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Womens Friends Logo Hoodie
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Friends Central Perk Notebook
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Friends Fall Is Best Soup Mug
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Clue Friends Edition
Friends Mug and Apron Gift Set
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Friends Holiday Sweater
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Central Perk Cappuccino Mug
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Friends Frame Shaped Mug
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Central Perk Cookie Jar
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Friends Couch Sprinkler
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Friends Central Perk 62" x 90" Blanket
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POP Friends 500 Piece Puzzle
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4 Pc Friends Scene Quotes Glass Tumbler Set-1
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Friends Ross Geller TUBBZ Collectible Duck
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WB Friends Sketch 3 Piece Black Textile Set
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Friends Color Change Umbrella
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Friends Central Perk Travel Mug
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POP TV: Friends- Ross as Sputnik
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Products 1 - 60 of 78

There was a time when “no one told you life was gonna be this way.“ Not anymore! Lucky for all of us, ever since the nineties, there have been a group of friends in New York City that has shown us that even if our job is a joke, we’re broke, and our love life is D.O.A. there’s a group of people that will be there for us, to  make us laugh, sigh, and cry as we watch reruns. Yes, there are some things about the show that don’t quite add up. How do those twenty-somethings afford their apartments with a full kitchen, bathtubs, and private bedrooms when they’re working as chefs and waitresses? But that doesn’t matter, what matters is the love and support these friends show each other.

This show has taught us endless lessons. Phoebe was never afraid to say exactly what she was thinking. For instance, when she’s feeling pressured to do something she doesn’t want to do, she diplomatically proclaims, “I wish I could but I don’t want to!" Ross might have gotten married more than a handful of times but he never loves halfway; that has to be a virtue, right? Joey never tries to be someone he’s not, even though he’s an actor and that’s what he’s supposed to do. Monica never fails to lay down the law with some hard truths. Chandler always knew how to get us laughing. And the stylish Rachel got a whole new haircut named after her while keeping the group on their toes.

So, with all the influence this show has had on our lives, it’s no wonder that we’re still interested in gathering Friends gifts! There’s no doubt that walking into the world while wearing a Central Perk, Friends shirt is going to start a little conversation. What’s better than re-watching your favorite season while eating ice cream out of a Friends coffee cup. If you’re feeling the kind of heartbreak regularly expressed by Rachel and Ross, then cuddle up in a sweatshirt to remind you that you aren’t alone. And hey, it wouldn’t hurt to invite a couple Friends characters to keep you company at the office. Not only would they start conversations, they might inspire you as well. Rachel and Monica never took much trouble at work before facing the perpetrator head on.

Whether you watched this show as it came out during the nineties or you watched reruns on television ten years later, we all looked to these six friends as an example of what friendship could be. How could we ignore the bond that these six had? What’s better than Monica and Chandler getting married after years of close friendship? These people showed us how to remain friends even after moving a couch down the stairs of a New York apartment.  They don’t coddle each other. They correct each other’s grammar, call each other out when it comes to bad fake tans, and most importantly, they were there for each other when they reached the big 30. So maybe you’re not a part of a six-person click but at least you’ve got Friends merchandise that will be there for you when the rain starts to fall. Friends umbrella, anyone?

Friends Merchandise

Friends Merchandise

No one told you life was gonna be this waaay! *clap clap clap clap*

With that, the earworm theme song to Friends carries on in your head, even though you were just listening to something entirely different. But the 90s and 2000s hit series promised to be there for you, no matter what. So, there it is, flooding your memories with hilarious one-liners, sentimental scenes, and some truly iconic fashion moments. You're not here just to be reminded of the magic of Friends, though.

Like the theme song, the magic is impossible to forget. No, you're here to bring your favorite TV-friends home, to surprise your lobster, or introduce the fun to someone that missed it the first time around. Luckily, when you shop our Friends gifts selection, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey will be there, like they've been there before. Only, they'll probably arrive as a collectible, t-shirt, or decoration. Continue reading for a brief Friends gifting guide that'll have you covered for birthdays, holidays, or just-because treats!

Friends Mugs

Friends Mugs

When a good percentage of a series takes place in a coffee shop, coffee mugs as gifts just make sense! But among our selection of drinkware, you'll find way more than a ceramic Friends mug to sip from. So, pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee, sit with us for a spell, and learn a bit of what our latte mug-sized collection has to offer. From party glasses for your Friends marathon with friends to water bottles great for carrying when trying out a Monica-level training regiment, we've got what you need!

Friends Coffee Mug

We'll start with the classic coffee mug, a must-have for any Friends fan. You'll find a variety of styles in our selection. All you need to decide is if a sculpted mug would better immerse the receiver in their favorite TV world, or if they'd prefer something simpler; perhaps a Friends TV show coffee mug set for sharing the experience. You'll find it all here! Choose a peephole frame mug as a housewarming gift, or expand your coffee bar with mugs bearing iconic phrases. Just don't forget to clean the espresso machine like Rachel before serving up another hot drink.

Friends Tumbler

Now, if you're anything like the six pals haunting the Central Perk, you probably find yourself in a rush on occasion. We get it, life happens quickly! One minute the clock reads 8 am, the next it's time for bed and best-laid plans were forgotten. But whether speeding off to appointments, last-minute dates, or to prevent monkey mischief, there's no need to leave your coffee chilling on the table. Pour the much-needed beverage into a tumbler! Insulated, capped, and featuring a nod to Friends or other pop culture favorites, travel mugs offer to help keep your day on track!

