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Back to School Gift Ideas for Students

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School is just around the corner... and you know what that means! Lunchboxes, art supplies, backpacks, and even dorm room furnishings! Every student needs to be prepared for the year ahead of them and our back to school gift ideas will help the student in your life make the best of the school year. We carry plenty of novelty school gifts to give them the edge in class!
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Products 1 - 17 of 17

Starting a new school year means endless possibilities. Excited students from all over are entering new and challenging grades, anticipating lots of future pop quizzes, making new friends in their classes while also seeing some familiar faces too. They'll become acquainted with new teachers, get a new locker combination, and gain knowledge of all new subjects, but first, there's a little shopping that needs to be done. If you want to see straight A's on your child's report card then stocking up on all new back to school supplies is a must. Mom and dad, equip your kids and teens with all new swag for the upcoming year so they feel confident and excited about their course load. Not only are new pens, pencils, and notebooks a necessity, but updating their wardrobe is also vital to their success in an all-new grade. Keep in mind that looking good means feeling good and learning more. 

Mom and dad, you won't have to dole out a fat wad of cash to fund your children's back to school needs because lots of our back to school merchandise is discounted to a reasonable price. (May even be the best price on the internet!) We offer great prices on everything the upcoming school year could require. We know a thing or two about awaiting freedom (we watch the clock tick down at the office quite a bit) and lots of our products are great for passing the time while they're learning everything from the ABC's to the Pythagorean Theorem.  

In this category, you'll find an assortment of merchandise to intensify the back to school ideas and experience for children and teens entering all grades. Elementary and Middle schoolers will love hauling a Disney themed backpack to school. Both our Little Mermaid backpack and Frozen tropical Olaf backpack feature lots of zippered pockets and printed fabric with depictions of classic Disney characters printed all over. Older kids might prefer waking up to a buzzing BB8 alarm clock or hanging up a Gryffindor banner over their bed to spark dreams of attending Hogwarts. Action figures, underwear, clothing, pencil cases, and chair capes are all found in this category too. A little something for everyone! 

Even college kids aren't too old to benefit from our officially licensed merchandise when they go back to school shopping. We have plenty of home decor items for their dorm rooms. Start the day off right with a piece of Dark Side toast freshly popped out of the Darth Vader toaster or take a couple of big gulps of coffee from your Stormtrooper molded ceramic mug. Finally, carry all your heavy (and expensive) textbooks to class with a deluxe Chewbacca messenger bag. (You'll ace your class on Wookiee Terminology 101, without a doubt.)

Whether you're shopping for your son's very first day of Kindergarten or you want the most geek-chic dorm room in your building, you've come to the right place. Don't forget to write a review on the product and tell us how much you loved it and how it enhanced returning back to school.


Back to School Gifts

Back to School is a big time for kids. Like, monumental! The annual rite of returning to school in the fall is a time-honored tradition of our educational system, and while kids are usually a tad disappointed that the summer is ending, it's always an exciting time for young learners to launch into a new school year. They can start their studies anew, and while they're working on getting their A's, they might even be working on a new image as well. We can certainly help with that, because as experts on all things FUN, we know just how important it is to express yourself through your interests and fandoms. That means when it comes to back to school shopping, kids and students of any age are going to want brand new school gear that features their favorite characters, franchises, and themes. And we're quite happy to let you know that we have a huge selection of back to school gift ideas for students! We have practical choices like school supplies and back to school backpacks, Pop! figures and collectibles to decorate study spaces, along with lunch boxes, dorm room gifts, and more! We're totally your spot for the gear that gets students studying, so we created this handy How-To to share some expert advice on the top student and teacher gifts. Just read on to get the full rundown on everything you'll need to know for back to school shopping this year!

Back to School Backpacks

No piece of gear is quite as important to a student as their beloved backpack, so it's the one item you want to make sure they get exactly what they want. It isn't always easy for parents to stay on top of the latest pop culture trends for kids, but that's what we're here for. So, we've rounded up the top kids back to school backpacks for the season, and we've got details on how to pick out just the perfect one for your kiddo. Check out these cool backpacks to kick off your back to school shopping!

