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Sweat by Odin's beard that ye be worthy! Have ye sworn? Good! Then you're ready to take a peek at our Thor gifts. Whether you're looking for something special for the Marvel fan in your life or you want to get your hands on the latest Thor action figure, our selection of Thor merch has the perfect variety waiting for you.
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Products 1 - 14 of 14

Thor has a long history. Marvel took the classic Norse mythology of the character and crafted it into a superhero story than began back in 1962. The mighty god found himself on Earth, living the life of a doctor named Donald Blake, who could miraculously transform into the God of Thunder when he wielded Mjolnir. Near limitless power was at his fingertips, and he became one the most important member of the Avengers. Of course, the MCU took a little liberty with the classic tale and reworked his history to fit the silver screen, and Chris Hemsworth brought a goofy new spin on the character by the time Thor: Ragnarok hit theaters. We love all of Thor's iterations, which is why we've brought together some of the coolest Thor gifts on the web!

We've covered all of our bases when it comes to Thor merchandise. We had to start with some items based on his appearance in the Mavel Cinematic Universe, which is why our selection of gifts comes with a ton of different Thor action figures. Whether you're looking for something well-crafted to add to your Thor collection, or you want a simple Funko Pop of Thor, you'll find something to love in our selection.

Maybe you're more of a fan of the classic comic books? Well, no worries! We have gifts that will satisfy any old-school Thor fan. From iconic figures to Thor apparel, our selection is definitely worthy. (We even checked with Odin to make sure that our selection is worthy.)

And if you or the Thor fan in your life isn't just content with owning some cool Thor gear, then you'll be glad to know that we have a wide range of Thor costumes! If you're getting ready to craft your own Marvel cosplay, then you can easily choose one of our full outfits designed to transform you into the amazing Thunder God himself. You can even wield the one and only Mjolnir!

If you're looking for a Thor-inspired gift, then you've definitely come to the right place. Be sure to check back regularly, since our stock is always changing. You never know what brand new items we might have in stock to sate your need for everything Thor!

Thor Merchandise

So, you're searching for Thor merchandise? By Odin's beard, you've found the right shopping spot! We know fans can't get enough of Marvel’s God of Thunder, so we offer some of the coolest Thor apparel, collectibles, and toys found anywhere. To get your shopping started, you'll want to look at our Funko Pop! Thor vinyl figures as well as Thor Infinity War toys like action figures and the Stormbreaker hammer toy. And you should definitely consider a Thor shirt or hoodie, or a home and office item like a Thor coffee mug. To help you get your eyes on the hottest items we offer, we have more info on the top Thor gift ideas right here!

Thor Toys

Ever since the Asgardian kicked big-time butt in Avengers Endgame, Infinity War Thor toys have been one of the top collectible items for fans. We feature Hasbro Marvel Legends Thor figures from the Infinity Saga as well as figures from Thor feature films and classic Marvel comics. We also have an impressive selection of Thor's hammer toys. Admit it, you've always wanted to know what it's like to swing Thor's Mjolnir hammer. This might just be your big chance!

Thor Action Figures

Thor Action Figures

Action figure fanatics who want to party with the Asgard's Thunder God will love our selection of Thor figures. We feature premium figures from Hasbro and that includes the fan-favorite Legends Series. Which means, of course, we have one of the coolest Thor action figures ever made. The Fat Thor Action Figure! The 6-inch Infinity Saga Thor, seen here, features the hero's bulked-up look from Avengers Endgame, and comes complete with the Stormbreaker and Mjolnir hammers that he dually wielded in the climactic moments of the movie.

Thor Hammer Toys

Thor Hammer Toys

Every Thor fan is united by one question. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned comic book collector, a kiddo who loves Marvel movies, or a brand-new fan. You want to know what it's like to swing the Mjolnir hammer! Well, we have Thor hammer toys that will give you the chance to try it out. We offer costume replica Thor's hammer toys as well as high-end collectibles. The Stormbreaker Axe, pictured here, is a top choice. An impressive collectible, it measures 44" long and features LED light effects and epic thunder sounds!

Thor Statues & Collectibles

If you can't get enough of Marvel's Thor, you'll be glad to know we sell some sweet Thor figurines to keep your collection on the up and up. If you're obsessed with Funkos, you'll want to check out the latest Thor pop figures. Or, if you have a serious bug for collecting and are searching for high-end items with amazing detail and polish, check out one of our Marvel Thor statues for an item you will love.

Thor Statues

Thor Statue

If you like to really be wowed when you get a new Marvel item, you need to add a statue of Thor to your collection! We feature premium collectible Thor statues like the Thor Unleashed Deluxe 1/10 Scale Statue seen here. The polystone piece has amazing sculpt and paint details, not to mention a fabric cape and an inscribed Mjolnir hammer. The sculpt even features blue energy waves and a little Throg figure who's coming along for the fun!

Funko Pop Thor Figures

Funko Pop Thor

If you're a long-time Marvel fan, you probably have a whole bunch of Funko Pop! bobbleheads featuring your favorite Avengers. Well, you better make sure you have all the amazing Pop! versions of Thor. We sell Infinity War Funko Pop! figures and the Thor Pops certainly don't disappoint. We offer the heroic Endgame Thor in his time travel suit, as well as two amazing fat Thor figures: One of him holding a slice of pizza and another that features him in a dudetastic outfit with shades!

Thor T-Shirts & Apparel

Got so much appreciation for the Asgardian Avenger that you need to show it off? Well, sounds like you need some Thor clothing! You're sure to be looking slick in a Thor shirt that features the hero with excellent artwork, or you could grab a Thor hat to show off your fandom with a more subtle touch. We offer several Thor apparel options like tees, hoodies, and even socks!

Thor T-Shirts

Thor T-Shirt

We sell an exclusive series of Avengers Infinity Saga t-shirts, and if Thor is your favorite hero on the team, our tee that features him is one for the ages! The Marvel Saga Thor Shirt features graphic art that depicts Thor's evolving look through the course of the movie franchise, and of course, the Mjolnir hammer is featured front and center.

Thor Socks

Thor Socks

If your feet feel a little stuffy in shoes all day, we recommend getting a pair of socks that feature the Asgardian god. They might just give your metatarsals a little boost of thunder power! These Thor Knit Socks feature a 360 print of the iconic Marvel character, cleverly designed with his face facing forward for a superhero swagger that peeks out above your kicks!