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Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

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What's this!? There's definitely something in the air. It can only be the Pumpkin King and his wonderful mischief. We've gotta hand it to Jack Skellington. He managed to unite everyone's two favorite holidays in one. Gear up whether it is October, December, or any time around the year with Nightmare Before Christmas costumes that are sure to make your night festive.
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Sally Prestige Adult Costume
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Jack Skellington Pet Costume
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Jack Skellington Mouth Mover Mask
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Oogie Boogie Vinyl Mask
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Products 1 - 47 of 47

There are two major holidays for dressing up in fantastic costumes. Halloween and Christmas both provide fantastic looks. From happy elves to scary witches and jolly Santas to scheming devils, there are costumes for everyone. But, where can you go to get costumes that are perfect for both holidays? Well, clearly for that we'll need to turn to the magical doors that lead us into the realms of the holidays, themselves. 

The best guide for that kind of adventure is the only hero who has traveled through at least two of them: Jack Skellington. Indeed, we turn to the Pumpkin King, himself, to let us know what is best for a look that will bring bright smiles (and a few spooky shakes) to everyone we know. It's time to dive into our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes! 

Jack Skellington might be the obvious look but have you considered all the different styles that he pulls off? For your first Nightmare Before Christmas costume, you can look at the vampire-like collar and ghastly suit that makes up the iconic Jack Skellington costume. You'll find a few masks that even give you the stitchcraft smile that he made infamous. Of course, once it is time for the adventure to get rolling, Jack needs to do all he can to save Santa's holiday by delivering those gifts. That means your skeleton costume is going to get an upgrade with a holiday look. Try out your Bwa Ho Ho! when the Pumpkin King dresses up in a Santa Claus costume. The combination of these two ensures that any gift you give will be part spooky and all fun! 

Of course, if you'd like to wear a Nightmare Before Christmas character costume that features your careful mind and kind attitude, you might want to look at a Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume instead. This rag-doll appearance might look like everything will fall apart at the seams, but it's all a comfy illusion that will let you live your best Sally life. (Or is it unlife? Always hard to decide when you're talking about Halloween Town!) 

That's hardly enough to throw a party, though. If you're looking for the ultimate in Nightmare Before Christmas group costumes, you'll find several of your favorite characters. Bring the strange Mayor out of his nervous frenzy when he teams up with Zero, the wonder dog! Gather several of the other residents of Halloween Town or even pull some of our Christmas outfits to show the world that Santa and the Pumpkin King managed to patch things up. (Obviously with Sally's help.) 

Of course, if you really want to tell a tale, you can dress up in an Oogie Boogie costume or have Lock, Shock, and Barrel go on a misadventure to spread some chaos for their beloved nightmare king. Don't worry, our scary Oogie Boogie costumes aren't filled with bugs. (Of course, you could get some spider decorations to really make folks think you're channeling the magic of Halloween!) 

Bring your favorite Tim Burton film to life when you try some of our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes on for size. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a natural time for all things strange, spooky, and spectacular. Whether it is ghosts in the graveyards, werewolves going on walks, or witches wondering which way to wander, there are endless opportunities for fun memories! And, of course, it brings another bit of festive fun that has us cheering from October through Christmas time and beyond.

Dive into the quirky, charming world of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas with our extensive range of Halloween Costumes. From the iconic Jack Skellington and his heartfelt companion Sally, to the mischievous trio of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, there's something to satisfy every fan's favorite character. Experience the magic and mystery of Halloween Town right in your living room or head into the night to spread the fun of this whimsical world.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Costumes

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Costumes

Everyone loves a quality villain. Of course, when they are more comic mischief than truly evil, it is even better. Let your impish side go wild with our Lock, Shock, and Barrel Costumes. Perfect for group costumes, these outfits capture the cheeky and playful spirit of Oogie Boogie's faithful minions. We have sizes for adults and kids alike, too, so, grab your bathtub and get ready to cause some mischief!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes for Adults

We were first able to jump into the weird world of Halloween Town in 1993. That means that most of the adults out there today likely have a fond memory or two about Jack wondering "What's This!?" or Oogie Boogie's unique style of villainy. Rediscover the charming tale of Halloween Town with Adult Nightmare Before Christmas costumes. Whether you're drawn to the Pumpkin King himself or find yourself sympathizing with the lonely rag doll Sally, we've got you covered.

