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Channel the almighty power of eldritch magic right into the modern world! Seems like an impossible fantasy, right? Well, not when you have the creative minds of Marvel behind the opportunities. When Steven Strange studies up with the Ancient One, he learns the ultimate gift. And now you can have the ultimate gift, too with these Doctor Strange gifts!
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POP! Marvel: DSMM - Exclusive Scarlet Witch Vinyl Figure
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Loungefly Scarlet Witch Mini Backpack
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Doctor Strange Comic Madness Throw Blanket UPD
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Marvel Dr Stanger Black Shirt
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Vinyl SODA Marvel Doctor Strange
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Doctor Strange Coin Bank
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Vinyl SODA What If Strange Supreme
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POP Marvel DSMM Master Mordo
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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange 6 Inch Action Figure
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POP Marvel DSMM Supreme Strange
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Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange
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POP Marvel DSMM Sara
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POP Marvel Marvel Mech Doctor Strange Figure
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Marvel Dice Throne 2 Hero Box
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LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum
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Doctor Strange Eco Cloak
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Products 1 - 51 of 51

Everyone has at least once wished to have magical powers. Maybe you don't want to be a traditional 'wizard' from fantasy stories or even a somewhat modern-day 'warlock' running off to a mysterious school through the wall at the train station. But, we all want the gift of convenience and fun. We all want to channel something from that other, mystical, marvelous realm.

Well, Steven Strange wasn't sure what he was going to be getting when he started looking for the Ancient One. He was banking on a trick to help him heal a shattered hand so he could get right back to his normal, self-interested life. Well, with one snap of her fingers, the Ancient One sent Dr. Strange spinning through every dimension just to get a brief look at all the things that he was missing out on. With the promise of such a world-shattering gift, how could he not want to stick around and learn everything! Of course, a clever guy like that wasn't just going to be your average acolyte for long. No, our Dr. Steven Strange graduated to full-on Doctor Strange of Marvel fame and, eventually, the Sorcerer Supreme.

Being the Sorcerer Supreme comes with some pretty nice perks. Unlimited use of the Fling Rings to open portals through space and even alternate dimensions? That friendly Cloak of Levitation that does way more than just help him maneuver around without needing to walk. That thing has a literal mind of its own. (Good thing it is on his side!) Of course, messing around with the Eye of Agamotto was crazy dangerous, but... we can't deny its results. Using a time loop to confuse a being beyond comprehension is pretty darned clever!

Of course, we can't say that we'd be using all those tricks as responsibly as Doctor Strange. Levitation would be used to float downstairs and avoid exercise. Fling Rings would definitely be used to gain free access to movies. Of course, that's pretty flashy. How about we just go the route of Astral Projection? Watch anything we like and, heck, seems like a great way to play some practical jokes around the office. That's actually what disqualifies us from ever taking on the title of Sorcerer Supreme. We'd probably just use the infinite powers of the universe for selfish reasons, unlike the good-natured Dr. Strange. We suppose that is why he's deserving. That's okay though! We still support Dr. Strange with this collection of swag.

Our Dr. Strange gifts pay homage to the Marvel magic-user. Whether you'd like a sweet new t-shirt to kick your wardrobe into full superhero style, or if you just need a cute POP vinyl to place near your computer, we've got you covered with figures in the likeness of Karl Mordo and The Ancient One. We even have Marvel Legends series figures that you can add to your collection! If you're a fan, then you won't want to miss out on any one of our great items from the movie.

Doctor Strange Costumes

Costumes are another great way to ramp up the imagination. Dare we say, it's like magic when you complete the perfect outfit. That feeling that you can actually cast the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak spell is one of a kind. Trust us when we say that putting on one of our Doctor Strange Costumes will have you thinking you cast a grade-A wardrobe spell. You could even pretend to be the Master of the Mystic Arts yourself, as he's constantly alternating outfits—from doctor to civilian to wizard. Just remember, without magic, it may take you a tad longer to change than it does Steven.

