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Paw Patrol Costumes

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Little kids like dogs. That’s been true since man and wolf first began to work together. So it makes sense that the Nick Junior show Paw Patrol is the biggest hit with kids everywhere right now. The “pawpulation” of Adventure Bay is mostly heroic dogs which really makes us want to move there. There’s always something special going on in Adventure Bay. There are so many exciting events for kids to watch from chili cook-offs to weddings to corn roasts. Oh, and let’s not forget the alien that stop by to get saved every so often! When your kids are watching pups go to work in a city this exciting, it’s no wonder that your child wants to follow in their paw steps

Speaking of all the work these dogs do, every character seems to have some serious talent. And lucky for you, we have a costume for almost every dog that stars on the show! Marshall, for instance, is a classic Dalmatian fire dog. He’s got a lot of skills. He rescues other animals with ladders. He helps with first aid when he can. Together he works with Chase, a German Shepherd pup that works with the police. He’s great at communication, speaking through a megaphone to the lost and in trouble pups in the community. He’s such a responsible dog that he’s gotten a fancy-schmancy vehicle with traffic cones, a winch, and it even transforms into a pup house. How cool is that? We have a couple costumes that feature both Marshall and Chase. You can choose every day looks like the hoodies or a Halloween worthy jumpsuit or costume top set.

Then there are the pup costumes that are great for the girl fans of this show. Everest is new in town. She works with Skye, the search and rescue pup. Got a kiddo that loves snow in your house? She’ll love the Everest costume for snowboarding and “belly-boganning”. Speaking of search and rescue, the Skye costume is super adorable! Like the character from the show, she’s got wings on her back. Your little one can wear plush headband air goggles and plush ears on the sides. The dress might actually make it into your little one’s wardrobe with a pink fluffy skirt and a dog tag on the neck. Your little one will feel like she can jump to the rescue for all the little animals out there!

Does your little one like to come to the rescue during playtime? Do they stage adventures the range from their bedroom all the way into the living room? Combine their love of adventure and their love of animals with Paw Patrol costumes! You’ll be watching their curiosity and bravery grow every time they play! Want to put together a group Halloween costume? You’ll have plenty of costumes to choose from when you scroll through this catalog. The best part? If there are ever problems with the chili cook-off or if outer space creatures ever get into trouble in your town, your little puppies will be on the case!