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If you've made your way here, then you must be shopping for a DC comics fan! You've come to the right place, because our DC comics gifts include a wide array of Superman gifts, cool Batman gifts, and totally awesome Wonder Woman gifts. From apparel to collectibles, you should be able to find a one of a kind DC gift for your superhero fan. Don't miss out on these cool comic book gifts based on your favorite DC Comics characters!
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Products 1 - 18 of 18

DC Comics have come a long way! The heavy-hitting publishing company brought us series like Detective Comics and Action Comics. That's where some of the greatest superheroes ever born were made, like Batman and Superman. Of course, popularity snowballed pretty quickly and a whole new slew of great characters and the first-ever superhero team-up in the Justice League! With such a large cast of characters and a long history of comics, we wanted to make sure that we covered all of the bases when we put together our collection of DC comics gifts!

So, just what sort of gifts can you find here? Of course, we had to start with Superman. Superman is the first true superhero to hit comic books and we have a ton of cool comic book gifts based on the Kryptonian crime-fighter. You can find a great selection of Superman apparel, including some cozy ugly Christmas sweaters and simple t-shirts. We also have some exclusive comic book suits based on Superman's suit from the Man of Steel movie. We have a handful fo neat Superman gadgets, including kitchen appliances like toasters and coffee-makers, which are great for any adult Superman fan.

What about fans of the "darker" superheroes? Well, Batman was the original dark hero. If you need a DC gift for the Batman fan, then just check out some of our gifts based on the Dark Knight himself. We have some collectible toys, comfy t-shirts, and even some fun room decorations. We even have a full bed set that any young fan will want in their bedroom. We also have a whole plethora of Batman toys, so if you're looking for a Batman gift for a child fan, then we have you completely covered!

Let's not forget about Wonder Woman! We've been following her for years and when she finally got her first blockbuster movie back in 2017, we couldn't have been happier! That's why we made sure to add plenty of cool Wonder Woman merch to our collection of DC comics gifts. From sleep sets, to Wonder Woman Funko POP! figures, and even some snazzy mugs, perfect for the Wonder Woman fan who love their coffee.

Thought we forgot about the rest of the Justice League, didn't you? No worries! We made sure to get a good selection of gifts based on The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and even some cool swag based on Green Arrow! We also have some gifts based on some dark horse characters, like the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, and The Joker!

If you're looking for a great DC comics gift, then you've come to the right place! Our selection of gifts will please any fan!

DC Comics Merch

DC Comics has a long history in pop culture. It started from humble origins, publishing classic comic titles such as Detective Comics and Action Comics. Of course, they struck gold when they created some of the very first superheroes in comic book history. They brought us Superman in 1938 and Batman in 1939. It’s pretty safe to say that the iconic publishing company has gathered a few fans since then! These days, you can watch Wonder Woman movies, catch a few Superman cartoons, and then play the latest video game in the Batman: Arkham series. DC superheroes are everywhere and shopping for a true DC fan can be a little bit tough. We’re here to help you find an excellent gift for the comic book fan in your life.

DC Comics Gifts

We’ve collected plenty of great DC Comics gift ideas for you, including options for avid Flash fans, to those who can’t get enough Wonder Woman swag. So, just sit back and let us show you some of the coolest stuff we have to offer!

DC Comics Gifts for Him

First up, let’s take a look at some great DC Comics gifts for him. Guys have been reading Justice League comics since the team formed back in 1960 and we have some awesome swag from every superhero character since then. For the coffee drinker, try getting this a single brew coffee maker based on their favorite superhero. Or perhaps they’re more of a beer drinker? Then try this Superman drink insulator on for size! We also have a pair of Batman sandals for guys who want to chill like Bruce Wayne in the middle of July. Finally, we have the classic guy gift with a nerdy spin! This Batman necktie can be a great way to help any guy spruce up his wardrobe with comic book style.

DC Comics Gifts for Him

DC Comics Gifts for Her

Comic books used to be a total boys’ club, but these days, there are just as many female fans of the comics as the male fans. If you’re buying a DC Comics gift for her, then you might be wondering what kind of cool comic book swag you should get. Well, we have cool apparel and gift ideas based on some of DC’s most influential women! A pair of heroic Wonder Woman earrings may be just the thing to help her express her heroic qualities, or a pair of Harley Quinn casual shoes might be a way for her to unleash her unpredictable side. We also carry various drinking glasses that are sure to be a solid hit. The Harley Quinn cold cup has a sassy flair based on the villainess and this Wonder Woman tiki is one of our many tiki mugs based on iconic DC characters.

