?" Wine Glass

Coffee mugs are truly a staple of gift exchanges. But, seeing as you're looking for White Elephant gift ideas, you're not interested in just any plain coffee mug. What you don’t often see are mugs that look like a toilet. This little toilet bowl mug is sure to get a lot of laughs, and paired with some gourmet coffee grounds, this makes for a fantastic white elephant gift. Another honorable mention would be the Game of Thrones coaster set. These tastefully designed coasters are going to be a crowd favorite with any Game of Thrones fans.

Quirky Hats for White Elephant Gifts

Quirky Hats for White Elephant Gifts

Darth Vader Knit HatJack Skellington Peruvian HatToy Story Pizza Planet HatGrinch Beanie Hat
Hedwig Beanie HatSpongebob Winter HatBananya Snapback HatWinter Captain America Hat

White Elephant gifts are given for Christmas, so you can never go wrong with some quirky headgear. It's silly, practical, and a great idea for a White Elephant gift exchange. Quirky character hats will keep your giftee's head warm and cozy, and a little silly. One of our favorites is the winter Spongebob hat— who could say no to a Spongebob Squarepants hat with square corners?

Unusual Home Goods Gifts

Unusual Home Goods Gifts

Harry Potter BookendsStitch Finders Keypers StatueTMNT Shredder Cheese GraterWood Stormtrooper Cutting Board
NFL Green Bay Packers Tailgate SetDeath Star PlanetariumRick and Morty CoastersCardboard DJ Cat Scratcher

Another great option for white Elephant gift exchanges are gifts for the home. There are a lot of wonderful pieces in this collage, but we both know that nothing even compares to the cardboard DJ cat scratching deck. This ingenious gag gift turns your cat into a DJ every time they scratch. However, if the cat starts asking for a sound cloud, we recommend you take away the scratching deck immediately. Regardless, If a lot of people have cats in your gift exchange, this one is a must.

Unique AccessorIes for White Elephant Exchanges

Unique Accessories for White Elephant Gift Exchanges

Never Say Die Goonies Tote BagWWE Macho Man SunglassesBatman Cape SocksThought Bubble BagHarry Potter Hogwarts Slippers
Cat ScarfWonder Woman SunglassesShark Attack SocksGame of Thrones House Stark WalletNFL Broncos Slippers

Another wise choice for your gift exchange might be one of these accessories. Our Batman socks come complete with a cape on each calf, meaning that their owner will feel like a superhero anytime they take off their shoes. Are you witnessing a mugging but you're without your Batsuit? Not a problem, strip down to your batman socks and you will be successfully undercover, we think. These White Elephant goodies would also make great stocking stuffers, given their smaller size.

Unique Games and Puzzles

Unique Games and Puzzles

Sushi Go Party! GameWreck it Ralph 2 Disney Princesses PuzzleTimelines Inventions Card GameA Christmas Story Party Game
Star Wars Sabacc GameSanta Yoda Star Wars Holiday PuzzleCodenames Board GameHarry Potter Diagon Alley 3D Puzzle

Games and puzzles are always a good option for gift exchanges. Do you know a Harry Potter fan? Of course you do! The odds of you not knowing a Harry Potter fan are worse than the odds of successfully breaking into Gringotts Wizarding bank. (In case you don’t remember, those odds are pretty terrible.) The point is, this Harry Potter puzzle will undoubtedly be a strong contender with any crowd.

When it comes to White Elephant gift exchanges, it really comes down to reading the crowd. Between your knowledge of who you're buying for and our wide variety of gifts, we are absolutely positive that there is the perfect gift for any gift exchange somewhere in this guide.  Pick the right gift, and you'll be watching people chase your gift all the way around the room. What do you thnk? Did you find what you were looking for? If you have any advice for other White Elephant shoppers, please post it down below before buying the best gift. After all, the more help the better. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!