Friends Shot Glasses

Costume party, going-away soiree, or birthday bash you and your friends will use any excuse to celebrate. Not unlike the 20-somethings living their best lives in NYC. But parties call for a different kind of sipping. Coffee for after. Luckily, we're here to help check everything off your party supply list, and it's cheers to the occasion or every Friends moment that makes you and yours smile when you add Friends themed shot glasses or pub glasses to the cupboard! Featuring quotes, prints, and enough to share, each option can get the party started!

Friends Central Perk Mug

Circling back to something warm and soul-awakening, as the Friends always do, let's visit the Central Perk! Turn every coffee or tea into a Central Perk offering when you shop mugs featuring the shop's familiar logo. With a range of sizes perfect for straight black coffee, expertly steeped tea leaves, or that latte art you've been practicing, no two options are quite the same. Collect each Friends TV show mug or build the perfect back-to-school gift for the buddy getting a doctorate in paleontology. Whatever the occasion, a Central Perk mug is more than fine!

Friends Décor

Friends Decor

We've explored smaller gifts that keep the Friends around. Now it's time for the big gestures! Or, at least, ways to update your space so it feels a bit more like the Central Perk and your bestie's place feels like Monica's enviable apartment. Of course, as always, we've got the stuff to make it happen—have you seen the Care-A-Lot you can create with our Care Bear selection? Here's the same! From a cozy Friends tv show blanket to bright ideas like a Friends Central Perk sign, you can make Friends NYC yours!

Friends Peephole Frame

We'd be remiss not to start our decoration discussion with anything but one of the series' most recognizable pieces of hanging décor. So, we give you our offerings for Friends peephole frames! When you shop our Friends décor, you'll find several ways to bring the curly yellow border home—we've already mentioned mugs featuring the peephole cover. Why not put a twist on the classic with a Friends peephole picture frame that ensures every view is pleasant? Or keep it iconic and grab a recreation of the frame to dress up your own lilac door!

Central Perk Friends Logo

The second most familiar hanging decoration has to be the Central Perk logo! Viewers could guess what might happen next based on how bright it was. Would they need to hug something plush or throw a hat in the air to celebrate an orange couch moment. Now, stop asking Where is Friends Central Perk? Turn your place into the beloved safe space with a Central Perk neon! Just don't forget an orange couch to complete the look. Whether a bank to collect pennies for your thoughts or a dog toy that'll keep the pup close for comfort, we've got your back!

Friends Throw Blanket

If you've hung a yellow frame on the door, you might as well lean into the Monica Geller apartment vibes. Don't leave the charm on the threshold. Fill your space with the same cozy feel that prime NYC apartment boasted by balancing plush pillows with unique throws! Amongst our collection of pop culture tapestry blankets and all-occasions decorative pillows, you'll find a Friends blanket right for your space. Draped just so on the couch or casually worn while sipping blended drinks on the floor, you'll feel like you've been invited to stay at Mon's place!

Central Perk Snow Globe

You're stocked on Central Perk mugs and the sign is glowing brightly above the coffee bar, but there's always room for one more perk! Add a tourist's touch or festive flair to your Friends collection with a Central Perk water globe available in our snow globe selection! The sparkling trinket feels as special as being a line in Phoebe's Christmas song! So much so, that you'll want nothing more than to display it like a prized souvenir claimed on a tour of NYC. Or better yet, gifted to a friend for Hanukkah, Christmas, or the shiny New Year!

Friends Apparel

Friends Apparel

When you want to share your love with the world, short or shouting it from the top of the Empire State Building, fan apparel can do the trick! You can be sure our selection carries everything from kids clothing sets celebrating classic animated films to blazers that are as work-appropriate as they are magical! And within that range, you'll find apparel perfect for Friends fans! Gear up for a visit to your own Central Perk or treat a pal to something cozy for their next series re-watch after reading the guide below!

Friends Socks

Heading to an event where it’s not the best time to shout about how much you love Friends? Looking for an affordable but thoughtful gift for another Friends fanatic in your life? Go no further than socks! Whether or not they're based on the Friends TV show, socks are a perfect solution to either situation, and so much more! Step into the day with the six besties when you grab a pair for your sock drawer. Or surprise a pal with the just-because gift! With various styles to choose from, and a great price attached, there's no catching cold feet buying Friends socks!

Friends Central Perk Shirt

There's nothing quite as versatile or classic as a fan tee. From casual Fridays at the office to weekend excursions and intense spring-cleaning routines, there's plenty of room for the simple garments. Hit the brunch circuit in a Friends t-shirt Central Perk patrons would envy for its unique styling options. Or pair your favorite well-worn tee with Central Perk sweatpants that go from getting-work-done house clothes to comfy loungewear in no time flat! Whether looking for classic, trendy, or nerd chic, there's something here for every fan!

Friends Central Perk Hoodie

Have you ever considered how much sweaters and sweatshirts can feel like hugs? Only us? Maybe that explains our huge selection of both. No matter! The point is, when you bring home a Friends hoodie, you might just feel like you've been embraced in the arms of your favorite TV pals! Though a Central Perk knit pullover just might have you feeling the love even more with its festive, nostalgia-inducing design. Either way, get wrapped up in the feeling and let it inspire your next sweater weather shopping spree!

Friends Dad Hat

It can't be said enough. Accessories can make or break an outfit. Luckily, we've broken down all our accessories collection into more manageable categories so you can find exactly what your ensemble needs. Whether you're trying to stand out in a crowd with Loungefly or go incognito with baseball hats, we've got you! Get the best stand-out and subtle options when you shop Friends accessories, from a simple Friends dad hat to block the sun or hide a botched Demi Moore haircut to flashy printed backpacks there's a compliment for every outfit!