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Disney Halloween Costumes

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When you wish upon a star, they say that your dreams will come true. Unfortunately, sometimes those dreams just take a good while. Well, if you are still dreaming about becoming a Disney Princess, a mystical genie, or even a couple of our favorite talking animals, we are happy to get close with our collection of Disney costumes for adults and kids. You're sure to live out the best Disney moments while you wait on that wishing star!
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Kid's Sebastian Costume
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Womens Daisy Duck Costume
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Kevin UP Costume for Adults
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Toddler Pluto Costume
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Plus Size Pluto Costume
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Toddler 101 Dalmatians Bubble Costume main-2
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101 Dalmatians Pongo Costume Onesie for Adults-2
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Kid's 101 Dalmatians Costume Onesie
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Adult Warthog Costume
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Womens 101 Dalmatians Perdita Costume Onesie-2
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Infant Sweet Minnie Mouse Costume
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Plus Size Kevin UP Costume
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Women's Plus Size 101 Dalmatians Perdita Costume Onesie-2
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Plus Size 101 Dalmatians Pongo Costume Onesie for Adults-2
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Kid's Daisy Duck Costume-update
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Disney Tangled Maximus Costume for Men
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Plus Size Sebastian Men's Costume
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Products 1 - 58 of 58

At the risk of sounding ancient, we have to wonder how Disney characters keep changing as we get older. Disney costumes have a wide variety these days. When we were little the characters were either manly heroes, princesses, and mice. Ever notice that if the main character of a movie is an animal then it's usually a mouse? Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. What's that about Lady and the Tramp? Aristocats? Okay, maybe that mouse theory is just due to our adorable rodent preference. Please forgive. 

Have you already perused the selection of Disney costumes on this page? Then you've probably realized how different things are now. Kids can dress up like the confident race car, Lightning McQueen. They can transform into pajama-wearing crime fighters. Or you could even wear the prince and princess costumes that you dreamed about when you were just a little tyke. We won't judge if you break out your area rug and reenact "A Whole New World" with your significant other. We're adults now, we do what we want. 

You probably aren't looking for another reason why Disney costumes are a great choice, but here goes. Disney costumes are a great way to put together a group ensemble that will make everyone happy, no matter the event. Need a way to keep your team together during a chilly sporting event? Have everyone pick their favorite character from the Hundred Acre Woods. Our Winnie the Pooh kigurumies will keep your people feeling cozy and looking adorable. 

Perhaps you and your partner are headed to a fancier costume party. Our selection of costumes makes it easy to find a couples costume. No, we're not just talking about the classic Cinderella and Prince Charming, though that's a goodie too. We're thinking outside the box. What if Maleficent and Jafar showed up together? They both like big hats and plotting to take down the establishment, they'd have to get along, right? 

Let's take a moment to recognize the newer hit series. Minnie and Mickey Mouse are great and all but kids are into their new hits as we were into ours. We have all the hits. Your children can choose from our selection of Frozen costumes to become any of their favorite characters. From Elsa to Olaf to Anna in her coronation dress, we have the selection it takes to put together the whole cast!

So, maybe you're still hooked on old-school Disney like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Cinderella. These looks, though they might be old-school will never go out of style. Or maybe you're caught up in the nineties era of Disney musicals. Pocahontas and Aladdin anyone? There's nothing like staging a sing-along while wearing appropriate apparel. Or perhaps you're embracing the enthusiasm for a new generation of Disney characters. Who knew video game characters like Wreck-It Ralph could be so deep? Whether you're looking for a costume for you, your partner, or your kiddos you're sure to find the right ensemble from our catalog. Finally found that Belle dress you wanted when you were eight? Share the excitement and leave a review. After all, when it comes to Disney, shouldn't all our dreams come true?

Disney Halloween Costumes

If you're anything like us, you're constantly inspired by the mirth and mischief of Disney. From classic animation to the newest musical movies, there is always a character that will make us smile. So, if you are looking to give the gift of serious fun, look no further than the perfect Disney character costumes! All you have to do is think of your favorite movie character and you're sure to find the perfect option.

Of course, if you'd like a little help coming up with some ideas, we've cultivated some of our favorite pairings right here! Whether you are seeking the ultimate birthday bash or just need a few accessories to make your next Disneybound a success, you're sure to make your Disney dreams come true when you combine a few of these options for your friends and family.