Back to School Backpacks for Kids

Back to School Backpacks for Kids

Whether kids are sad summer is ending or are ready to hit the books, either way, they're sure to be excited to get some brand-new gear to go back to school. Back to school shopping is an essential part of getting ready for the new educational season. For kids, it's super important to have school gear that represents their interests. Backpacks are critical for kiddos. Not only is their bag carrying their books and supplies, but it's showing off their favorite fandoms and interests. And we're quite happy to offer the latest selections when it comes to kids' backpacks to get them all set up!

Some of our top selections for new child backpacks come from the past few years' most popular movies. Frozen 2 was a very cool success in 2019, so you can be sure that backpacks featuring Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff will be a go-to choice for girls and boys. Look to our Foil Frozen 2 Backpack that features a glimmering foil finish along with an image of Elsa and Anna. It even has a motto, "Believe in the Journey" printed on a glittery finish on the front pocket. Which is sure to be inspiring for any child on their way off to classes! Another excellent entry is our Frozen 2 Backpack/Lunch Bag Combo. It has Elsa printed on the pack and Anna printed on the shaped lunch bag, so that your kiddo will have both their favorite princesses hanging out with them at lunchtime!

Other top choices for Back to School backpacks include packs that feature the Disney greats Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. We have backpacks emblazoned in their classic animated style and ones that have graphics from their newer Disney Junior animated TV shows. Your child can also trade mouse ears in for paws by selecting a backpack that features the heroes from the Paw Patrol team. The hit series has been wildly popular with kids for several years now, so you can be sure that our Paw Patrol Backpack will be a beloved back to school gift for your little one. Other top trending choices for kids' backpacks include themes like Baby Shark, LOL Surprise, and Despicable Me Minions. Be sure to shop all our top child backpacks to make sure you see all of the most popular packs!

Superhero Backpacks

Superhero Backpacks

Older kids might choose heroes from popular comic book movies, and we've got plenty of back to school backpacks that feature their favorite superheroes. Marvel movies have ruled at the box office, so it's no surprise that the top back to school backpacks for kids come from the top flicks of the past few years: Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther. Our Spider-Man backpack is sure to help them have a day full of web-slinging action. Or a Black Panther backpack will let them show off the Afrofuturistic style of Wakanda. And if you think they're going to be going higher, further, faster with their studies, just get them our Kid's Captain Marvel Backpack! Wonder Woman and Batman are some of the biggest players of the DC Comics movieverse. You can get them a Wonder Woman backpack packed with superhero style or choose a Batman backpack that features a tough, tactical look. Whichever pack you choose, we're sure your kiddo is going to love digging in for superhero powered studies!

Video Game Backpacks

Video Game Backpacks

When it comes to back to school gifts for students, if they like gaming, they're sure to love a backpack that features the characters from the video games they've been playing all summer long. We happen to have some of the coolest gamer backpacks around! If they've been busy playing Pokémon, a Pikachu backpack will have them feeling like a winner when they strut the halls at school. There's plenty of other options for a Pokémon collecting kiddo, like our Squirtle or Eevee backpacks. Gotta catch 'em all! Minecraft is perhaps the most popular gaming choice for school-age kids, so they'd appreciate toting all their essential daily items in a Minecraft backpack. And we have an excellent Creepin' Up Minecraft Backpack or a Minecraft Camo Backpack that will do the trick! We have plenty of classic video game backpacks that feature the characters that have entertained kids for decades running, too. Just get a Super Mario Bros Backpack or a Sonic the Hedgehog backpack to have them rockin' a fun Nintendo or Sega style when they're on their way to class!

Best Gifts for College Students

When students head off to college, it's a whole different world than the back to school routine of K-12. College-aged kids take on advanced studies and make giant leaps of independence, especially if they are stationed in a dormitory or have roommates for the first time. No matter their living arrangements, college-goers are always eager to show off their interests and fandoms. So it's safe to say the one you're shopping for will love any of the excellent licensed items we have available. We have the must-have items on any college student's list, from cool décor to themed kitchen gadgets to licensed soft goods.

Back to School Gifts for College Students

Back to School Gifts for College Students

When your special someone has finally arrived at their school or university, the first order of business will be setting up their living space for the academic year. Dorm rooms are the hubs of college life. While they vary from single units to apartment-style living, one thing's for sure: college students will want their new space decorated in their favorite themes and fandoms. We're a one-stop-shop for that, naturally, and you can help your college-goer create the perfect living space with some of our epic dorm room gifts!