Doctor Strange Collectibles

What is it about toys that bring you to a magical place? The imagination is genuinely stimulated when you are holding a beloved character in your hands. You not only get to feel like these characters, but you get to recreate their harrowing adventures (or create fantastic epics all your own!). With a few Doctor Strange Toys, you can be the Sorcerer Supreme of not only Earth-616 but any universe or timeline you want. We believe in the power of toys as much as Doctor Strange believes in healing folks. If you are a fan of the wizard with the Time Stone, you have to check out our Doctor Strange Toys.

Doctor Strange Action Figures

Doctor Strange Action Figure

Action figures are the best way to step into the shoes of your favorite character. Dr. Strange's boots have mystical properties and are comprised of materials you can't find on this earth, so the best way to emulate your favorite sorcerer is by checking out our Doctor Strange Action Figures. We cast a spell asking the great Agamotto to help multiply these figures and let them have the details of an ancient binding spell. He clearly heard us because these toys are not only crazy detailed but come in all shapes and sizes. Live the life of the Sorcerer Supreme and check out these Doctor Strange action figures.

Doctor Strange LEGO Set

Doctor Strange LEGO Set

LEGOs are a great way to create worlds. They have come a long way since their creation in 1932—your imagination only limits you at this point, which is always a rare statement. We think that perfectly encapsulates being a sorcerer. Once you have all the parts and know how to get them to work together, you can essentially create whatever you want. If you are a fan of Doctor Strange movies, you will have a blast recreating and redoing epic scenes to your every whim. If you are a LEGO wiz who also is a fan of the good doctor, you have to check out our Doctor Strange Lego Sets.

Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Toys

Eye of Agamotto Toys

The Eye of Agamotto is Doctor Strange's most potent tool. In the comic books, it is not the Infinity Time Stone but a mystical relic capable of insane magical feats. The movies solidified the Eye of Agamotto and maybe made it more powerful by giving the Eye the power to control time. Some of the accomplishments Stephen pulled off with this thing are sheer insanity. Looking through 14,000,605 alternate timelines was something we haven't even seen him do in the comics. If you want to pay tribute to the current holder of the Eye or need a fantastic toy to sit on your desk, you have to open your 3rd Eye and check out this Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Toys.

Doctor Strange Funko POPs

Funko POPs are a great and easy way to immortalize your favorite characters. The combination of attention to specific details and their cartoony flair makes our Doctor Strange Funko POPs perfect for serious and casual fans alike. If the doctor is busy with a house call, check out some other characters like Wong, Baron Mordo, or even America Chavez. You'll run out of desk space before you run out of options to choose from. These officially licensed vinyl figures are also a must-have for collectors. Fans of the wonderful wizard will love our Doctor Strange Funko POPs.

Doctor Strange Supreme Funko POPs

Doctor Strange Funko POPs

Doctor Strange wasn't always the Sorcerer Supreme. At one point, he was simply a cocky surgeon. To his credit, he was a prodigy in multiple fields of medicine and has created life-changing surgical techniques. That's pretty impressive. You might be a little cocky, too, all things considered. Well, sometimes it's okay to be overconfident, especially when it comes to collecting Doctor Strange Supreme Funko POPs. We have so many variations of Steven Strange that you'll think you're traveling the multiverse. Make sure you pick up a few of these officially licensed vinyl figures so you can brag to others.

Wong Funko POP

Wong Funko POP

There are a lot of magic users in Marvel Comics. Like, tons of magic users. Even in the graphic novels, Doctor Strange is the authority on magic in the Earth-616 universe. But there have been many times (like the Blip) when he's been out of commission for one reason or another. Whenever those times come, generally, Wong is the brave man to take up the mantle until Stephen can resume his duties. Besides that, he takes care of the Sanctum Santorum while the Doctor is away. If you are also a fan of the humble mystic, you must check out this Wong Funko POP.

