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Ain’t no bones about it. You dig skeleton costumes! Get ready for your next Halloween celebration as a bone-chilling grim reaper or fossilized dinosaur. Or find your Day of the Dead look amongst our selection. With everything from La Catrina women’s costumes to elaborate skeleton dresses for children, we have the skeletal look for you and yours!
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Child Minecraft Classic Skeleton Costume
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Child Skull Soldier Costume
Womens Bad to the Bone Costume
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Women's High Fashion Skeleton Costume
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Adult Skull and Bones Skeleton Morphsuit
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Kids Underworld Robe Costume
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Products 1 - 60 of 179

When people started dressing up for Halloween, the goal was to scare off evil spirits. While the tradition hasn’t entirely gone out of style some 2000 years later, it has adapted with the times. From pink princesses and knights in shining armor to babies dressed as monkeys and adults wearing witty puns as disguises, there’s a vast amount of variety in costuming now. But you prefer the classics, and it doesn’t get more classic than skeletons.

Before anyone gave monsters and demons a thought, skeletons were there to help us stand on our own two feet. They even helped us run away from scary things. But as thankful as we all must be for skeletons’ support, it’s also entirely fair to be terrified of them when they’re, let’s say, undressed. Even just a hint of visible skeleton can make your skin crawl. So, whether you’re thinking total fear factor or just a little peek-a-BOO, our selection of skeleton costumes is here to help!

Go full skeleton with bare-bones costumes from our selection! Jet black bodysuits with printed bones and a mask make getting ready for Halloween easy. Stick to your humanity with traditional skeleton suits or see what it’s like to raise a fossilized t-rex from the grave. If an inflatable dino-skeleton isn’t kooky enough for your Halloween, perhaps a skeleton that looks dipped in gold or that glows in the dark would do the trick. With options from standard to shocking, your Halloween character stories don’t have to be only skin deep!

Prefer to leave some mystery for a person’s imagination? Try a skeleton hybrid! A skeleton in tarnished armor begs to tell their story—were they a knight of the round table or fighting for a witch king intent on spreading darkness? Did the voodoo priestess’ song invite a spirit that refused to say farewell? With skeleton costumes that are more than bones, you’ll find the inspiration for your character that’s as spooky as it is spectacular!

Want to create your very own skeleton look? Skip passed Jack Skellington and boney zombies to our skeleton costume accessories! Ghostly white wigs and ghastly grinning skull masks offer plenty of Halloween possibilities. Try your hand as sugar skull make up for Day of the Dead with grease paint and makeup kits fit for the occasion. Or choose the skeleton costume you love from our selection and pair it with chains, canes, shoes, and jewels that are sure to make each classic ensemble iconic!

From catsuits that turn you into a walking talking x-ray image to elaborate gowns and costume tuxes that look ready to waltz the Danse Macabre, we’ve got all your skeleton costume needs covered!