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The 90s were a trip, right? Any 90s kid rembers stuff like Clueless, Nick Toons (Rocko's Modern Life, anyone?), and Dragon Ball Z! The decade was filled with so much magic, so much wonder, that you've probably wanted to share it with the world! Well, with our 1990s gifts, you can give the gift of the 90s! We carry collectibles, apparel, costumes, and more... each one based on your favorite 90s nostalgia!
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Bob Ross 5 INCH Molded Ornament Main UPD 2_Update
Adult Cakeworthy Nick 90's Rainbow Tie Dye Long Sleeve Tee-0
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Adult Friends Central Perk Sleep Pants
Sale - 25%
90s Squad Mens Boxer Briefs
Sale - 10%
Bob Ross 17" Stocking
Sale - 30%
X-Mens 90s Comic Art Trucker Hat
Sale - 33%
Sale - 14%
Playmobil SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Machine
Sale - 17%
Reaction TMNT Donatello Action Figure
Sale - 10%
Mens Rugrats Reptar Pocket Tee
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90s Nick Toons Rainbow Backpack-1
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Mens Purple MTV Placement Tee
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POP Movies Dumb&Dumber Harry Getting Haircut Upd
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Light Blue Toddler Tuxedo
Made By Us
Adult Mens Gohan Wig
Made By Us
Products 1 - 60 of 103

Are you looking for the perfect 1990s gift for yourself or another 90s kid in your life? Then, welcome to our 1990s gifts, dude! We’ve got a totally rad selection of 90s nostalgia bombs that will bring anyone that lived through the decade back in time. Whether they were hip with iconic films like Pulp Fiction or more into the cartoons that defined the generation, you’re sure to find something unique for you and yours!

Show your love for the 1990s with a 90s t-shirt that sports some of your favorite movies, cartoons, and game shows! With a Pulp Fiction t-shirt, you’ll show your edgy side, while a Legends of the Hidden Temple t-shirt is sure to have everyone reliving the excitement of a team crushing their temple run. Neither your speed? Try a Friends t-shirt that’s ready for a trip to Central Perk or to the couch for another viewing of your favorite episodes.

Want to get together with all your favorite characters from the 90s? Take a look at our selection of 1990s collectibles in a variety of classic franchises. Relive the antics of the Men in Black, Wayne’s World, or The Wild Thornberrys. Can you even imagine if Garth and Donny were hanging out in one place—complete 90s mashup mayhem (and maybe something you’ve always wanted to see)! Whether you pick to let Vivian Ward enjoy the good life from your mantle or let Forrest Gump hang out on your desk to tell you more stories, all our collectibles are sure to please!

Truly relive the fun of your favorite decade with a 1990s costume! With everything from Clueless to A League of Their Own and The Magic School Bus to Dragon Ball Z, there’s an exclusive 90s ensemble for you! Don the wild red hair of everyone’s most beloved school teacher as Ms. Frizzle. Take to the basketball court as part of the Tune Squad. Harness some of that Samuel L. Jackson-attitude and become Jules Winnfield. Or get ready to bowl with your very own Medina Sod bowling costume. Whether you’re heading to a 90s party or getting dressed for trick-or-treating with the kids, our 1990s costumes will have you excited for the fun!

The 90s may have wrapped a few decades ago, but the memories aren’t going anywhere! So, whether you’re shopping for yourself of a loved one, start with our 1990s gifts. With everything from apparel and accessories to home décor and super-fresh costumes, you’re sure to find something that’ll make anyone exclaim a big old sweet, props, or even boo-yah!