Jack Skellington Costumes for Adults

Jack Skellington Costume Adult

Assume the mantle of Halloween Town's beloved Pumpkin King with our Adult Jack Skellington costumes. Don your pinstriped suit and iconic skull mask to let the holiday magic take hold. Or you can even go with the original glimpse of Jack in his Pumpkin King costume for an extra scare.

Sally Costumes for Women

Sally Costume Women

Everyone in Halloween Town has their own style of strange. They are spooky and alarming-looking, after all. But there is one sweetheart that everyone loves. Strut out in a patchwork dress and vibrant hair as Halloween Town's kind-hearted rag doll with our Adult Sally costumes.

Adult Oogie Boogie Costumes

Adult Oogie Boogie Costume

Who is the scariest guy in all of Halloween Town? Well, Jack is just a bit too festive, so the trophy must go to Oogie Boogie! Bring the sinister shadow on the moon to life with our Oogie Boogie costumes for adults. Cloaked in a jumpsuit with burlap print, you're about to boogie!

Jack Skellington Costumes for Women

Jack Skellington Costume Womens

Add a twist to the traditional with our Women's Jack Skellington costumes. This ensemble allows for a feminine touch while remaining true to Jack's classic look. A perfect mix of whimsy and sophistication, we have outfits with a female silhouette as well as pinstripe skirts and dresses!

Kid's The Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Kid Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Whether you have some kiddos that you raised on the Disney and Tim Burton classic or if they have discovered the amazing story on their own, the whimsical design of Halloween Town is for everyone. Let your little ones explore their imagination with our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for Kids! Whether they're drawn to Sally's kindness or intrigued by Oogie Boogie's mischief, they're sure to find a character they love.

Sally Costumes for Kids

Your little one can channel the sweet and brave Sally with our Kid's Sally costumes. With a detailed patchwork dress and red yarn wig, they'll be all set for their Halloween Town adventure. A pair of stitched tights, a deluxe skirt, or a Funko mask can make it even more fun!

Kid's Oogie Boogie Costumes

Most kids have that moment where they grab a random towel robe to transform into someone spooky. Ignite their mischievous streak with our Oogie Boogie costumes for Kids to let them elevate their playtime pranks. The printed burlap combines with a cozy jumpsuit for easy fun.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Accessories

There are many ways to dive into the fun of Halloween Town without a costume. And for those looking to add a little bit of extra authenticity to their Halloween costume might be hunting down a treat that will really trick out their look. Round out any look and give it an air of Burtonesque bounty with our range of Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Accessories. From character masks to costume kits, these final touches will take your outfit from good to ghastly!

Zero Costume Kits

Zero Costume Kit

Everyone knows that man's best friend is the dog. But who knew that such a powerful friendship was endless? Pay homage to Jack's faithful ghost dog with a Zero Costume Kit. These accessories can include character headbands, bright white capes, or shining pumpkin noses. How fun!?

Mayor Costume Kits

Mayor Costume Kit

Capture the dual personality of Halloween Town's Mayor with our Mayor Costume Kit. With a two-faced mask and spider bow tie, you'll perfectly represent the constant panic and joy of the Mayor. Tall hats and Mayor Ribbons are perfect for those who like to keep others on their toes!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Masks

Trying to grin just as wide as the characters from Halloween Town? Well, don't feel bad. They are animated that way, after all. But if you take a page from the trio of Boogie's Boys, you can elevate your ensemble with our Nightmare Before Christmas Character Masks. Choose from Jack's skeletal grin, Sally's stitched smile, Oogie Boogie's sinister smirk, or a variety of others!

Oogie Boogie Hats

Oogie Boogie is a character who is larger than life. So, naturally, if you want to draw on some of that energy, you might want to think outside of the box. While a burlap costume is great, you'll stand even taller when you step into Oogie Boogie's burlap shoes with our Oogie Boogie Hat. It's perfect for those looking to channel the fun-loving menace without committing to a full look!