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Sailor Moon is an inspiration to us all! She fights evil, stands up for justice, and she happens to have some really cool Sailor Moon gifts themed after her! We carry all of the great gift ideas, including collectible Funko Pop Sailor Moon figures, novelty mugs, and even some really cute anime themed apparel. If you’re in need of a present for the Sailor Senshi fan in your life, then you’ve come to the right place.
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Sailor Moon Coin Bank
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Sailor Moon Luna Throw Blanket-update
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Products 1 - 16 of 16

Once upon a time, there was a school girl who would become the hero of the whole galaxy. Now, she had all the power that she needed already hidden within... even though it really didn't look like she'd have the courage to do anything with it. Still, the story would have ended really quickly if not for the appearance of a curious kitty with a gift to give. That's right! The epic tale of Sailor Moon all started with Luna offering up the magical brooch that would allow Sailor Moon to transform and become who she was meant to be! 

Now, we're not saying that every single one of our Sailor Moon gifts will bring about such a magical transformation. Naturally, we can't guarantee that level of galactic mystery! But, we can guarantee that the smile they will summon will be the first part of the path! And, after all, who wants to risk letting the forces of the Negaverse surprise us all without one of our pretty guardians!?  

When someone gives you a Sailor Moon gift, you'll feel like you can do anything. Basically, you'll feel like you could touch the stars! Whether you want to be the Luna in this story or are looking to equip the garb of the Sailor Scouts yourself, it might help to know what kinds of Sailor Moon merchandise you should be looking for. We're happy to give you a quick tour. 

Naturally, clothing is a great place to start. Accomplishing an almost impossible feat will seem like a piece of cake if you're wearing one of our many Sailor Moon tees. They feature the epic main characters as well as a few of the baddies (who you know Sailor Moon is going to redeem in the end, anyway). You can live out your Sailor Moon dreams in the best way possible with one of our Sailor Moon Kigurumi, too. Luna hoodie blankets and Sailor Moon pajamas are sure to bring about a brighter day!

When you're ready to head out into the world, you'll go from feeling like a regular girl to feeling like a legendary fighter when you strap a hobo bag around your chest or when you're carrying a messenger bag to school. From lockets and Sailor Moon costume accessories to genuine Sailor Moon Halloween costumes, these gifts will help you and yours bring your favorite anime characters to life. We also have many Sailor Moon figurines and stuffed animals that avid collectors will love to showcase in their offices, bedrooms, or studios. Give the Luna stuffed figure to your friend who hopes to one day protect the planet. Hopefully, the magical super-cat will grant your friend some powers, too, and soon we'll all feel the power of Queen Serenity! 

Sailor Moon Gifts

Do you ever look up into the night sky, see all of the shining stars and the full moon, and imagine what evil forces might live in the darkness of the Negaverse? Okay, we admit that might seem a little pessimistic, but have no fear! Luna and Artemis had a critical job, and they were hard at work, locating the miraculous and pretty guardians of the galaxy! (Well, not those ones.) We’re talking about the Sailor Scouts! Lead by their majestic Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, we’ve practically got a team of teenage supergirls who have our back at every moment!

Now, the first time you meet Usagi—known as Serena in the English translation—you might think there's no way that a cupcake-eating crybaby could possibly be the heir to the moon kingdom. But she has several gifts that make her the perfect heroine! She never gives up... (well, she sometimes wants to right away, but she gets over that quickly). When it comes to her friends, you know that she’ll always fight for truth, justice, and the power of love! If you and yours are fans of the epic magical girl anime, you can make sure that they all have the perfect Sailor Moon gifts to keep their light glowing. From Sailor Moon Crystal figurines to Sailor Moon costumes kids and adults alike will love, scroll through our gift guide to bring your friends and family the power of the moon!

Sailor Moon Clothing

Do your kids love twirling around and pretending to transform into the mighty Sailor Moon? It’s pretty adorable, we have to say. But let’s be honest. There’s a fair chance that you used to do the very same thing! Sailor Moon has been with us for several years, and a bunch of us probably grew up singing the song in our heads all day long. Well, nobody can be expected to fight evil by moonlight (or win love by daylight) if they aren’t looking the part! Help you and yours start out right by wearing your pride for Sailor Moon right on your sleeve. We have Sailor Moon clothes for kids and adults, so let’s transform!

