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There is no need to wait for a magic carpet ride when you and your friends and family dress up in our Jasmine costumes. Make your Disney Princess wishes come true thanks to our Jasmine costumes for girls and adult Jasmine costumes, too! From flowing blue fabric to a few Jasmine dog costumes, too, the whole family will be transformed faster than the Genie could snap his fingers! Start your Disney adventure today!
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Aladdin Womens Jasmine Costume
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Jasmine Deluxe Adult update
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Women's Aladdin Jasmine Costume
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Disney Aladdin Jasmine Dog Costume
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Women's Egyptian Sandals
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Products 1 - 18 of 18

If you found a magical genie's lamp, would your first wish be to become a beautiful princess? Sure, maybe that wish didn't initially work out so well for Aladdin, but if you got just a bit more specific, you might find that all your Disney dreams were answered! Among all of the Disney Princesses, there is one who stands just a bit above the rest. Not only is her color scheme dreamy but she's got a warrior's spirit to boot! Let's talk a bit about the majesty of Jasmine, the princess of Agrabah! 

Disney Princesses are all known for their adorable dresses and their brave animal companions. Jasmine is no different, either! She is known for the sheer cloth of brilliant blue. It's perfect for a magic carpet ride over the vast desert sand! She's also not one to go for some little rat or little kitty. She's got an epic tiger to keep her company! Her own bravery rises to match her animal companion, too. Not too many princesses would brave the world all on their own or go on an adventure to keep their country safe and secure. (That makes her the best Disney Princess right there.) Still, she wasn't always expected to be the heart-warming and noble-hearted gal she was. Originally, she was going to be a bit vain and a whole lot more materialistic. Fear not, though! The writers realized that we needed a Disney Princess that would capture our hearts. And now you can channel that same fun with our collection of Jasmine costumes. 

We have Jasmine costumes for girls as well as adult Jasmine costumes for all of your needs. Are you heading to Disney Land or an exotic anime convention? Well, you can be sure that you're dressed to impress with one of our Jasmine costumes. Make sure that you've got the full twirl factor at the ready with the sheer fabric and authentic details that will bring Jasmine to life!

Just imagine putting on the most epic Disney-themed birthday party out there. Gather up a whole team of Disney Princesses or transport everyone to Agrabah with these kid's Jasmine costumes. Stuffed tigers and magic carpets will make a great idea for decoration while your tykes are blowing out candles to make yet another wish. (After all, a Jasmine birthday party was their first wish!)

Halloween will be a whole new world when you or your tyke slips into a Jasmine Halloween costume, too. Team up with some of our Aladdin costumes and Genie costumes to bring the whole film series to life. (Just watch out for that jealous Jafar. He's always trying to sneak into the middle of those photo opportunities.)