DC Gifts for Her

DC Comics Apparel

No matter where you go in the world, there is one universal truth. Everyone likes a good t-shirt! From kids to adults, everyone has to wear apparel, so naturally, proper apparel makes for a great gift to anyone. Of course, if you’re shopping for a comic book fan, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting one of our many DC comics apparel items as a gift. We even have a line of exclusive FUN Wear that’s inspired by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Check out some of our favorite options below.

Superman Suit Jacket

DC Comics Clothing for Men

Every guy has his own unique style, so getting clothing for a guy can seem a bit daunting. A simple t-shirt might be the answer, but if you’re trying to get DC comic clothing for a super-fan, then it’s entirely possible that you’ll want something a little more extravagant! If that’s the case, then feast your eyes on some of our awesome DC inspired suits! These combine the classy style of a high-quality suit with the comic book appeal of Batman’s most cunning foes.

Men’s The Joker Suit

Joker Suit

The Joker is a classic villain that has become the yin to Batman’s yang. He’s been portrayed by plenty of great actors, including Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, and Jared Leto, but perhaps his most iteration comes from Heath Ledger’s performance of the character in The Dark Knight. In it, he wears a now legendary suit that he bought with the money of crooks that he ripped off…now imagine if you could give an excellent recreation of that suit as a gift! Well, that would be a pretty epic gift to give and now you can with this version of the suit from our FUN Wear line.

Men’s The Riddler Suit

Riddler Suit

Despite The Joker’s painted face, his outfit could pass for an everyday kind of suit. It’s purple, but it’s still business casual in our book! The Riddler, on the other hand, does a great job of sticking out in a crowd! If you’re shopping for someone who really likes to stand out or if you’re shopping for a cosplayer, then this Riddler Suit might be a little more their style. It comes with a flurry of question marks printed all over it, making any fan look like the supervillain responsible for Batman’s most puzzling battles!

DC Comics Clothing for Women

It’s easy to splash a little bit of geek chic into women’s fashion! All you need is one of our many FUN Wear exclusives based on all of the greatest superheroes. Our styles include inspiration from Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl. Just take a look at some of our business casual designs below.

Women’s DC Pink Blazer

DC Comics Women's Clothing

If you’re buying for a woman who likes to keep a pink color scheme, then this women’s DC pink blazer might be just the ticket! It comes with a small nod to the comic book characters in the lining but features a classic pink style on the exterior for a look that can be worn to the office, or out on the town with friends.

Women’s DC Black Blazer

DC Comics Clothing

It’s time to bring the whole DC crew to the interview! This women’s DC Black Blazer features a lining with Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn on it. You can almost feel their power surging through you when you wear it as a business casual outfit. Keep the interior hidden until you decided to share your love of DC comics with friends!

DC Comics Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly sweaters used to be the thing that your grandma would give you during the holidays. Your parents would force you to wear it every holiday and it was a form of excruciating punishment. Well, now Ugly Christmas sweats have caught on as a trendy and cozy way to spend the holidays. In fact, ugly Christmas sweaters have slowly spread to the rest of the year and our exclusive line even includes plenty of great DC Comics ugly Christmas sweater options for the avid comic book fan.

DC Sweaters for Men

DC Superhero Sweaters

Our sweaters come in a variety of styles for men. For fans of The Flash, this bright red ugly Christmas sweater is a hit. If you’re looking for a gift for a real Bat-fan, then check out this Bat-signal-themed sweater. Finally, if you want the best that DC has to offer, then try out this Justice League-themed sweater.

DC Sweaters for Women

DC Comics Christmas Sweaters

Of course, many of our DC sweaters fit easily into any lady’s wardrobe. This Superman sweater is perfect for the Super-fan in your life, while this Wonder Woman sweater has a fitted look for any girl who idolizes the Amazonian superhero. Finally, for classic Bat-fans, this adult Batman sweater is a must-have piece of apparel.

DC Comics Accessories

Style really comes down to the accessories! They’re the small pieces that we add to our outfits to put our mark on the world. From hats to socks and jewelry, it’s really up to each person to craft their own style. Luckily, we have plenty of great DC Comics accessories to choose from. Each one is designed to help the comic book fan put the finishing touch on their look. This Harley Quinn trucker hat adds a dash of dangerous unpredictability to any outfit, while these Wonder Woman shoes bring out some inner heroism during everyday tasks. We also carry ankle socks, Batman backpacks, and wonderful wallets that any DC fan will be ecstatic to receive as a gift.

