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Exclusive Marvel and DC Comics Suits from

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Hold on to your capes! We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with both Marvel and DC Comics to release an exclusive line of suits! These one-of-a-kind FunSuits are officially licensed and available as part of two different collections: Secret Identity or Alter Ego. The Secret Identity collection is full of fashionable black suits featuring subtle comic book details on the interior of the coat and pants, as well as on the accessories. These suits are perfect for showing off your fandom while maintaining a professional businessman look. The Alter Ego suits, on the other hand, are made to resemble superhero costumes. There’s no hiding your identity in these suits, and who would want to? If you’re going to be Batman or Iron Man, why not show it off in style?

Marvel Secret Identity Suits

The Avengers Secret Identity Suit Jacket      Captain America Secret Identity Suit Jacket

Marvel Comic Strip Secret Identity Suit Jacket       Incredible Hulk Secret Identity Suit Jacket

Whether you’ve got a meeting to discuss the Sokovia Accords or you’re on your way to meet up with fellow Avengers and want to keep a low profile, Marvel’s Secret Identity suits are what you’re looking for. The Captain America suit will have you looking just as regal as Steve Rogers himself. The Incredible Hulk suit is more Bruce Banner than Hulk and, with the amazing character design under the coat, your anger levels will remain low. Other designs like the sleek, black Avengers style or the bright-colored comic book print provide a nod to your favorite Marvel superheroes while maintaining a high sense of fashion.

DC Comics Secret Identity Suits

Justice League Secret Identity Suit Jacket

The Joker Secret Identity Suit Jacket

When you’re part of team of heroes like the Justice League, it’s always important to have a professional look when conducting business. Nobody wants to sit through a team meeting in their costume, which is why we have this Justice League suit featuring logos of Batman, Superman, and more for fans of any hero on the team. If you’re feeling a little on the crazy side, why not try the subtle Joker suit with “HA HA HA” details and a full image of the Joker from The Killing Joke in the coat. Madness never looked so good.

Marvel and DC Alter Ego Suits

Dark Knight Alter Ego Suit Jacket       Iron Man Alter Ego Suit Jacket

Man of Steel Alter Ego Suit Jacket

One of the coolest things about being a superhero are the costumes. The Alter Ego line of suits from Marvel and DC will put you right into those costumes so you’re ready to save the world at any time. The Iron Man suit features Tony Stark’s signature red and gold suit with arc reactor design. The Dark Knight style shows off the classiness of Bruce Wayne while displaying the awesomeness of Batman’s suit. The Man of Steel outfit matches the blue costume design and shows off the Superman emblem on the undershirt. It may be a little hidden, but it certainly stands out enough that it won’t keep Clark Kent’s identity under wraps.

Marvel and DC Kids Suits

Kids Batman Secret Identity Suit     Kids Iron Man Secret Identity Suit

Kids Spider-Man Secret Identity Suit

There are plenty of things many kids have in common. For instance, a lot of kids grow up wishing to be a superhero. Another thing is that kids don’t generally like to dress up for special occasions. With these superhero kids suits, you’ll have no problem getting your child dressed up. The FunSuits for kids include three secret identity styles featuring either Batman, Iron Man, or Spider-Man.

Exclusive DC Comics Authentic Suits

The Joker Authentic Suit Overcoat     The Joker Authentic Suit Jacket    

The Riddler Authentic Suit Jacket

Riddle us this: Which two of Batman’s enemies can you dress up as if you’re feeling maniacal? If you guessed The Riddler or The Joker, you’d be correct. Batman will have no match for your impossible riddles or impeccable style in our authentic Riddler suit featuring question marks all over a green suit to resemble the Dark Knight’s most puzzling villain. Our other authentic FunSuit matches the look of the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker. This is not the suit for someone who means business. It’s for the type of person who craves anarchy. After all, what doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger, and a suit like this will definitely have you turning heads wherever you go.

What’s your favorite style in our FUN Suits line? If you could pick any comic book character to model a suit after, who would it be? Let us know what you think of our suits and, if you’re looking to add a little or a lot extra to your business look, check out the full line of FUN Suits, available exclusively from! Defend against ordinary. Be extraordinary.

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