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If you're looking for a truly inspiring costume, you can't get better than a Buzz Lightyear costume from Toy Story. The guy has literally been to infinity and beyond, so you know he's got some incredible stories to tell! When you gear up in these Toy Story Buzz Lightyear costumes for kids and adults, you'll find yourself right in the FUN of Toy Story, too. So, find your favorite Buzz Lightyear costume and get ready for that Toy Story marathon!
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Toy Story Toddler Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume
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Mens Lightyear Premium Buzz Lightyear Costume
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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Adult Inflatable Costume-update
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Adult Prestige Buzz Lightyear Costume
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Toddler Lightyear Sox Costume
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Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Adaptive Costume
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Adult Tall White Boots
Made By Us
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Products 1 - 25 of 25

Astronauts unite because it's time for some serious FUN! How do you and your little ones plan on heading off into Infinity and Beyond? Well, when you climb into our Toy Story Buzz Lightyear costumes, you'll be zipping into the world of Toy Story like never before! Why, you might even forget that you're just playing pretend! 

You have to give it to Buzz. He has come a long way in his development. At first, he thought that he wasn't even a toy at all! In fact, that made for half of his starting story. A space ranger part of the Intergalactic Alliance, Buzz came trained in all manner of martial arts and is eager to explore all manner of mysterious locations. That explains why Buzz thought his arrival in Andy's room had such potential. (After all, what other world has dinosaurs and potato people walking around at the same time!?) He was named in honor of our own Buzz Aldrin, which was a great benefit. (His first name was going to be Lunar Larry! Can you even imagine!?) 

Now, Buzz certainly had some development to go through. Once you realize that you're not an epic astronaut and, in fact, a toy just like that curious slinky-dog and your would-be-rival cowboy, any astronaut would question real life. Fortunately, he figured out his own heroics and joined with the rest of the toy box team in no time! That only means that there are plenty of new stories to be told. And the best part is that, this time, you get to be in the driver's seat! 

Offer up your tykes one of our Buzz Lightyear costumes for kids in order to help them continue the story long after the movie marathon ends. Whether they are heading out for Halloween or joining an infinitely fun Toy Story birthday party, our kid's Buzz Lightyear costumes come in a wide variety. Try our Inflatable Buzz Lightyear costumes to maintain the bulky look of his toy form or try one of our Buzz Lightyear jumpsuits for easy wear. 

Adults won't be missing out on the fun, either. We have Buzz Lightyear costumes for adults so that you can keep a hold of your favorite Pixar films. Team up with Woody or Bo Peep for a grand Toy Story couple costume or bring the whole team together for the ultimate Toy Story group costume look. 

Now that you've got your eye on your destiny, it's time to pick out your favorite Buzz Lightyear costumes and blast off! Just keep an eye out for those devious aliens who are always trying to steal the scene.