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Disney Little Mermaid Womens Ursula Prestige Costume-2
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Women's Premium Ursula Costume-2
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Plus Size Women's Little Mermaid Ursula Prestige Costume
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Girl's Little Mermaid Ariel Costume-2
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Disney Prince Eric Deluxe Adult Costume-2
Adult Prince Eric Costume-2
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Disney Little Mermaid Premium Ariel Mermaid Costume
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Women's Plus Size Premium Ursula Costume-2
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Kid's Sebastian Costume
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Kids Prince Eric Costume
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Disney Little Mermaid Ariel Deluxe Adult Costume
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Womens Plus Size Disney Ariel Pink Dress Costume
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Womens Disney Little Mermaid Costume Outfit
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Plus Disney Little Mermaid Premium Ariel Mermaid Dress
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Adult Plus Size Disney Prince Eric Costume
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Disney Villains Ursula Dog Costume
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Ariel Pet Costume
Sweet Mermaid Adult Costume
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Hipster Mermaid Costume for Women
Ariel Ultra Prestige Child's Wig
Sale - 12%
Mermaid Starfish Hairclip
Clearance  - 60%
Products 1 - 60 of 70

Make a splash at the next costume party you attend by wearing any of these Little Mermaid costumes! The hipster mermaid costume comes with a pair of stretchy, scaly leggings, a seashell-adorned tank top, and quintessential black frame glasses so you can be the most sophisticated mermaid in all of the sea. In this category, you'll also find women's Ursula costumes to transform into Ariel's arch-nemesis. Turn the Little Mermaid costume of your choosing into an enchanted couple's costume by pairing it with a deluxe Prince Eric costume for men!    

Little Mermaid Family Costumes

Little Mermaid Family Costumes

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid? As soon as we saw Disney's The Little Mermaid, we were wishing on every star we could see, hoping for a tail and an underwater adventure of our own! If you're also a fan of this classic movie, you should check out our collection of Little Mermaid costumes! They're inspired by our favorite characters from the film and come in a range of sizes so the whole family can join the fun.

You'll be able to build the ultimate group costume from our selection of characters. Kids and adults alike can enjoy dressing like Ursula, Prince Eric, Flounder, and of course, Ariel herself, with options in both her elegant blue dress and classic purple top and green tail. And don't forget to check out our accessories to complete your costume, create a cosplay look, or DIY your own outfit! Whatever you choose, we hope you'll be able to capture some of that Disney magic!

Adult Little Mermaid Costumes

Ariel Costume Adult

What's better than wearing a princess costume? We'd probably say, "wearing a mermaid princess costume"! When you put on an adult Ariel mermaid costume, you'll get the best of both worlds. An outfit like this one that imitates Ariel's purple top and green tail will let you feel like a gorgeous mermaid and live out your princess dreams at the same time!

Kid's Little Mermaid Costumes

Ariel Costume Kids

It's time to help your little one's dream come true! If your kiddo is a fan of this spirited Disney princess, then they'll love dressing like her with a girls Ariel costume! And don't worry, they won't have to make any deals with witches to achieve her look. All your little one needs to do is put on this green and purple outfit and they'll be ready to go!

Women's Ursula Costumes

Womens Ursula Costume

We see people dressed like all kinds of witches around Halloween time. But none of them are as impressive as the sea witch, Ursula! Her magic powers are something to behold, but so is her fashion sense! You'll feel amazing in an Ursula costume, complete with her flowing tentacles and bold style. Just don't use your newfound power to steal anyone's voice, please!

Adult Prince Eric Costumes

Adult Prince Eric Costume

We've always admired Prince Eric's determination. He doesn't just sit around waiting to become king, but makes the most of every day! You'll be ready for your own amazing adventure when you put on a Prince Eric costume, whether it happens to be searching for your true love, sailing the seas, or having a great time at your next costume party!

Little Mermaid Costume Ideas

In Disney's The Little Mermaid, Princess Ariel isn't the only great character. One of our favorite things about this film is its fantastic cast, from Flounder to Flotsam. So, while some purple shells and a green tail might be quite recognizable, there are plenty of other unique costume options that will help you celebrate this beloved movie. Whether you're building the ultimate group costume or searching for cosplay ideas, we hope you'll find what you need in our selection. From animal friends to wicked witches and everything in between, you'll have more choices than you can count on one hand (or fin)!

Sebastian Costumes

Sebastian Costume

Sebastian the Crab is quite a delightful character. His musical talents and funny quips really make us love him. However, we have to admit, we've always thought that he looks a little bit more like a lobster than a crab! So if you want to dress up your little one to complement your Ariel cosplay, we think an infant lobster costume will do the trick just fine.

Flounder Dog Costumes

Flounder Dog Costume

Pets are part of the family, too, and we think it's always fun to get your four-legged pal their very own costume for Halloween! If you're going with a Little Mermaid theme this time around, you can turn your furry friend into Ariel's fishy friend with a Flounder dog costume. It's the perfect companion piece for your Disney-inspired group outfit!

Little Mermaid Costume Accessories

Now that your costume is settled, you'll want to add some accessories! Of course, mermaids don't wear shoes, but if you're dressing like Ariel in her human form or another character with feet, you'll probably want a pair. And no matter who you want to look like, a bit of costume makeup always comes in handy! Take your Little Mermaid outfit from "ripple" to "wave" with our selection of awesome accessories.

Ariel Wigs

Ariel Wig

Princess Ariel is known for her signature purple top and green tail. However, any outfit that wants to imitate her style isn't quite complete without a flowing red wig! Ariel's long, red mermaid hair is a very important part of her look. So if you're dressing like this lovable princess, we'd highly recommend picking up an Ariel wig to finish off your costume!

Flotsam and Jetsam Scarves

Flotsam and Jetsam Scarf

Every good Disney villain needs a sidekick! After all, what's a bad guy without a little comic relief? We're especially entertained by a pair of mysterious minions, like Ursula's little "poopsies." If you're dressing up as Ursula for your next event, we'd recommend adding a Flotsam and Jetsam scarf to your costume! After all, they might help you keep an eye on things.

Flounder Bags

Flounder Bag

We think dressing up is always more fun when your friends are involved! If you're wearing a Little Mermaid costume and nobody in your group wants to be a fish (their loss), then you might enjoy this Flounder bag. When you add it to your outfit, you'll have a friend by your side and a useful pouch for your essentials all in one adorable accessory!

Ursula Masks

Ursula Mask

We have to admit, not all of us are makeup experts. In fact, when we need our faces to look just like our favorite character, we like to pick up a mask to help us quickly and easily transform! And even if you have the skill, perhaps you don't want to spend the time recreating Ursula's fabulous face. In that case, you should bring home an Ursula mask to perfect your sea witch outfit!