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Paw Patrol 6 Piece Backpack Set
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R/C Krabby Patty R/C Car w/ SpongeBob Figure
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Spongebob Checkered Big Face Backpack
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Spongebob All Over Print Athletic Crew Sock
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Spongebob 7 Quart Crock Pot
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Adult Angelica Costume
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Products 1 - 33 of 33

Nickelodeon Merch

It's about nostalgia, pride, and sharing the things we love! Or at least, that's part of the reason we've assembled a collection of Nickelodeon merchandise. Perhaps you have the same reasons. Maybe there's something else that draws you to this selection. Either way, we're happy you're here where our ultimate goal is to provide fans countless ways to celebrate their favorites.

Join us on a tour of collectibles, costumes, and clothing for Nickelodeon enthusiasts; we can't wait to help you find the perfect gift to give or addition for your shrine!

Nickelodeon Shirt

If you're looking for an easy way to put Nickelodeon love on display, think wardrobe! We're huge believers in the power of a graphic tee and coordinating accessories. As such, you'll discover Nickelodeon shirts, shoes, bags, and so much more in this selection!

Cakeworthy Nick 90's Rainbow Tie Dye

Choose versatile looks like this tie-die Cakeworthy shirt that offers subtlety with layers or loud fan style when worn solo, like all our Cakeworthy apparel. Or shop the following Nickelodeon clothing ideas for options with boldness that can't be quelled!

Nickelodeon Shoes

Avatar the Last Airbender shoes

Ever get the feeling you're walking on air? We find it happens whenever we've found something that perfectly captures our love for a fandom. These Avatar the Last Airbender shoes just happen to do exactly that while also letting fans stepping with their favorite airbender! You can spread that happy, head-in-the-clouds feeling with our Nickelodeon shoes selection. Or explore our full footwear catalog for styles in-step with all your favorite characters and universes!

Nickelodeon Backpack

Nick 90's Cakeworthy Mini Backpack

Does the party end when you walk out the door? It doesn't need to! Carry on with your Nickelodeon celebrations wherever you go when you add a Nick-themed backpack like this Cakeworthy Nick 90's mini to your wardrobe! Fit for the essentials and fandom extras, like backup Nickelodeon socks or just-in-case hats, all our mini backpacks are ready to ensure the fun doesn't stop whether you're carrying necessities or nostalgia!

Nickelodeon Costumes

For a more elaborate display of fandom, we can think of nothing better than costumes! From playtime to Halloween and conventions, costumes transform fans into their favorite characters. Stories are relived or reimagined. Most importantly, fun is had and connection shared!

Our selection of Nickelodeon costumes does the same! Family time becomes a Paw Patrol adventure with sizes for kids and adults. Lifelong pals can recreate their top cartoon crew from Rugrats to Spongebob and Avatar. And with an array of accessories, from trick-or-treat pails and puppy costumes to wheelchair covers, no event or person is left out!

a Paw Patrol adventure

Nickelodeon Collectibles

Avatar The Last Airbender Gallery Aang PVC Statue

Wearing your fandom on your sleeve is not always appropriate. Luckily, whether decorating home or workspace, collectibles and décor provide a simple solution. And our Nickelodeon selection offers everything from aesthetic kitchenware to jaw-dropping statues appropriate for any fan's space!

Check out the following Nickelodeon gift ideas to learn about our favorites. Or, if you're ready, go shop the full selection now! From Nickelodeon dishes for a friend's housewarming, cuddly throws for cartoon marathons, and coffee mugs that'll boost more than your energy levels, every fan is in for a treat!

Nickelodeon Funko POPs

Rugrats - Angelica and Susie Vinyl Figure

Looking for an alternative to Nickelodeon action figures that simply beg to be played with? Funko POPs are the choice! Whether boxed or unboxed a POP figure doesn't call the same need to touch, but it doesn’t sacrifice the fun. Our Nickelodeon POP selection captures the sweet, silly, and even serious nature of Nicktoons from Rugrats to Peppa Pig and we're always adding to the store! Shop now to start or expand a collection today!

Nickelodeon Plush

SpongeBob HugMe Rainbow Plush

Perhaps a touchable Nickelodeon collection is exactly what you want. Skip the protective boxes or out-of-reach displays for plush toys and dolls instead! This super huggable SpongeBob is a great way to let fans thank the beloved character for providing so many good times. Meanwhile, Nickelodeon board games, fashion dolls, and playsets let fans get in touch with their collection in ways that promise to only increase the fun!