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Pokemon Child Eevee Kigurumi
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Pokemon Kids Charizard Kigurumi
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Nintendo Pokemon Adult Pikachu Kigurumi
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Plush Piglet Pajama Costume
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Adult Pug Full Size Kigurumi Costume
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Kids Giraffe Kigurumi Pajamas
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Polar Bear Kigurumi
Shiba Inu Adult Kigurumi
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Adult Gudetama Kigurumi Costume
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Alien Pajama Costume
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Adult Snow Leopard Kigurumi
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Sulley Pajama Costume
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Adult Narwhal Kigurumi
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Products 1 - 60 of 87

If you ask us at, lounging around is an art. Now, don’t get us wrong. We work hard, we play hard too. But when it comes to putting our feet up in front for a movie marathon, we think the cozier we can be, the better. Now, if you’re into kigurumis then you probably respect coziness as well. If this is your introduction to the oversize pajama suits of Japanese origin then you’re about to take your lazing level to plains you never imagined were possible.

While lounging in sweats are good enough for some people, there’s something that happens when you button up the front of a microfleece kigurumi. You become a lazy version of whatever that animal represents. These suits make you wish you could wear them to work. Well, actually some people do! They are big enough that it’s possible to fit your normal human clothes under your soft, animal exterior.

Still, if you’re like most than your pajama suit is probably sequestered to your home. You might be surprised at the benefits of dressing as a giant skunk while watching television on a snowy Saturday morning. For one, your significant other or parent is fifty percent more likely to bring you a snack when they see how thoroughly you’re embracing your weekend lounge. Secondly, the large eye and plush heads of these animals make your cozy afternoon especially selfie-friendly. And thirdly, you won’t have to change if you’re headed to a costume party in the evening. Simply step out into the chilly air and let the fleece keep you warm. Plus, when you’re ready to head home, the oversized look lets you get away with smuggling some cupcakes to go! We’d like to see that mid-drift baring nurse get away with a baked good heist!

Speaking of costume parties, these pajama suits work wonders for bar crawl and group costumes. Show up at a Halloween party as Pooh and all the rest of the characters from the Hundred Acre Woods. Or dress the whole family up as cozy animals you might find on safari. Junior can go as a giraffe while mom goes as a monkey and dad dresses as a lion. The sky is the limit! As costumes go, this is a look you can use again and again. Your kid’s team mascot is a wolf? Show your pride while staying warm and wear the wolf kigurumi to your child’s hockey games! They even have pockets to stick your hands in while you aren’t busy jumping and clapping.

So, whether you’re a teacher looking for a modest yet fun outfit to wear to school for Halloween year after year or you simply want to have more fun with your everyday loungewear, don’t be surprised when you get sucked into the kigurumi lifestyle. The love of these oversized pajamas makes a lot of sense, it’s about time we injected more cuteness into our lounging uniforms! So, find your favorite, collect them all, or give one to a friend that you think deserves to put their feet up in style. And if you’re on board the kigurumi train, let us know! Write a review, we always love to find other people who take lounging to the next level.