Sailor Moon Shirt

Sailor Moon Shirt

What does a pretty guardian of the universe wear when relaxing at home? Or heading to school with her friends? It turns out that even the people of the Moon Kingdom loved the style of anime shirts! Was it the cotton blend? The jazzy images on the front? Either way, we’re happy to have inherited the trend of Sailor Moon T-Shirts to give to our loved ones!

Sailor Moon Sweater

Sailor Moon Sweater

They say that the dark side of the moon can get really cold! Is it because Queen Beryl is so cruel or do the villains just not get enough love? Whether battling the baddies or celebrating Sailor Moon fun, you can trust in a FUN Sailor Moon sweater to keep you warm and looking cool. Ugly Sweaters aren't just for Christmas anymore, and Sailor Moon will make you a sweater star!

Luna Sailor Moon Kigurumi

Luna Onesie

Serena sure spends a lot of her time dreaming about love. Tuxedo Mask is a constant visitor whether she’s daydreaming or snoozing it up after a big battle. You deserve the very same kind of comfort, too! That’s why you can trust in Sailor Moon pajamas for your transformation needs. Try on a Kigurumi for true character comfort from the space kitties to the Sailor Senshi team!

Artemis Sailor Moon Hoodie

Sailor Moon Hoodie

The Sailor Scouts are fighting off baddies from the Negaverse all year long. They’ve got monsters invading the beach in the summer, playing all sorts of wicked tricks for Halloween, and even spoiling Christmas time fun! (Pretty rude, we think.) Fortunately, the hoodie is a magical bit of outerwear that is perfect no matter the season. Zip into a Sailor Moon Hooded Sweater today!

Sailor Moon Costumes

If it isn’t enough to watch the adventure of Sailor Moon and her allies, there’s a way to get in on the fun. Whether you’re headed out to an Anime Convention, preparing for a heroic Halloween, or bringing the adventure home for an anime evening, the transformation to Sailor Moon can be easy! Start with a length of ribbon. Add some orchestrated music and a dazzling array of flashlight flares.

Choose your favorite transformation phrase, like "Moon Prism Magic." Toss off a Sailor Moon blanket and reveal the magic of our Sailor Moon costumes! Let’s be honest: it was the best part of every episode, so we know you and yours will love playing out the change! Of course, to make any of that happen, you need to find the right costume first!

Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon Costume

The legendary Moon Princess is destined to bring light and hope to the world! Seems pretty understandable that young Usagi thinks she’s so amazing. (Don’t tell her the surprise, though.) Join the fun and let your hair down when you complete your transformation with a Sailor Moon costume! Just make sure you practice that final pose!

Tuxedo Mask Costume

Tuxedo Mask Cosplay

Who is that mysterious masked man!? He throws roses with pin-point accuracy and wears a cape like a true hero. Tuxedo Mask goes back and forth between being a frustrating local boy, an alluring love interest, an occasional savior... and even a charming bad guy! But if you want to put a debonair twist, Tuxedo Mask cosplay is the way to go!

Sailor Mars Costume

Sailor Mars Costume

When Rei Hino showed up with her luxurious hair and mysterious priestess powers, it seemed inevitable that she would be a hot-headed villain. It turns out that she is the pretty guardian of Mars and wields fire like nobody else! If you have spiritual power beyond the ken of mortal folks, it's time to call out "Mars Power!" and twirl with Sailor Mars cosplay.

Sailor Mercury Costume

Sailor Mercury Cosplay

Ami Mizuno is a genius. Really, we could leave it right there. From expert hacking skills to being a whiz at math, history... and keeping a level head in the face of danger, she’s the perfect tactician for the Sailor Scouts! Sure, folks might say her bubbly power over water and fog isn’t as impressive as the others, but we think Sailor Mercury cosplay is a brilliant move!