101 Dalmatians and Cruella Costumes

101 Dalmatians and Cruella Costumes

Some costumes aren't simply channeling your favorite characters. They're also all about fashion and adorable dogs! Combine something truly adorable with something equally edgy when you try out a Cruella De Vil costume. Inspired by the animated classic as well as the newest entry to Cruella's story, these 101 Dalmatians costumes are the perfect option for a group costume of any size!

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Costumes

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Costumes

The classic tale of Peter Pan and the magical world of Neverland is just as ageless as our spritely friend. Whether you're an adult or a fledgling Disney fan, there's nobody better to lift your spirits than the boy who can fly and his feisty fairy friend! If you're looking for a fantastic costume for two that is fitting for folks of any age, look at the collection of green tights and fairy wings from our Peter Pan costumes!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Costumes

The classic duo of Disney will always be among your favorite characters. Whether saving magical worlds in Kingdom Hearts or going on a high-energy couple on an adventure with their friends, you can be sure it is going to be a great story whenever you see those pair of round ears!

So, prepare your favorite memorable lines and make your Disney dreams a reality when you find the perfect Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse costume. Mickey is known for being a mischievous and happy friend to all. Minnie is ideal for anyone who is bold, fashionable, and fun. So, of course, when the two are together, you can be sure any event is going to be memorable!

Frozen Costumes

2013 brought us a brand-new animated film that warmed our hearts! With a unique cast of bright characters all voiced by powerful singers, pretty much every home was soon filled with kids and adults alike joining in for an at-home rendition of "Let It Go!" The 2019 sequel and additional shorts ensured we'd be able to see even more stories from Arendelle. Are you ready to join in the Frozen fun!?

Elsa Costumes

Elsa Costume

We all would love a little bit of magic in our lives. Of course, it might be a little scary if we didn't know how to control it! Fortunately, when you and yours dress up in an Elsa costume, you'll look and feel the part, but won't need to worry about any unexpected snowmen. Strike a classic pose in the beautiful blue dress and don't forget the gleaming crown on top!

Olaf Costumes

Olaf Costume

Did you ever wonder how Olaf managed to run around without ever melting? Well, that layer of permafrost magic sure helps. But if you're wanting to build a snowman that will bring the same amount of joy and don't have Elsa's magic at your disposal, you can still get in on the fun. From tunics, jumpsuits, and bubble costumes, it's time to tell a new tale with an Olaf costume!

Kristoff Costumes

Kristoff Costume

If you're like us, you might have a special place in your heart for unsung heroes. And in the epic story of Frozen, that means we're talking about the one and only Kristoff! Not only is he heroic and willing to step in to help save the day, but he's also keen to play support when the situation calls. If you need to look like a true hero, look no further than a Kristoff Bjorgman costume!

Anna Costumes

Anna Costume

Anna might not have inherited amazing magical powers, but her singing voice, adventurous spirit, and eternal kindness is a magic all their own! If you'd like to stand out with a fiery hairdo and an inspiring attitude, an Anna costume might be the perfect thing to round out your fun, whether you are helping out your own little Elsa or claiming the crown of Arendelle!

Toy Story Costumes

Sometimes all you really want is a friend to go on adventures with! Fortunately, everyone can trust they have a friend in the action figures, stuffed animals, and even a few electronic gadgets from the crew in Disney's Toy Story. Whether you want to get the entire crew together for an ultimate cosplay event or have been looking forward to sporting your favorite Toy Story look since '95, we've got several options!

Buzz Lightyear Costumes

Buzz Lightyear Costume

Of all the characters in Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear likely has the most epic history. First, he's a TV character, then has to discover he's actually a toy. Then he becomes a real hero. And finally, we all get to explore the cosmos and time itself with the genuine Space Ranger! Isn't it time that you enjoy the next story when you and yours climb into a Buzz Lightyear costume!?

Bo Peep Costumes

Bo Peep Costume

There are a ton of great costumes for gals of any age, but if you're looking for a Disney costume for girls that will really surprise you, look no further than our collection of Little Bo Peep costumes. Whether your tyke is lion-hearted or sweet as a lamb, the adventurous spirit of Bo Peep means they'll have the perfect combination of sweet and superhero for any situation!

