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Tired of the cloistered life of Agrabah royalty? It's time to break free! And there is no better way to do that than to channel your inner Jasmine Disney Princess with these Jasmine Gifts. From Disney t-shirts to Irregular Choice Jasmine shoes, you'll find inspiration for all the very best in Disney gifts. Don't forget our Jasmine costumes to bring your Aladdin fun to life! It's a whole new world with these Jasmine gifts.
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Aladdin Carpet Ride Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
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Disney Jasmine Coin Bank
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Jasmine Couture de Force Statue
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Disney Jasmine Genie Lamp Statue
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Disney Stylized Jasmine Statue
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Cakeworthy 90's Princess Denim Jacket main update
Sale - 13%
Aladdin Jasmine & Genie 16oz 2pc Glass Set
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Jasmine Deluxe Adult update
Sale - 20%
Disney Aladdin Jasmine Dog Costume
Sale - 40%
Women's Aladdin Jasmine Costume
Sale - 36%
POP Disney Aladdin Live Jasmine Figure
Out of Stock
Jasmine Top & Bike Shorts Set 1
Out of Stock
Aladdin Jasmine Glasses
Out of Stock
White Woodland Jasmine Statue
Products 1 - 41 of 41

If you've been following the wonderful world of Disney for even a little while, you'll know all about the adventures of Aladdin. From flying carpets to the treasures hidden in the Cave of Wonders itself, there are more fun memories waiting than grains of desert sand! But, the most dazzling gem of all can be found in the royal palace of Agrabah. We're not talking about some shiny stone in the crown of the Sultan. We're talking about the lady in blue, Princess Jasmine! 

She's the brave-hearted and noble gal who wants to do right by all of her citizens, even though she still wants to explore the world on her own, too! Did you know Jasmine started out as a totally different character? Originally, she was going to be a gold-obsessed gal who couldn't be bothered to stop her snobbish behavior. Fortunately, the writers realized that we needed a Disney Princess that would capture our hearts. That's how we got the one and only Jasmine!

If you have a little princess in your life that you want to make feel like a queen, take a look at our collection of Jasmine Gifts! These Disney Princess gifts run the gamut of fun from t-shirts and shoes to fantastic Jasmine costumes. Start your tour by taking a look at our Jasmine shirts. Your tyke will be able to go out biking with her favorite Agrabah princess on her sleeve, zooming down the ways of your own Agrabah like she's soaring the skies on a magic carpet ride. A pair of Irregular Choice Jasmine shoes will be a great display or really show your inner Disney love, too! 

Perhaps you're looking to bring a bit of Jasmine's class into your home. Well, you can't go wrong with Jasmine Pop! figures or a collection of Jasmine decor for your den. Make your house look like a true palace with riches from around the world... or at least from the animated adventures of your favorite Disney Princess. 

When you're ready for a terrific Halloween, a Disney-themed birthday party, or just want to have the very best movie marathon out there, you can look at our Jasmine costumes to grant your wish. We have Jasmine costumes for kids and women's Jasmine costumes, too. Join up with a pal in an Aladdin costume or hunt down the Genie yourself. After all, Jasmine is just as mighty a protagonist as her street rat companion! 

Find your favorite Jasmine gift in by scrolling through and seeing which treasure is too goo to scroll beyond. In no time, you'll be soaring through a whole new world of Disney fun.