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Pop! TV: Friends- 80's Ross
Friends Peephole Frame
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Funko POP Pins Friends Chandler
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Products 1 - 60 of 105

There was a time when “no one told you life was gonna be this way.“ Not anymore! Lucky for all of us, ever since the nineties, there have been a group of friends in New York City that has shown us that even if our job is a joke, we’re broke, and our love life is D.O.A. there’s a group of people that will be there for us, to  make us laugh, sigh, and cry as we watch reruns. Yes, there are some things about the show that don’t quite add up. How do those twenty-somethings afford their apartments with a full kitchen, bathtubs, and private bedrooms when they’re working as chefs and waitresses? But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the love and support these friends show each other.

This show has taught us endless lessons. Phoebe was never afraid to say exactly what she was thinking. For instance, when she’s feeling pressured to do something she doesn’t want to do, she diplomatically proclaims, “I wish I could but I don’t want to!" Ross might have gotten married more than a handful of times but he never loves halfway; that has to be a virtue, right? Joey never tries to be someone he’s not, even though he’s an actor and that’s what he’s supposed to do. Monica never fails to lay down the law with some hard truths. Chandler always knew how to get us laughing. And the stylish Rachel got a whole new haircut named after her while keeping the group on their toes.

So, with all the influence this show has had on our lives, it’s no wonder that we’re still interested in gathering Friends gifts! There’s no doubt that walking into the world while wearing a Central Perk, Friends t-shirt is going to start a little conversation. What’s better than re-watching your favorite season while eating ice cream out of a Friends coffee cup. If you’re feeling the kind of heartbreak regularly expressed by Rachel and Ross, then cuddle up in a sweatshirt to remind you that you aren’t alone. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt to invite a couple Friends characters to keep you company at the office. Not only would they start conversations, they might inspire you as well. Rachel and Monica never took much trouble at work before facing the perpetrator head on.

Whether you watched this show as it came out during the nineties or you watched reruns on television ten years later, we all looked to these six friends as an example of what friendship could be. How could we ignore the bond that these six had? What’s better than Monica and Chandler getting married after years of close friendship? These people showed us how to remain friends even after moving a couch down the stairs of a New York apartment.  They don’t coddle each other. They correct each other’s grammar, call each other out when it comes to bad fake tans, and most importantly, they were there for each other when they reached the big 30. So maybe you’re not a part of a six-person click but at least you’ve got Friends merchandise that will be there for you when the rain starts to fall. Friends umbrella, anyone?