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If you know what a Naruto run, victory pose or a filler episode is, you're undoubtedly interested in finding some Anime merchandise to feed your Anime addiction. Whether you want new Anime clothing to wear out at the next Anime convention or you're looking for some Anime gift ideas for your otaku friend, has products from a wide selection of fandoms.
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POP Plush Demon Slayer Inosuke
Sale - 38%
POP Plush Demon Slayer Zenitsu
Sale - 25%
Sailor Moon Princess Serenity Figure
Sale - 37%
Sale - 11%
Sailor Moon 8 Inch Minako Plush
Sale - 34%
POP Plush My Hero Academia Deku
Sale - 23%
Hunter x Hunter - Gon Acryl
Clearance  - 73%
Hunter x Hunter - Killua Acryl
Clearance  - 73%
Sailor Moon Prince Endymion Bandai Figure
Clearance  - 49%
Smols Avatar The Last Airbender Blind Box
Sale - 13%
Legend of Korra- Group 1000 pc Puzzle
Up to 28 % off – See low price in cart
Avatar: The Last Airbender Playing Cards
Sale - 20%
Hunter x Hunter - Hisoka Acryl
Clearance  - 73%
Naruto x Hello Kitty Sakura 13" Plush
Sale - 25%
Sale - 20%
Sailor Moon 8 Inch Chibichibi Moon Plush
Sale - 42%
Junji Ito Collection Slug Girl Acrylic
Clearance  - 80%
Sailor Moon Artemis 6.5" Stuffed Toy
Sale - 42%
Avatar Katara 7.5" Plush
Clearance  - 23%
Demon Slayer Makomo 8 Inch Plush
Sale - 35%
Jujutsu Kaisen Toge Inumaki Figuarts Mini Figure
Clearance  - 43%
Naruto Cast 1000 Piece Puzzle
Sale - 28%
Avatar Zuko 7.5 Plush
Clearance  - 23%
MONOPOLY My Hero Academia Board Game
Sale - 22%
Demon Slayer Kimetsu Tip N' Pop Tanjiro Kamado
Clearance  - 71%
Hello Kitty and Friends 1000 Piece Puzzle
Sale - 33%
Naruto Yahtzee Game
Sale - 22%
Sale - 9%
Avatar Map 1000 Piece Puzzle
Out of Stock
Products 1 - 60 of 108

In the name of the moon, we'll make sure you don't go home empty-handed! Find the best anime gifts from series like Sailor Moon, Naruto, My Hero Academia, DBZ and more. You can collect your favorite Anime characters as Pop! vinyls and other figurines, on a variety of wallets and bags, t-shirts, plushies and more. Find convention gear like Kigurumis and snapback hats, along with other fun knickknacks. These gifts for anime lovers are sure to bring a smile to his or her face. (Or your own!)

Anime Apparel

For a long time, Anime Apparel wasn't cool. There are a lot of reasons, but we can only speculate. It may be because anime and manga weren't as mainstream as they are now. Which is funny because an anime is essentially a Japanese cartoon, and who doesn't love cartoons?! The Western masses just didn't know the gold mine they were sitting on. You would occasionally see a Hunter x Hunter button-down or a DBZ t-shirt from the dedicated fan, but it was few and far between. Well, it's a new day, people, and anime is ALL of the rage (finally)! Treat yourself for always being ahead of the curve, and check out our Anime Gifts.

Anime Shirts

Anime Shirt

Did you know there is a common trope in anime regarding battle? The more torn and tattered characters' clothes, the more trouble they are in. It's almost like a damage meter, if that makes more sense. It serves as a great visual indicator for viewers, especially when these fights can be very fluid and fast-paced. It would kind of ruin the emersion if Deku or Sailor Moon occasionally just shouted, "I'm at X% health!" There is probably a more subtle way to get that across. If you want to bring your health meter to 100% and look good doing it, gear up with our Anime Shirts.

Anime Hats

Anime Hat

Anime characters always have something on their heads. It can be anything from goggles to Viking helmets, depending on what you are reading. That's the beauty of anime. You could be watching a show about a rising soccer star or simply enjoying a slice of life drama. Anime has been around so long—your selection possibilities are truly endless. We keep that in mind when we show people our officially licensed Anime Hats. We want to make sure we have something for everyone, no matter what kind of anime they are into. Be ahead of the pack and pop on an Anime Hat.

Anime Collectibles

Aesthetics are the anime fan's best friend. Just think about it. We love looking at our favorite characters. There is just something about taking a character we love from the screen and having a tangible representation of them right in our hands. Anime collectors also have all sorts of varied preferences. Some people collect detailed statues and perfectly place them next to one another, while others collect action figures and occasionally switch up their position. It's good for the mind to have things that make you happy in your vicinity. If you are a collector or simply a fan, you must check out our Anime Collectibles.