Venomized Doctor Strange Funko POP

Venomized Doctor Strange Funko POP

Symbiotes originate from the planet of Klyntar. The planet itself is actually composed of billions of symbiotes. That wasn't always the case, but because of the popularity of Venom, new writers decided to retcon their history. Another byproduct of Venom's fandom and a common trope from Marvel is to throw the Venom symbiote on one of our favorite heroes. It's always fun to imagine how their powers will work together, as well as how awesome the combination of their looks will be. Well, Doctor Strange is no different. If you are looking for a fantastic figure, you must pick up this Venomized Doctor Strange Funko POP.

Doctor Strange No Way Home Funko

Doctor Strange No Way Home Funko

No Way Home was a great movie. Like, really great. With the help of a bit of magic, provided by a grumpy wizard and some good ole teenage hijinks, we got to see a fantastic story play out. We think a great way to commemorate this remarkable film is to pick up a Doctor Strange, No Way Home Funko. Not only are they officially licensed (Peter could have made these), but they will immediately take you back to when you first watched the film in awe. If you are as dedicated as our 3 Peters, pair Doctor Strange with other characters from the movie and enjoy!

Marvel Mech Funko

Marvel Mech Strike Funko

What is it about mechs that are inherently cool? If you throw a mech into any cartoon or live-action film, somebody will watch it. It's because we know a powerful energy beam is bound to be fired or a giant laser sword swung. Think about all of that combined with Doctor Strange and his magical abilities. The possibilities are endless! Now that we think about it, why doesn't Doctor Strange wear a little armor? He's friends with Iron Man—you'd think that would be an easy ask. Regardless, if you are a mech fan looking for a little magic in your life, you need to pick up a Marvel Mech Funko.

Doctor Strange Merch

We see why our moms always wanted us to be doctors. Look at Steven Strange for the purist example. He was a renowned surgeon, not just because he was good, but because he studied his tail off. Then he takes a life-changing event and uses it not only to become a better man but one of the most accomplished sorcerers in Marvel history. He's a pretty cool guy for that. We can't pay for your medical school, but what we can provide is some officially licensed Doctor Strange Merch. It won't magically turn you into a doctor, but it'll definitely make you feel like one.

Doctor Strange Statue

Doctor Strange Statues

Steven has saved the universe more times than he can count. We think he deserves a Doctor Strange Statue in his honor. We can worry about who will design, build, and fund this endeavor later. Just think of a detailed statue in the middle of the city, displaying Steven Strange in all his glory. How cool would that be? Well, until we can get the statue plans underway, you should check our officially licensed Doctor Strange Statues. The figures look so close to the good doctor; you'll think the Ancient One conjured them. Pick one up today and give the Doc a little props.

Doctor Strange Hat

Doctor Strange Hat

There is nothing like a good hat. They protect your head from harmful UV rays, help coordinate an outfit, and are handy on bad hair days. Doctor Strange has a few assortments of hats with various mystical properties. Some can help you sleep while others reveal hidden truths to you. Generally, Stephen likes to keep these powerful items locked up, but we were able to get our hands on a few. We have a guy on the inside who hooks us up (it's Wong). We made sure the hats we ordered were pretty harmless. At most, they'll make you look and feel good. At worse, you have a stylish Doctor Strange Hat. It's a win-win!

Doctor Strange Backpack

Doctor Strange Backpack

A good backpack can be the difference between being ready for anything to woefully unprepared for the unexpected. You don't want to be the person who forgot their gear along with all their essential personal items (or maybe a few health potions). Even Doctor Strange wears backpacks—he just has a fancy invisibility charm, so you never see them. If you want to be as prepared as Steven, you'll want to get your hands on our Doctor Strange Backpack. We are fresh out of invisibility spells, but after you put your eyes on these bags, you'll want everyone to see them. Pick one up today and be ready for anything!