Sailor Moon Accessories

Our selection of Sailor Moon costume accessories and Sailor Moon apparel is perfect for adding an anime advantage to your regular wear or giving your Sailor Moon cosplay costume some extra flair! Just think about it! The best part of every story in Sailor Moon is when the Scouts uncover a new magical marvel. From the Silver Crystal to the Scouts' gear, Artemis and Luna keep them ready to defeat the Dark Kingdom villains, the Dead Moon Circus's clowns, or even win the hearts of the boys next door! No matter what quest you’re trying to complete, our Sailor Moon accessories are sure to give you the moon magic you’re looking for!

Sailor Moon Wands

Sailor Moon Wands

Transforming into a magical girl of Sailor Moon requires a few things. First, you need to have some serious heart to combat the forces of darkness. Next? Space cats. They’re critical! Finally, lift up your magical wand and shout out your classic transformation phrase! Oh, don’t have a wand? Well, let us be your space kitty and show you to our Sailor Moon Props!

Sailor Moon Wigs

Sailor Moon Wigs

To really show that you’re a genuine anime hero, you’ve got to be dressed from toe to top. That means you need to sport a hairdo that can only come from some serious magic! Let’s face it. We’d love to have our hair done with just a twirl of magic. But since that is rarely an option, try an anime wig to help you feel ready for adventure in a snap!

Sailor Moon Purses

Sailor Moon Purses

The gals of Sailor Moon manage to pull out their magical trinkets no matter where they are. Sailor Mars has a whole bunch of her talismans. Sailor Moon has every accessory Luna’s ever given her. Heck, Sailor Mercury even has her laptop on hand at a moment’s notice! How? Well, they must have a Sailor Moon handbag holding all their stuff!

Sailor Moon Jewelry

Sailor Moon Jewelry

Everyone likes a little bling to go with their outfit. Whether you're helping your hero dress up for Sailor Moon festivities or want to carry some Moon Magic wherever they go, anime jewelry is a perfect idea. From necklaces and rings to the classic Sailor Scout tiaras, add some extra flair to keep the forces of Darkness on their toes!

Sailor Moon Bags

Sailor Moon Backpack

How did we possibly forget that Sailor Moon and her friends are all teens at school!? They aren’t just saving the universe all week long. They’ve got homework and study halls, school books and boyfriends to deal with, too! Help your loved ones tackle those back-to-school moments and trips to the mall in style with a Sailor Moon backpack!

Sailor Moon Hats

Sailor Moon Hats

When the Scouts want to go out without transforming so their hair is in perfect style, there’s a trick that they love to use. It’s one that we folks love to do, too! Top off a casual look or give your superhero style a modern twist with a Sailor Moon baseball cap! From tiaras to fan caps, sporting some Sailor Moon headwear is sure to make them smile.

Sailor Moon Figurines

Getting the whole team together is always the first step in saving the world. That’s true for the Avengers. It makes the Care Bears more powerful. Heck, just try to imagine KISS without our favorite Demon and Starchild!?

That's right: forming the ultimate team of teens is critical. That's why we can all make a sigh of relief when the Sailor Senshi are all together. (Sure, the transformation montage can take a little longer, but that just means there is more time to twirl around to the epic music!) So, what can you do to help save the world?

Well, when you unite the Scouts with our Sailor Moon collectible figures, you’ll have more than just the power of the universe at your hands. You’ll have some of the cutest action figures, Pop! collectibles, and limited-edition figurines in the galaxy! (Maybe that’s what Queen Beryl has really been after all this time.)

Funko Pop Sailor Moon Figures

Funko Pop Sailor Moon

Vinyl figures from the Funkoverse are popular in every world. (We suspect that the baddies in the Negaverse might even chill out a bit if they had as fun a collection!) You and yours can get in on the fun Sailor Moon style when you pick out your favorite anime Pop! vinyl figures.

Sailor Moon Statue

Sailor Moon Figure

Usagi might not look like the most heroic of women. She cries a lot and definitely has her mind on cookies instead of capers and boys instead of baddies. But when her friends are in need, you know she’s going to stand up and become the legendary guardian, Sailor Moon!

Sailor Mars Figure

Sailor Mars Figure

Can you identify a monster when you’re looking at one? Let’s face it. Some of those Negaverse nasties have some pretty tricky abilities! Fear not, though. Sailor Mars has the spiritual abilities to keep us all safe. Bring home a Sailor Mars figurine as your own personal talisman!