Jessie Toy Story Costumes

Jessie Costume

Woody might have been the stellar Sheriff and leader of the toys, but there is another cowpoke that brings the heart! With her cow-print pants and bright red hat, it is no wonder that Jessie is bound to summon a ton of smiles. You and yours are sure to join in the fun when you bring home one of our Jessie costumes, too. There's a new Sheriff in town and it's time to shine!

Woody Toy Story Costumes

Woody Costume

There's nothing quite as classic as the image of a cowboy riding into the sunset. Of course, Pixar and Disney gave us all a brand-new image, too. Now we can all imagine a tall cowpoke with a big smile and a truly animated way of greeting new friends. If you're looking for a Disney costume for men sure to inspire some smiles, saddle up with a Woody costume today!

The Little Mermaid and Ursula Costumes

The Little Mermaid and Ursula Costumes

Wearing the right costume can be a truly magical experience. You can feel yourself practically transform when you step into the outfit of one of your favorite characters! Disney's Ariel had the very same hopes of experiencing another world and, meanwhile, every fan of The Little Mermaid wanted to get a little closer to Atlantica!

Now your whole family can enjoy the fun of Disney's epic animated film thanks to our collection of officially licensed Disney costumes. Pose proud as the hard-working and big-hearted hero when you wear a Prince Eric costume. Channel a bit of magic when you dress up as Ursula! Sing your heart out with the fam in an Ariel costume. We have a ton of options to help you have the ultimate underwater adventure!

Disney Princess Costumes

There are few characters more recognizable than the Disney Princesses. Whenever a new name is added to the list, we get excited, but we always love the classic characters, too. From their colorful attire to their memorable music and epic adventures, each has a lasting place in our hearts. Naturally, that makes dressing up as a Disney Princess guaranteed fun!

Of course, trying to pick your favorite character can be tough! The rambunctious Rapunzel always makes us smile and Raya's adventure in Kumandra stirs our spirits. Whether you're looking for a Disney costume for a girl's first Halloween or putting together the best-themed party out there, make sure you add these Disney Princess costumes for a truly magical event.

Moana Costumes

Moana Costume

Moana was an instant classic the second we all arrived on the island of Motunui. Her adventure across the sea is just as epic as her bravery! So if you have someone in your life who has been inspired by her style and attitude, you know they'll love sporting the tribal skirt and colorful tunic of the Wayfinding Disney Princess with our collection of Moana costumes and accessories.

Snow White Costumes

Snow White Costume

The official line of Disney Princesses started with Snow White, and she remains one of our favorites. Her kind and optimistic attitude earned her a place in our hearts and her bright wardrobe is one of the most sought-after outfits out there. Put a song in your heart when you bring all the bold colors of this classic gown to your own home with our Snow White costumes!

Tiana Costumes

Princess Tiana Costume

We all know that Princesses can come from anywhere, but it might have felt exceptionally special to see one of the Disney Princesses rise from a simple family filled with heart and hope! It's only natural that the lovely gown Tiana wears after her adventures in the bayou and her froggie form would look so magical. Feel the same way with a Princess and the Frog costume!

Belle Costumes

Belle Costume

Do you think of yourself as a delightful addition to a provincial town, a confident soul who can teach a Beast a few new tricks, or a lovely librarian, destined to dance decked out in a ballroom? Well, if you know anything about Disney's Beauty and the Beast, you know that you could be all three in one! Choose your favorite of Belle's outfits and transform with our Belle costumes!

Princess Jasmine Costumes

Jasmine Costume

It can take a lot to see the world from a different perspective. Even though she has a pretty comfy life in the palace of Agrabah, Disney's Jasmine was ready to do just that! Of course, if you and yours want to experience a new world, too, costumes from Aladdin may be the perfect choice. Dazzle all in the bright blue and sheer fabric of a Jasmine costume for your next event!

Cinderella Costumes

Cinderella Costume

Cinderella was one of the very first Disney Princesses and her story is a favorite for many a Disney fan. (How many of us have looked into the stars and wondered if a Fairy Godmother might be listening to our hopes, too?) Well, it might not be quite as magical as the wave of a wand, but you can be dressed in a brilliant blue Cinderella costume with the click of a button!