DC Comics Merchandise

DC Comics Collectibles

Collectibles are always a safe bet when buying for a DC fan! It’s no secret that any true fan will have at least a few pieces in their collection, and they’ll undoubtedly be more than happy to add a few more to it. For Batman fans, nothing gets better than a Batarang. Wonder Woman fans will by dying to place this Wonder Woman Q-Fig on their desk. The Joker statue is perfect for those who are a bit more villainous and, of course, we don’t want to forget about our guy, Aquaman! This bobblehead of him is perfect for anyone still swooning over him from the Aquaman movie.

DC Comics Collectibles

DC Comics Toys

Listen, we need to talk about toys. They play an essential role in all humans’ lives if you think about it. Toys are one of the first things that we’re given when we’re babies to stimulate our young minds and we never truly grow out of them when we become full-fledged adults. That’s why DC comics toys make for a great present, whether you’re buying for a child who loves to watch episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, or you have an adult fan that collects cool Superman toys.

DC Comics Games

DC Comics Games

Game night is becoming a popular way to hang out with friends and share some good times. Games like Catan have even helped casual gamers get into more hardcore games. Well, now DC has created a handful of cool DC Comics games to help liven up game nights. If you know a gamer who can’t get enough of the Justice League, then you might want to try out one of these! The Batman: The Animated Series game puts you in charge of tracking down some of Gotham’s baddest baddies, while DC Spyfall will have you trying to bluff your way to victory! If you need something a little more simple, these Harley Quinn cards will have anyone ready to play a game of gin rummy, featuring the iconic DC villain.

DC Comics Batman Toys

DC Batman Toys

Well, we can’t talk about toys without talking about Batman! The Caped Crusader has always had some of the best toys, ever since the popular Adam West series from 1966. From iconic collectibles to classic Batman toys for kids, it’s pretty easy to select one that’s great for your DC comics fan! Here, we’re showcasing two of our favorites, a 1966 Batmobile and a Batman figure based on Tim Burton’s iconic 1989 movie.

DC Comics Flash Toys

The Flash Toys

No one beats The Flash in a foot race, and no one beats The Flash when it comes to toys! We have a ton of great Flash toys, from cool bobbleheads to add to a collection and classic POP! vinyl figures that make for a speedy gift! Any fan will be glad to add these little guys to their collection.

DC Comics Halloween Costumes

DC Comics Halloween Costumes

While costumes are generally associated with Halloween, it’s becoming more accepted to dress up for many occasions outside of the October holiday. Movie releases, themed costume parties, and Purim are all great reasons to wear a costume during the rest of the year. So, it’s pretty natural for most people to want a costume at the ready for a good time! Of course, kids ALWAYS love a good costume, since they’re great for dress up and imaginative play. It might sound crazy but giving a costume as a gift can be a fun and creative gift idea for your favorite DC fan.

DC Comics Costumes for Adults

DC Comics Costumes

It seems like just yesterday, only kids were allowed to wear costumes. That was before the advent of cosplaying and costume parties. Now, it’s almost MORE likely that you’ll see adults in a wacky costume than a kid. That’s great news for you, since our DC Comics costumes for adults might be the choice that you’ve been looking for! It’s a unique gift idea and really resonates with anyone who loves to have some good cosplay options. Of course, we have styles based on Batman, Superman, and even the Scarlet Speedster himself, The Flash.

DC Comics Women’s Costumes

DC Comics Women’s Costumes

Three words for you: superhero costume party! Not only are costume parties becoming more mainstream for any time of the year, but they can even make for an awesome themed birthday party. Just imagine this. You throw your favorite fan a DC costume party and already waiting for her, is a costume based on Wonder Woman? THAT’S how you throw an awesome birthday party, and we have some of the best comic-themed costumes for women. Check out our styles based on Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and more!

DC Comics Costumes for Kids

DC Comics Costumes for Kids

It’s obvious that kids love a good costume! After all, most kids can’t wait to dress up as their favorite characters when Halloween rolls around, but costumes are also an excellent way for kids to express themselves during playtime. With one of our DC comics costume for kids, you can encourage your child to unleash their inner superhero! We have a ton of styles, including costumes based on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and plenty more of the coolest DC superheroes.