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Men's Costumes

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Remember tearing through the neighborhood on Halloween. You’d grab your sack, dress up like some kind of creepy ghoul, or a superhero and you’d come home with the motherload. We’re talking chocolates, fruity candies, gum – the whole nine yards. You’d compare your stash with the rest of your friends and trade away all your yucky candies for the good stuff. Then, after years of living the good life, you finally hit that age when you’re “too old” for all that stuff. Gone are the days of wearing a costume and wreaking havoc in your neighborhood… or are they?

Costumes aren’t just for kids. Society might like you to believe that, since they make you a button up shirt and khakis at the first big boy job you end up getting. But why? Don’t you still have those desires to cut loose, just like when you were a kid? You could still wear a cape! You can still put that mask on. Don’t let society push you around and tell you that you can’t indulge in all the fun! It’s time to indulge those desires with one of our men’s costumes!

That’s right. Costumes. For men. You don’t have to give up your dream of dressing up like Captain America because you turned 18 a while back. You can still relive your childhood fantasy of becoming real, live dinosaur. Heck, you can probably get away with dressing up in one of our superhero costumes for men while you do a spot of trick or treating! And who says that costumes have to be just for Halloween?

Nerd culture has risen from obscurity, so wearing a costume isn’t quite as strange as it used ot be! Comic Con, cosplay conventions, and costume parties are more popular than ever now! You can suit up in any one of our men’s costumes to become the star of the party. With huge selection of styles, ranging from your favorite classic movies like Back to the Future and Star Wars, to more sophisticated looks, like a mafia gangster look.

Worried about getting the right size? Well, don’t be! From small to big and tall, you’ll be able to find a size that fits you right here. We have a large selection of plus size costumes to fit every shape and size. You can even find a great selection of costume accessories for men, so you can put the finishing touch on that cosplay outfit that you’ve been working on. Be sure to take a gander at our ultra-convenient variety of costume apparel, including our exclusive FUNwear items. You can suit up in one of our stylized jackets or suits to put a whole new spin on the idea of a men;s costume.

So, don’t be bashful! Check out our massive selection and find your style today! Will you be headed out as a dinosaur, or perhaps you’ll be crashing the next costume party as your favorite supervillain! You’ll be able to relive all of the memories once again