College students are seemingly always fueled up on a caffeine rush, so a great place to start your shopping would be looking at coffee mugs and drinkware. A mug that features their favorite fandom is a great choice, so perhaps a Star Wars mug would be in order if they're a big-time fan of the Force (or the Dark Side!). Another great choice would be a Harry Potter Hogwarts mug so that they can imagine starting each school day with a bit of wizarding practice. From logo mugs to kitschy tiki mugs to travel mugs, a back to school gift of drinkware will help them celebrate their fandom daily!

Dorm room snacks will be super important when the cafeteria is closed, so some dorm-sized appliances could be a handy gift. A Mickey Mouse toaster will toast bread with the outline of his head and be a piece of stylish Disney fan decor as well. Popcorn always makes for a great snack, so you could get them the Superman Popcorn Popper to have them snacking like the Man of Steel. And if they're an all-day breakfast kind of person, be sure to think about getting them a themed waffle maker so they can waffle down 24/7. Whether or not your college student has a kitchenette, we're sure they'll appreciate one of these items when they get hungry during late-night study sessions!

Blankets and fleece throws make for cozy items to help keep any apartment-style space comfy. So we're sure a college student would appreciate a fleece throw or bedding that features their favorite NFL team or one of their top movies. And collectibles are a great way to decorate a dorm room or office, so look to get them set up with some of our top vinyl figures or collectible statues. Parks and Rec or Game of Thrones Pop! vinyl figures would be a great choice if they're big-time binge-watchers. If they're into video games or anime, be sure to shop our statues and action figures from Dark Horse Comics and NECA so that they can show off a prized collectible. With our epic selection of fan items, you can be sure you'll find something here that will make a perfect gift for the college-bound kid you're shopping for!

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Students deserve praise for heading back to their studies with enthusiasm each fall. Still, we'd like to take a moment to give a shoutout to the other subset of folks who have back to school rituals all their own. Teachers, of course! They need to be there to make sure the learning happens, and the best teachers don't get nearly enough reward for the enormous efforts they put into each school year. So, picking out a back to school gift for a teacher would be a really fantastic idea! A fun gift would undoubtedly help them start the school year with a smile! Read up on some of these top gift ideas to see if any of them would be an excellent choice for the teacher in your life!

Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Most teachers find their occupation rewarding, but no doubt about it, teaching can be very stressful. Indeed, many people say that teachers are real-life superheroes, and we totally agree! So, what do you get as a gift for your local superhero of the school? Well, in all likelihood, your recipient's days are filled with endless activities, with tons of lessons, grading, and planning to do. We'd recommend making sure your teacher is totally hydrated for all that activity! An easy gift go-to with that in mind is a water bottle in their favorite theme so that they'll always have some healthy H2O when they're on the go. A Disney Princess-loving teacher will surely enjoy a bottle featuring Ariel. Or perhaps a Minnie Mouse water bottle if bowties and polka dots are their personal style!

A classic gift for teachers is getting them an item that they can place on their desk. Still, the space at the front of the classroom is likely limited, so you're going to want to make sure any display items are up to snuff for their discerning tastes. A planter might be a great choice to add greenery, and we have Chia Pets available of some of the most iconic pop culture characters. Get them a Golden Girls Chia Pet or Care Bears Chia Pet to add a cute touch to their school space! A decorative pen holder makes for a handy desktop item as well, and our options will hold all of their writing utensils while showing off a bit of their personality. We also have lots of licensed stationery sets and other office essentials that are sure to be well-received gifts for teachers!

After the school day is over, your teacher may have a long night of grading ahead of them, so any gifts for the home are sure to helpful, as well. When they're setting up a home workspace, pillows come in quite handy to stay comfy. So consider a Frozen Elsa pillow or Princess Bride pillow to let them snuggle up with some of their favorite characters at the end of the day. A Wonder Woman candle or a Captain America candle might help set the mood and remind them that they are truly superheroes themselves. And when those last papers of the night are finally graded, we're sure the teacher you're shopping for will want to celebrate just a bit, so you might gift them a wine glass. We have a great selection of pop culture wine glasses, or look to our How Was Your Day Wine Glass or On Cloud Wine Wine Glass for a lighthearted choice that's will help them unwind with a chuckle.