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Who is the one Avenger that is ready to show up and help everyone no matter whose movie it is? Black Widow, clearly. It is time to be a hero for yourself. What better way to show that you are there and ready to step in at a moment's notice than with a Black Widow themed gift?
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Avenging Assassin Women's Costume

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In the superhero world, there are few things more insulting than to be called a sidekick. Sure, if you're legitimately just the support character who is really just there to be protected as you learn how to be a hero yourself, a sidekick is a perfectly acceptable role to play. The world's a dangerous place. There are crazy criminals ready to pull off deadly affairs just to win some money from the bank. There are dangerous cults that seem to love playing with mysterious relics that are definitely going to bring about the end of the world. Then, there is an entire galaxy filled with everything under a thousand suns that could knock the planet out of its orbit. You've got to be prepared and that means you need to be molded by a powerful hero, right? 

Well, how about in the case of Natalia Alianovna Romanoff? You probably recognize her better as Natasha or, as the rest of the world has learned to call her, Black Widow. Here, we've got a character who certainly didn't need to be molded by anyone. She had her training in the Red Room that made her one of the most skilled and potentially deadly humans on the entire planet... and she was finished with that before any of the Avengers knew what way was up! 

In fact, she's so skilled that she has shown up in just about everyone's films, making sure that they win the day and avoid being killed by everything from poison to brainwashed buddies or just themselves on a rage kick. She was there helping Tony Stark in his movies. She helped Captain America get through some really tough times. She was even watching Bruce Banner when he first got impacted by gamma rays (and looked really different). But, still, we're waiting for Natasha to have her own moment on the silver screen. (She and Hawkeye, both!) 

Interested in weapons, perhaps? Well, Natasha would be happy to show you a thing or two. Hopefully, she's just interested in teaching you how to use her batons, a signature weapon she calls the Black Widow's Bite. You'd imagine that to be a frightening kind of poison, but ever since joining the Avengers, she's somewhat left those assassination tactics behind. This is a shocking baton that would even give Loki a stunned moment to reconsider his plans. 

Well, until it is time to see Black Widow's titular film come out, you can still be sure that she's got your back in your independent roles. With our wide variety of Black Widow gifts, you'll find that Natasha truly is the best. She can hide in plain sight as one of our adorable POP! vinyls or help you develop the Mask of Many Faces with a variety of different colors and styles of Black Widow wigs and accessories. And, when the film finally does break out, you'll be able to celebrate with more Black Widow action figures or even a 10th Anniversary Chrome collectible. Of course, the real gift will be watching the rest of the heroes finally seeing what a real adventure is like!