Anime Action Figures

Anime Action Figure

Action Figures and Anime kind of go hand-in-hand. The shows that get the most notoriety are the action-battle ones like One Piece or Demon Slayer. Those shows and our Anime Action Figures are pretty impressive if we don't say so ourselves. Some good designers put a lot of thought, detail, and time into these figures—just like manga and anime creators put copious amounts of time into their work. If you are looking for an action figure to collect, play with, or simply love anime characters, you must check out our Anime Action Figures.

Anime Funko POPs

Anime Funko POP

Iconography is significant when you have so many different anime shows and even more characters. You have to be able to quickly identify what you are looking at so you don't get lost every time you view a program without context. There are some elegant books on the subject if you are interested. We bring this up because we think Funko POPs are the perfect little icons we can display or bring around. They are quickly recognizable and have the ideal amount of detail. Since Funkos and anime are all the rage, we figured that you would mind if we provided you with some Anime Funko POPs. Pick up your icon today!

Anime Costumes

Most people don't have superpowers, like Superman or Goku. We can only hope that someone finds a Dragon Ball and wishes super abilities into existence (we can only dream, or dare we say, wish—sorry for that). When we say fantastic skills, we aren't talking Olympic-level abilities, more like Olympus-level skills. Anyways, until our Dragon Ball hunters return from their quest—man, it's been a while since they checked in—oh well, we're sure they are okay. Until we get that all figured out, the easiest way to transform into your favorite character is to check out our officially licensed Anime Costumes!

Adult Anime Costumes

Adult Anime Costume

When we were kids, we liked anime involving kids. Now that we are adults (if only in appearance), we want to watch shows that focus on adults, if not young adults. That is one of many reasons why shows like animes are so popular. You can watch one show, and everyone can take away something they enjoyed or related to. No wonder the masses love time-skips so much—we get to see these characters we grow up with grow with us. If you want to be your favorite anime star this Halloween, you must pop on our Adult Anime Costumes.

Kids Anime Costumes

Kids Anime Costume

Kids are the perfect fans of anime. Most of these stories revolve around children. It is a great way to keep kids interested, as they can see themselves in the characters they adore. It also makes character development a bit easier because it's simpler to understand the motivations of a young child, depending on the setup. That's why we think our Kid Anime Costumes are just what you and yours need to make their hero (or villain, we don’t judge) dreams come true. If you are a kid who loves anime or an adult looking for an excellent costume for their kid, you must pick up our Kid Anime Costumes.

Anime Accessories

Every anime character has their respective tools. Jujutsu Kaisen's heroes frequently couple cursed tools with their unique abilities. Deku has his top-notch support equipment from Mei, Goku has his Sensu Beans (though he gives them away to his enemies a bit too much), Tanjiro has his Nichirin Swords, and Naruto has his, well, shinobi have all kinds of tools. These characters can train their whole lives, but they can never get to the apex of their skill without the right equipment. If you want to emulate your favorite protagonist this Halloween or anytime, pick up the right gear and check out our Anime Accessories.

Anime Backpacks

Anime Backpack

Anime tools and equipment are the perfect segues to introduce our officially licensed Anime Backpacks. What works better to carry a bunch of items you need other than a backpack? A massive purse, we guess, but that's not practical. Either is learning a summoning jutsu to keep your belongings hidden away (and no shadow realms either—sorry, JJK fans). If you want to carry around your stuff in style, you have no better option than our Anime Backpacks. Your friends and family will love your anime merch, and you can rest easy knowing you'll always be prepared for any encounter.

Anime Board Games

Anime Board Game

A great thing about cartoons is they not only entertain us, but they, more often than not, are teaching our youth (and a bunch of adults, us included) solid life lessons that they can take with them (or for adults, that they can add to our well-spring of experience). Adults watch cartoons too, okay? Sorry, we just want to make that clear. No, you're being weird! Anyway, animes are as excellent of teachers as the sensei they write about. If you want to expand your know-how, all while spending time with those you love while you game together (another great anime lesson), you have to pick up an Anime Board Game.

Anime Mugs

Mugs are an essential staple to any kitchen set. Yeah, forks, knives, and spoons get all of the shine, but mugs are long overdue for their glory. Can you drink hot chocolate with a spoon? Well, technically, you can, but it's not very efficient. Okay, bad example. You don't stir tea with a knife, right? Actually, you could, but it's unnecessarily dangerous. Alright, another bad example. Our point is that we have some really cool Anime Mugs that we think you find perfect. If you are an anime fan looking for a sweet mug (some even have special effects), you must get your hands on these officially licensed Anime Mugs!

Anime Blankets

There is nothing like a blanket to make you feel all warm and cozy. That feeling of protection and security is something most, if not all, creatures strive for, especially when you are getting ready for bed or getting ready to watch a movie (okay, most animals don't watch movies, but you get what we mean). While you are getting comfy, you might as well do it with your favorite anime heroes. You could snuggle with Saitama, ease out with Eren, or talk with Tanjiro—the choice is yours! However, you decided to get comfortable this Halloween season, make sure you do it with our Anime Blankets.