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If you're shopping for the T-Rex costumes that are the most FUN, you've found the right spot. Because we have the coolest kid's T-Rex costumes as well as T-Rex costumes adults will love! With comfy onesies, inflatable T-Rex costumes, and exclusively Made By Us designs, you'll find all of the top options for sale right here.
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Child T-Rex CostumeMade By Us
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Wooly T-Rex Costume For KidsMade By Us
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Child Dinosaur Sublimated Face MaskMade By Us
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Dinosaur Hands and Feet For A ToddlerMade By Us
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Adult Dinosaur Sublimated Face MaskMade By Us
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Tyrannosaur Jawesome HatMade By Us
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So, what's fun when it comes to dinosaur costumes? Well, it's big. It's green (we think). And it has tiny arms. Yup, you guessed it. Tyrannosaurus Rex is not just the king of the dinosaurs. It's also king of dinosaur costumes!

Kids love T-Rex costumes for any reason and for any season. Costumes are a great way for kids to add extra fun factor to playtime. Usually, dress-up activities feature princesses and pirates, and the like. But we think it's about time a Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up at the tea party! And we can make it happen. We feature cuddly T-Rex outfits kids will want to wear when playing with friends. Perfect for sipping tea or for wearing to the park, our child and toddler T-Rex costumes are going to have little ones roaring!

A Tyrannosaurus costume is also a great outfit to wear for dress-up day at school. We don't want to shuffle them off to class in a complicated costume, so a comfy T-Rex onesie makes for a great choice. We have several options available for kids and toddlers. Made with soft fleece, polyester velour, or corduroy fabrics, you can be sure your kiddo is going to be cozy all day long with one of these outfits. In fact, they're so comfortable, they also work great as pajama outfits for cozying up during a rainy day to stream dinosaur TV shows!

And, of course, Halloween just wouldn't be complete without a trove of tiny T-Rexes patrolling the neighborhood in search of treats. So, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that T-Rex Halloween costumes are one of the most popular choices for kids each and every year! Kids who want to wear a T-Rex outfit out for trick-or-treating, though, might gravitate towards a costume that's just a touch scarier than a dinosaur onesie. Well, we have realistic T-Rex costumes kids will love for Halloween! Our exclusive Made By Us dinosaur outfits feature realistic prints and patterns. Along with masks that look so lifelike, they may cause a fright!

If your kiddo wants to maximize the dinosaur effect of their costume, they're going to need to use a fan. As in, use the fan in an inflatable T-Rex costume! Inflatable costumes are one of the newest trends in the costume industry, and kids love these fun outfits for trick-or-treating and for making fun videos with friends. We have some of the coolest inflatable T-Rex outfits around including the Jurassic World T-Rex costume. It's officially licensed from the movie and features the frightening design that made the movie Rex famous!

We also feature T-Rex costumes for men and women. When it comes to T-rex costume adult options, you'll see many of the same designs that are available for kids. So, parents can choose their outfits to match their kiddo. Or you can just pick out a comfy T-Rex onesie to wear when you're lounging around! You'll also want to consider the inflatable T-Rex costume from Jurassic World since it's available in adult sizes. It's a great pick for hilarious fun at any costume party!