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Whether you're buying for yourself or for the imagination enthusiast in your life, we've got all the Toy Weapons & Gadgets any kid could want! Playtime is a really important time in any kid's life, and having all these fun accessories are a great way to facilitate that imaginative play. Perhaps they'd love to "Vroom and Vwing" with our Star Wars lightsabers, or be just like an adventurer with our safe toy guns. We're sure you'll find just one!
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Darth Maul Red Double-Blade Lightsaber
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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Travelers Bow
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Legend of Zelda Link Sword
Star Wars The Mandalorian Nerf Pulse Blaster
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Star Wars Chewbacca Bowcaster-0
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Halo Energy Sword
Minecraft Gold Sword Accessory
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Ahsoka Lightsaber Accessory
Thor Stormbreaker Role Play Toy
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Nerf Hyper Evolve Blaster
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Disney Pixar Lightyear Laser Blade DX
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Nerf Ultra Speed Blaster
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Halo Needler
Nerf Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-8 Blaster
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Thor Hammer
Fortnite Nerf Flare Dart Blaster
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Roblox Nerf Arsenal Pulse Laser Motorized Dart Blaster
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Knight Sword w/Sound Effects
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Pistol Deluxe Playset
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Kingdom Hearts: Oblivion Keyblade-0
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Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster
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24 Inch Red Halo Energy Sword
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Northern King Sword
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Products 1 - 60 of 85

Sometimes play time just isn't good enough until you have the right equipment to take it to the next level! Whether it's a blaster to fight off aliens, or a lightsaber to take on The Empire, make sure your favorite kid has all of the tools to make their imaginations come to life. Imagine suiting up like Baymax from Big Hero Six, or wielding the Hammer of Thor. With these fun toys, any kid can go from regular to super. Give these as a gift to your favorite fan, they make a great present for any occasion!

Best Toy Weapons & Gadgets

We've all wished for it. You know, to be some kind of master swordsman, like the ones in a daring fantasy novel. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of being a space adventurer with a laser gun at your side? Come on! We can't be the only ones that dream about it! Unfortunately, most of us never really get the chance to hone our ways in weapon mastery (nor would we have a practical use for those sorts of skills). Instead, we end up daydreaming about what it might be like to be to a hero armed to the teeth! Well, the good news is that we always have toys! Toy weapons and gadgets are the best way to make that dream feel like a reality. It never hurts to give the ol' imagination a healthy little jumpstart with a cool weapon.

They're not just for kids, although kids definitely love having a good toy weapon to play with. Whether you're trying to feel like Batman by wielding a Batarang or if it's always been your dream to cosplay as your favorite video game character, toy weapons make it all feel possible! We just had to showcase some of our best toy weapons! Since we've been huge fans of different toy weapons, we put together some lists of our favorite toy weapons of all time. From collectible swords to movie props and even dart guns, we'll cover it all in our little guide to the best toy weapons of all time.

Top 5 Toy Weapons for Kids

Kids have wild imaginations. The backyard can transform into a fantasy world richer than anything you might witness in a movie. The old tree in the backyard transforms into a dragon. The car parked in the driveway becomes a pirate ship and the family dog becomes the king of the land! It's a place where they can be their favorite superhero, a brave knight from the medieval times, or even a video game character. Of course, with all of those marvelous characters comes a wide variety of special toy weapons to match to help them on their quest!

Kids love toy weapons. It gives them the chance to feel like the superheroes and fantasy characters that they've come to love. But then the real question becomes, what are the best toy weapons for kids? There are so many, which ones are the top favorites? Well, we've put together a list some of the top toy weapons for kids to help you figure out which kind of toy is best for your little hero!

5. Pirate Swords

Pirate Swords

First up, let's take a look at a classic. Kids have been pretending to be pirates for ages. Despite the cruel reality of pirate life, we tend to idolize them as lovable scamps. Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean have helped the world see the swashbuckling outlaws in a slightly more favorable light. Of course, the best part about being a pirate? Getting to wield a cool pirate sword, of course! Pirate swords make number 5 on our list, since they're such a classic that never seems to go out of style with young kids. Your kid can cook up all sorts of high seas adventures when that have a trusty toy pirate cutlass in their hands!

4. Ninja Weapons

Ninja Weapons

We need to talk about ninjas. Every kid goes through a ninja phase. (Some of them go through a Ninja Turtles phase, but that's an entirely different thing.) It often means that your child will try practicing their martial arts moves in the living room, much to the dismay of your living room decorations. It also means they might sneak around the house in an attempt to master the Shinobi art of stealth. That's why we place ninja weapons at number 4 on our list. Any kid stuck in his ninja phase can entertain themselves for countless hours as they practice their self-taught brand of ninjutsu. Embrace it! After all, once they turn into a teenager, they'll never want to play ninja warriors with mom and dad, and it's always a good thing when you have an excuse to play ninja warriors as an adult.

3. Minecraft Toy Weapons

Minecraft Toy Weapons

The hottest video game for kids had to make an appearance on this list. Minecraft has captivated the minds of kids by basically being a giant game of LEGOs, but inside of a video game. It's only natural that kids want to bring their beloved game into the real world, which is why Minecraft toy weapons have earned the number 3 slot on our list. From pixelated toy swords to bow and arrow style weapons, there's something for any creative young mind to choose from. It's also an excellent way to get those little rapscallions to put that computer away to get some good old fashioned exercise in the outdoors and any toy that helps do that is a winner in our book!