Mulan Costumes

Mulan Costume

Disney Princesses come in all forms and that sometimes includes warrior princesses! If you admired the honor and conviction of Mulan when she fought one-on-one with the dangerous Shan Yu, perhaps you will want to choose a Mulan costume. Best yet, she is featured in several looks. Choose from the noble pink dress, her red warrior garb, or her honorable blue outfit!

Merida Costumes

Merida Costume

Whether our fate is already written or we have a choice in how things will happen, one thing is definitely true. If you have the same fierce force of will as Merida, you can be sure an epic tale can be told! Whether proving that not all Princesses are cut from the same mold or paving your own way, we know you'll have a ton of fun in a Merida costume inspired by Disney's Brave!

Disney Group and Couples Costumes

If you thought one Disney costume was great, just imagine how much fun you'll have with a collection of them! Gather up all your Disney fan friends and pick out your favorite film. In no time, you'll be able to put together the ultimate Disney Group costume! (Okay, so maybe you'll need to have a long debate and watch several for a chance at a single pick, but there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching, too.)

Now, we can't really help you choose who is going to dress as which Disney character. That, unfortunately, will be a quest for each of you. But we are happy to help introduce you to a few ideas to help you start deciding! From feature Disney Princesses to Pixar pals, keep scrolling and be inspired by characters new and old and the costumes we've cultivated for your enjoyment!

Tangled and Rapunzel Costumes

Rapunzel and Tangled Costumes

If you're ready to smile bright as the sunshine over the kingdom of Corona, it's time to enjoy some of our Tangled costumes. Whether you want to twirl around as the Disney Princess, Rapunzel, or show off your roguish wit in a Flynn Rider costume, we're here to provide. Complete the entire cast by bringing Pascal and Mother Gothel in on the fun today!

Hocus Pocus Costumes

Hocus Pocus Costumes

Whether celebrating Halloween or simply looking to live out some of your witchy wonders, everyone knows that Hocus Pocus is perhaps the best option out there! Gather a trio of gals for a perfect costume idea when you pick out your favorite Sanderson Sisters costumes. And if you need a Disney costume for men, it's always fun to conjure up Billy Butcherson, too!

Incredibles Costumes

Incredibles Costumes

Superheroes are always a great option for any costumed event. But just because folks always assume you're talking about Batman, Superman, or the Marvel crew doesn't mean that there aren't even better options. Combine Disney and heroic fun and you are talking all about the Incredible family! Rather than dialing up Edna Mode, try out these Incredibles costume picks!

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

We've already mentioned that Belle is among the most beloved of the Disney Princesses. So, when you're looking for an epic Disney group costume, consider bringing the entire castle along for the fun. From Lumiere and Cogsworth to the Beast and everyone's favorite auntie, Mrs. Potts, there is a character for everyone in our Beauty and the Beast group costume category!

Meg and Hercules Costumes

Megara and Hercules Costumes

Perhaps you are seeking a Disney costume that also feels mythical. If you want a look that is larger than life, we would love to introduce you to someone the muses have been singing about for years! When you dress up in a Hercules and Megara costume, you might not actually gain supernatural strength, but you'll feel larger than life. You can even bring Hades along for fun!

Coco Costumes

Coco Costumes

There are some costumes that are just perfect for certain seasons. But just because they are great for the Day of the Dead doesn’t mean they can't be spectacular the rest of the year, too! If you're looking for a festive costume that brings a bit of Disney magic to bear, call on Coco and bring the whole familia along! Mama Imelda and Hector were perfect together after all!

Jack Sparrow Costumes

Jack Sparrow Costumes

Commodore Norrington called the notorious Jack Sparrow the worst pirate he'd ever seen, but how many pirates has he actually seen!? We think not only does Jack have his pirate game down to perfection, but he also has style like no one else! In fact, imagine an entire crew decked out in various Captain Jack Sparrow costumes! Set sail for fun with these officially licensed looks!

Monsters Inc. Costumes

Monsters Inc Costumes

They say that if you love your job, you'll never work a day. Well, if that's true, you know that our Pixar buddies at Monsters, Inc. must be really enjoying themselves. If you love monsters of every shape and size, you'll love jumping into some of these Monsters, Inc. costumes! From Sulley and Mike Wazowski to our favorite little Boo, the whole family can enjoy giggling the day away!