2. Toy Bow and Arrow

Toy Bow and Arrow

Hawkeye from the Avengers has made archery cool again. Well, okay, maybe archery was never not cool, but seeing a superhero deal with bad guys using a bow and arrow…it's enough to make anyone pick up archery as a new hobby. Of course, with proper training you can become a marksmanship expert, but if you just want to mess around with a cool weapon like your favorite heroes, then a toy bow and arrow is far superior to the real deal. We place these toys at number 2 on our list since there's just nothing cooler than archers who can hang with super-powered heroes!

1. Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns had to make number 1 on our list! No, it's not just because everyone in our office is required to have a Nerf Gun at their desk. (It’s somewhere in our employee handbook.) Nerf Guns really do blow everything else out of the water when it comes to toy weapons for kids. Since they fire harmless darts, they not only help kids explore their imagination but also fire foam darts at their friends! There are plenty of different styles to choose from, including ones themed after Star Wars and Marvel superheroes. So no matter what your child is into, they should be able to find the perfect Nerf Gun right here.

Top 5 Star Wars Toy Weapons

The weapons really make Star Wars. Think about it. In A New Hope, Obi-Wan and Darth Vader face off in the first ever lightsaber battle. In each movie since then, the battles have become more intense and more action packed! Can you even imagine having a Star Wars movie without the epic lightsaber battle at the end? Okay, so maybe Solo: A Star Wars Story did pretty well without one, but at least it had some intense blaster battles going on! But which toy Star Wars weapons are the best? Obviously lightsabers are in that list, but what else? Does a toy version of the Ewok spear make the list? Well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out! We've taken a pretty heavy look at all of the Star Wars toys weapons in the galaxy and we've come up with our top 5 Star Wars toy weapons.

5. Star Wars Toy Guns

Star Wars Toy Guns

Number 5 on our list are Star Wars toy guns. Most heroes in the Star Wars galaxy wield the legendary lightsaber as their primary weapon. Others? Well, a blaster is more their style. After all, not everyone has a connection to the Force to help them wield the legendary weapon! (We sure don't.) Obi-Wan Kenobi might think that they're uncivilized, but we happen to think that they're pretty dang cool! We're putting them at the number 5 spot in our list of Star Wars toy weapons. They might be pretty basic, but these toy blaster weapons are the top choice for any smuggler in the galaxy!

4. Star Wars Masks

Star Wars Mask

Alright, so a mask isn't really a weapon. It is, however, an instrument used during combat to protect the face, but if you ask us…an intimidating look can be more powerful than any lightsaber in some battles! Of course, when it comes to masks and helmets, Star Wars has some of the best ones. Darth Vader definitely takes the cake by having the most iconic helmet of all time and Kylo Ren's look leaves an equally devious mark on the Star Wars lore. Boba Fett rocks a pretty iconic helmet and so does Jango Fett for that matter! That's why Star Wars masks slide in at number 4 on our list. With any of our Star Wars masks, you can bring an intense style to your next imaginary battle.

3. Star Wars Prop Weapons

Star Wars Prop Weapons

Not all toy weapons are designed for mock battles! Some are such high quality that they make for a great display piece. Star Wars prop weapons are a special kind of toy that does its best to recreate the look from the movies. These are better for cosplay purposes than they are for heavy play, but the level of details on these sorts of toys are amazing! Star Wars has product lines like the Black Series and Force FX, which have really put an authentic spin on collectible toys.

2. Star Wars Nerf Guns

Star Wars Nerf Guns

The only thing better than a normal dart gun is a Star Wars Nerf Gun! Of course, real blasters in the Star Wars universe fire bolts of plasma. Those are much too dangerous for toys, so these ones just shoot foam darts, perfect for giant dart battles! They're definitely a lot more fun and a lot less dangerous than a real blaster. And if you want the real secret to winning a dart battle, then follow Han Solo's lead. Shoot first…and never let anyone tell you the odds (especially not a droid).

1. Toy Lightsabers

Toy Lightsabers

Did you guess what was going to take the top spot? Yeah, you guessed it. Toy lightsabers had to be number 1 on our list! Who doesn't want to wield a glowing laser sword from space? Most people have been on a personal quest to own their very own lightsaber since their very first time watching one of the movies. For us, it was A New Hope. For younger generations, it may have been the prequel trilogy. Now, a new generation is being introduced to the legendary weapon through the sequel trilogy. These days, plenty of toy lightsabers exist to satisfy your need to wield one for yourself, including some pretty high-quality replicas from the movies!

Other Cool Swords

The world of toy weapons is vast! Although we've covered some of those designed for kids, there are also plenty of other cool swords, specifically the collectible ones that we adults can be proud to own. After all, the dream of wielding a sword against a legion of evil foes never really leaves you, even when you become a full-fledged adult. Just imagine that you're Jon Snow, heroically defending Westeros from a wave of White Walkers. Or perhaps you're more of a gamer? Well, there are plenty of collectible toy swords that can help you feel like Link, heading on an adventure to save Hyrule. We dream about being a cool hero with a sword at least twice a day, so we wanted to showcase some of our favorite toys! Just check out some of our toy swords more suited for adults.

Foam Swords

Foam Swords

Foam swords are really the go-to when it comes to toy weapons for adults. Of course, there is the world of full-on replica weapons, too. But since we don't consider anything with an actual metal blade to be a toy, those are made to be a display piece! These foam swords do a great job of recreating iconic swords from series like Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, and some of your favorite movies. You can also wield them as you fight against imaginary foes in your backyard without fear of accidentally hurting yourself, because the blades are made out of soft foam! They're our pick for any adult who still feels that urge to pick up a toy weapon, since they're like classier versions of the ones for kids. And for cosplayers? Well, a foam sword is a must-have accessory for any con that allows toy weapons!